Happy Australia Day

From Montana on the beautiful island state of Tasmania:  Happy Australia Day 2015.

Today is a public holiday and since it’s been raining and the irrigators are currently turned off, Pauly and I went for a morning run.  At Pauly’s suggestion we headed in the car just two minutes from the farm to the start of Leonard’s Road.

I’ve driven over this road many times but haven’t ever run it.  In our old farm jeep, IF we go very fast down this gravel road there are several places where the tyres actually get some air AND we get that amazing rollercoaster feeling of the body being down but the stomach being up (or is that the other way around?).  But since we are now both in our 50s and very sensible we wouldn’t do that!(?)!  (Don’t ever go for a drive in the wet around the paddocks with Pauly – the naughty boy that likes to scare the girls comes out as the paddock becomes a skid pan, the more you scream the more he makes the jeep slide).


Back to our run.  Just two weeks out from our marathon we ran 10kms in the cool bush air.  Soothing sounds of different bird calls like the Whip Bird, raucous calls of Black Cockatoos, the odd thump thump thump in the undergrowth of a wallaby disturbed by our running feet, buzzing of crickets and then the rush-sh and gurgle of the river flowing over branches and stones.  Even though it’s the height of summer as we set off it was just 11ºC.  Refreshing and cool after so much heat and humidity.


This run reminds me of everything I love about being an Australian.  The freedom to run in the bush out the back of beyond with no fear.  Because it was cool even the snakes were tucked away from the road.  And this place is just minutes from home.  How lucky am I?

The start of the run.

The start of the run.



A Tasmanian Blackwood Tree - parts of Tasmania are temperate rainforest.

A Tasmanian Blackwood Tree – parts of Tasmania are temperate rainforest.



There were so many Monarch Butterflies dancing through the air. At one point I said to Pauly that I’d like to get a photo AND all of sudden two quickly settled on this Dolly Bush. Once the photo was taken they flittered off again. Enchanted Tasmanian bush? Yes, I think so!

The road is undulating...have to love a little zoom down hill :)

The road is undulating…have to love a little zoom downhill after a slog up 🙂



A fork in the road. We could do a big loop here but still be on quiet country lanes. We didn’t see one vehicle the whole run.


The Meander River

The Meander River

Another beautiful Tasmanian tree found in our temperate rain forests - a Myrtle.

Another beautiful Tasmanian tree found in our temperate rainforests – a Myrtle.


A variety of fern – no idea what it’s called!


If you look carefully there are several Black Cockatoos in this photos. Farmers and bushmen will tell you that if the Back Cockatoos are down in the low lands it means we are in for some rain and possibly storms. We saw a flock of six flying low through the canopy of the bush.


With Convicts and Wenches trail run coming up I worry that it’s not a good idea because I have no real trail running experience.  No real trail running experience??? Where did you learn to run??? It dawned on me as I was running up some hills that I do have trail running experience.  I learnt to run on rough farm roads.  Sometimes these roads are dry and flat and even.  Sometimes they are full of potholes, exposed larger stones, even the odd fallen tree (as well as signs that the cows have been around).  Of course I have trail running experience!


I would rather run on a surface like this than any other – it just feels like home to me.

Back down to Montana Road again.

Back down to Montana Road again.

20150126_095903We had a cool down walk to the three little bridges just near the start of Leonard’s Road and took in the sights and stillness of the Tasmanian Bush.  A perfect way to celebrate all things lovely about being Australian with my Kiwi husband Pauly.

Happy Australia Day!  Even if you are somewhere else please put your feet up, smile and think about warmth and sunshine and being free – that pretty much sums up Australia Day to me.

Happy running 🙂

PS Tonight is parma night with an Australia Day twist – there is even a vegemite and cheese parmi on the menu!

24 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day

  1. What a lovely spot to spend Australia Day, and only two minutes from home! That’s door-to-trail distance and I’m so green with envy people might mistake me for The Hulk!

    • Thanks Cecilia 🙂 we are really lucky to have such lovely places to run so close by 🙂 When I run in the towns I get quite anxious crossing roads all the time – feels very strange.

  2. That looks like a beautiful run! Do you ever encounter anything scarier than butterflies on bush runs in Australia? Like spiders? I have heard some scary stories but have only done city running so far in Sydney and I’ve been fine 🙂

    • Hello Jessica 🙂 Not spiders here in Tasmania, not while running. If you stopped in the bush and had a sit down maybe then you’d find something to be cautious of. Best to do some research into the area you are running. In Tasmania we have Parks and Wildlife who put out all the details needed to be safe in the bush. We have snakes to be careful of – again though it’s ok to run in the bush, just get the facts you need to be safe. Join a trail running group and have some company, I’d do that if I was somewhere new. I hope you enjoy running in Sydney 🙂

    • It was a gorgeous run. I can’t believe it has taken us so long to do it. No Vegemite parmi. it was called ‘cheesy mite’. I had the Bondi Parmi which was a yummy combination of pineapple, prawns and sweet chilli sauce. I wanted to lick the plate…and I could have done because everyone at the pub apart from our little party had had a serious Australia Day session hehe

    • Thanks Shanna 🙂 I watched the news last night and saw reports on the harsh weather that the US has been experiencing. I can’t imagine living with such snow! Spring is around the corner 🙂

  3. Oh my, that countryside looks so beautiful and peaceful. You most certainly live in a beautiful place. 🌿🌿😃

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