Did the week just evaporate?

Surely it’s only Tuesday?

No. It’s Thursday night! The last day of the working week for me. I love working four days a week. Friday is the new Saturday and Saturday is still Saturday. A three day weekend!

I have a sign on my office door that alerts those outside to my whereabouts. A bit like Lucy’s the Doctor Is In booth! Except in my case it’s the Literacy Coordinator is in. It seemed like only yesterday I took out the Back on Monday sign and replaced it with the Anne-Marie is in sign only to put the Back on Monday sign in again today. My head is spinning!  Perhaps I need to go and see Lucy for a bit of help, I hope she is in.

I won't lie - I am known to sit with my feet up when reading reports and papers at work!  I rock the Lucy pose very well!

This week has been special: yesterday was the one month anniversary since the marathon. Wow. A whole month.

To celebrate the anniversary I finally put a photo in a frame for the wall.
To celebrate the anniversary I finally put a photo in a frame for the wall.

I’m very pleased to say that Team Huey, Dewey and Louie are feeling refreshed and recovered! We even reinstated our Wednesday night hill session. It was still hot at 6pm but up and down that hill we went – even Louise’s husband Grant came too.

Louise was a sprinter in high school. Pauly has always been a fast runner. When we first started to get to know Louise it was at bootcamp and we would run up and down that hill. I hated it. Yes, really disliked it strongly! But got to love it (?) simply by doing it! Pauly’s aim was always to beat Louise! Initially she won every time but after a while his sheer male stubbornness and his increase in fitness meant he would just pip her at the post – sometimes!


Last night after a couple of repeats I overheard Louise say to Pauly I’m going to beat you just for old times sake.

And it was on!

Yes ON in a big way. Knees up. Leaning forwards. Straining, sprinting upwards in an attempt to keep that Pauly behind. Louise did valiantly. She did manage to beat him once but gosh was she puffing.

Where was I? Way back down the hill chipping away and trying not to giggle while hoping that
a) Louise didn’t hurt herself, and that
b) Pauly didn’t have a heart attack!

It was a fun hill session. Fun. Fun. Fun. If you don’t love hills then please don’t write them off. The more you do the more you love it! Honest!  It’s a great way to build endurance.

Westbury Place, Deloraine
Westbury Place, Deloraine – this is our hill for hill repeats!  It never looks as steep in a photo as it really is!

Yes, the week has evaporated! And I have failed to write about something very exciting. Almost as exciting as running a marathon! Team Huey, Dewey and Louie have decided on another event. In fact our Team Duck has expanded! We have increased to include Daffy (Grant) and Daisy and Donald (our lovely friends Janette and Bruce). We are entering a team in the Bruny Island Ultra Marathon in December.


The run begins at Dennes Point in the north and runs all the way to Cape Bruny Lighthouse in the south. 64kms.

Accommodation is booked and we are pumped!!! 64kms from one end of the island to the other. This is my ultimate running goal: to run the event solo. This will be a chance to get to know the course for that one day, that someday, when I shall give it a go on my own.

It was almost a year ago that Janette dubbed Louise, Pauly and I Huey, Dewey and Louie – a cute name that we LOVE! Now Team Duck is expanding! We are going to be known as The Quackers! According to Louise it’s because we are quacked in the head!

Who would have thought that just a month on from the marathon we have such wonderful plans in place? I love running and I love the friendships that running nurtures.

The week really has evaporated! But look what there is to show for it:

  • A one month marathon anniversary
  • The first hill session
  • Bruny Island Ultra plans

Plans that will see us running together and being motivated right throughout the year. I’d say that’s a pretty good week! I love running.

Happy running 🙂

22 thoughts on “Did the week just evaporate?

      1. would LOVE it…. email me some stuff you would like to have in it… like colours… a pic of a duck… or a few ducks… think about it and let me know…. How kewl! i would LOVE it!!!!

  1. I love all the duck cheers going on. What a great way to do an ultra as a team! Brilliant. You go on those hills gilr. Yes they are very good for endurance indeed!

      1. I look forward to hearing about the preparations! Hills are our friend. I was trying that mantra on a little run earlier today. 🙂

  2. I agree about the pictures of hills- always so disappointing! Yours looks tough in the picture though so it must be a killer! An ultra marathon! Wow!!! Go girl!😀😀😀

    1. Hills are our friends…I have to remind myself that all the time, but then on race day I’m always so pleased that hill training is part of the weekly routine. I’m so looking forward to Bruny – a taste of ultra in the safety of a team 🙂

      1. Sometimes when you say ‘hills are my friend’ I can’t help but think of the sharks in finding Nemo , saying ‘fish are friends not food’ 😊😊😊!

  3. How awesome are you all, The Quackers go you little ducks, there is something about participating in an event as a team the vibe, sharing the fun and thrill and not to mention that beautiful peaceful place of Bruny Island.
    Oh those hills I must admit its still hard work :). The week yes where did it go I’m still trying to catch up from last week😄

    1. Thanks Leanne 🙂 we are all looking forward to it very much. Hill? oh gosh, just the thought of this week’s hill session is making me tired. But in the words of Coach ‘hills are your friends’ 🙂 I hope we both manage to catch up a bit this week…it’s not looking good this end though 🙂

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