The most unexpected element of running is friendship.  I didn’t expect to make so many lovely and true friends simply by getting out there and running.  These friendships have been and continue to be the sweetness in my life; this is particularly so when things get tough.  I look forward to our runs together and breakfasts and coffees and parma nights and weekend running trips – I hold on to these things and look forward to them very much.


In the beginning this blog was all about creatively expressing my new found of love of running.

How come I never knew how great it was? 

How come I thought it was the most horrible activity ever? 

How come that when I really tried I fell in love with this simple heart-racing movement AND it has rejuvenated my life?

When I first started running my only running friend was my husband Pauly, I didn’t know anyone else who ran.  No one!

One thing I really wanted to do by telling my story, was to encourage others to have a go.  I truly do believe that if I can become a runner ANYONE can.  The girl least likely to run EVER gradually transformed herself from totally unable to run to being able to run great distances.

In telling my story I have made the most wonderful friends both close by and around the world through writing and being on wordpress.  These people have come to mean the world to me!  This is not a flippant statement.  I really mean it.  I look out for their posts.  I am known to send emails if I don’t see posts for a while.  I get excited by successes, I send hugs and encouragement when things don’t go to plan.  I often feel like I’m right beside them even if we are miles and miles and time zones apart.

This week I was truly humbled to receive a gift from fellow runner-blogger CeeJayKay.

I opened the red letter box.  My first running goal ever was to run the 1.2kms from the house to the letter box.

I opened the red letter box. My first running goal ever was to run the 1.2kms from the house to the letter box.

I drove down the drive way having to stop for cows.  Do you love my grotty windscreen?  Living in the country means a constantly dirty car (drives me nuts).

I drove down the drive way having to stop for cows. Do you love my grotty windscreen?  (drives me nuts).

After opening the package and removing the incredibly neatly wrapped bubble wrap this is what I saw...

After opening the package and removing the incredibly neat bubble wrap, this is what I saw…

Yep.  I cried.  For being an inspiration.  I’m so pleased that my writing has inspired my dear friend xxx That’s all I ever wanted to do.


I LOVE the tin - so cute and gorgeous.  And so true...where would I be without the therapy of running?

I LOVE the tin – so cute and gorgeous. And so true…where would I be without the therapy of running?

So pretty!

So pretty!

...and there it is on my arm.

…and there it is on my arm.

On my left arm it will be worn everyday.  That’s EVERYDAY.  It’s along side the beautiful bangle that Janette gave me after running Point to Pinnacle in 2013 – If you can dream it, you can achieve it.  These are tangible reminders of friendship and encouragement.

Friendship.  The most unexpected but truly delightful part of running.  Like the friendship bracelet made with love by CeeJayKay our stories of running and challenge intertwine and become one.  We encourage, we cry, we laugh, we celebrate, we plan, we run together.

CeeJayKay has an Etsy Shop:  Le Cameleon.  Please take a look.

Happy running 🙂

32 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. How fabulous is that! I love this post Annie. Of course you have such a special place in my heart. Your encouragement and positive attitude have carried me up many hills.
    I too had no idea that WordPress would create so many special friends. You sweet one are at the top of the heap! Run on girl. I’m dreaming of Australia. 🙂

    • Oh Sue I thought about you while I was writing this. Running on your treadmill in support while I was running my marathon. I was truly humbled by this. Top of the heap? That’s lovely but I’m not sure but I think there might be a little dark haired Canadian girl up there a bit higher xxx Keep dreaming of Australia, it’s so hot here in Deloraine today – I’m sweltering in my office!

  2. As I sit here playing on my iPad, my time out after yet another sleepless sleep lol, catching up on what’s going on in the world and its oh no not again or how can that happen and it goes on and on, then I get a ding from my emails and its your lovely post which I try not to read until I go to work but nah not today I want to read. I get such enjoyment from your posts even if I don’t comment on each one. This post is truly what I have found with my new love of running. What a beautiful gesture to receive such a beautiful gift from a friend back in 2013 after you kicked that big hill, those words are inspiring to, and that gorgeous bracelet from one of your readers, you do touch us blog followers with your writing, your 100% honesty the good, the great and not so great runs and yes sometimes just got to get it done. Once again thanks for sharing and look forward to the next post. X

    • Thanks Leanne 🙂 when I think of my running friends you are way up there on the list. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a sleepless sleep. I hope you catch up tomorrow! I know what you mean about the things going wrong in the world. Thank goodness for a bit of sweetness from lovely running friends. Friendship and running were truly unexpected, but how wonderful is it! I was at an appointment yesterday and saw a fellow runner. I had no idea he was such a successful business person. When we run we are all the same – I love that about running, it doesn’t matter what our past was like, what we do for a living. The only thing that counts is that we run and that we care about each other. Thanks for another really encouraging and uplifting comment xxx

  3. How beautiful, I thought the tin was the pressie as it was so cute but no, it was even more exciting inside!
    Your blog has clearly touched a lot of hearts, including mine, it’s amazing how words and pictures can mean so much, even to people who haven’t met each other (yet)
    I love your posts and I also like to read all the comments from your other running friends 🙂

    • Thank you Sam 🙂 lovely words from you that always mean so much! I thought the tin was jut lovely. I have it sitting up with my trophy from last year. I have so many lovely friends through the blog, it has made my life and my running so much more meaningful than I ever thought it would! Thank you x

  4. OH MY WORD!!!! )))hug((( *sniff* I have just sat down to read this… Oh Annie!!! Your beautiful soul shines through in everything… I love your blog and yes… You ARE an inspiration… You touched my heart x I am so stoked you liked your PRESSIE and this is one of the BEST thank you’s along with Shazzas!!!!

  5. You’re so right bout running Annie it definitely is a sport separate from other sports .. Friendship are one of many advantages of running, since I started running 2years back I’ve learnt so much about myself and about other people and ita totally fascinating…I’ve evolved from a very quiet bloke to a person who feels fairly confident in his own skin;);) and to top it off,I have met some really nice people and not only on social media…;) So Annie O have

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