Move More – Eat Well


I love the weekends! Time to move, to work in the garden, to keep the house looking fresh and clean, to run, to walk, to spend time with special people, cats and cows – to potter around, to move.

Monday to Thursday can be quite different. I have times when I’m physically active but most of my day involves sitting with students or in front of a computer.

And eating is just as different between my workdays and weekends.

Weekends are healthy and fresh – lots of healthy vegetables and whole foods and no problem staying well hydrated. Workdays are brown and dry. Coffee, sausage rolls and hot chocolates are my work day meals. Way too much brown food! And as for water consumption?  Even with my trusty drink bottle I’m taking it home unfinished most days – too busy to look after yourself? That’s silly, I say to myself, but it seems to be true.

What to do? Make some changes that’s what!

The challenge since the start of the year has been to eat well and to get some movement into my work days.

Let’s start with food. I’ve discovered the egg muffin. They are so yummy and one of these with a salad keeps me going all afternoon. I’ve started to buy water! I buy a 1.5L bottle and tell myself it’s a waste of money if I don’t drink it. My aim is to get back into good habits and then go back to my refillable bottle.


Line a greased muffin tray with slices of ham or turkey. Sprinkle in some sliced spring onions, crack some pepper, then a whole egg and top with grated cheese. (I included smoked salmon and chilli flakes; recipe says finely chopped capsicum as well).  The great thing about this recipe is that it’s quick to prepare and cook AND there is little cleaning up!


Cook in a hot oven for about 10 to 12 minutes, allow to cool for a few moments before removing from tray.

Cook in a hot oven for about 10 to 12 minutes or until eggs are set, allow to cool for a few moments before removing from tray.


How do I feel when eating and hydration are BAD? I feel bad. I feel tired, grumpy and lethargic.

How do I feel when I’m eating well and drinking enough water? Just the complete opposite of all that bad stuff – rested, happy and more energetic.

I bought two new lunch containers and make two lunches at a time.

I bought two new lunch containers and make two lunches at a time.  To keep the salad full of healthy fats there are cashews and avocado – yum!  No more hot chocolates and sausage rolls for lunch!

Other news on the health front is that my thyroid has slowed in the last 12 months (well, nearly two years oops since I had it last tested…time flies). I have Graves’ Disease, but since weaning my last child (he’s 18 now) it has been pretty stable, no drugs, just monitoring.  The thyroid has slowed: not enough to be medicated but slow enough for me to feel it. I finally went and had a blood test and wasn’t surprised by the result. This has a huge impact on my energy levels. This makes me even more determined to pay attention to good nutrition and hydration.


But what about moving more?

I’m standing up to take phone calls. I’m standing up to read documents. I’m wearing my runners to work and walking to most meetings (I’m fortunate that most meetings are within a 1km radius of the office). I’m finding it’s faster to get there by foot than to take the car!  AND a bonus is that I often bump into people and get to chat about the literacy program on the way – so it’s time to promote and encourage as well as just get to a meeting.

The other big news on the move more front is that I’m getting up and walking for 30 minutes before breakfast.  I’ve taken a leaf out of Louise’s book here.  She walks or runs every morning.  I was a morning walker before I became a runner but it has just fallen away.  Sometimes as a runner I think Oh, I’m going for a run tonight, I can sit and be lazy and not worry about moving much.  But really I feel this is a cop out, and sitting around all day and then doing a run really isn’t enough daily movement – just my thoughts.

How do I feel when I do drag myself out for a morning walk?  I feel great.  And rather pleased with myself 🙂  AND if my work day has to be sedentary at least I’ve got some movement in at the start.


The eating well change?  Being more organised with work day lunches.

Moving More change? An early morning walk on work days, standing up to take phone calls and walking to appointments (oh and running shoes go with everything don’t they?).

Happy running 🙂

PS This weekend is my third attempt at Nile 10 Mile.  Last year it was so hot and the forecast isn’t looking any cooler this year.  If it’s cool I’m going to try and keep a 5:45 minute per km pace but if it’s hot?  I’m going to forget about time; run and have fun and remind myself that three years ago the thought of running 16kms was such a huge challenge that literally made me cry and now I’m running this event as a marathoner!  Running has to be fun!

24 thoughts on “Move More – Eat Well

    • It’s hard working in an office situation to be active. Sometimes I look at all the activity on the farm, or the lads and lasses zooming around chatting and making coffees at my favourite coffee shop, or the lovely florist across from my office chatting and being creative…but as they say the grass is always greener. I just love to be active and it’s hard when there is a report to write or a grant to apply for or a database to update. But there is always a solution somewhere 🙂

      • I told hubby the other night that my next job is going to be an out door one, i saw the National Trust were doing aprenticeships on restoration work… i am SO going to apply! Get my butt out of this office chair!

  1. A great post – thanks for the nudge.
    I’m at the opposite end …. my days are quite active but I often don’t eat well. I thought that when I retired, my eating habits would improve. Nah – I confess they got worse.
    Thanks for the reminder about egg muffins. They are easy to make, delicious, and can be frozen … although I’ve never tried that.

    • I didn’t know they could be frozen. That’s good to know. That’s interesting about retirement. The tutor team I work with are made up of retired people – busiest people I know! They are always zooming here and there and doing this and that…not to mention going on holidays! I can understand that eating well could get pushed aside.

      • I always heard people claim they were busier after they retired than they were before. Now I can attest to its truth!!

        I guess it all depends on your personality – I’m sure there are also those who sit around doing nothing all day!!

      • I can’t imagine doing nothing all day – I love to potter and be busy. But I do have a concept that when I retire I’ll have time for movies and more books!

    • They are so simple and yummy. I keep them in the fridge – I get four and Pauly eats the rest 🙂 I’ve made them three times now, he likes them nice and plain just with spring onions.

  2. Taking something ‘nice’ to work for lunch is a great idea, favourite home made soup or even the leftovers from the night before. Whatever it is it will be healthier than something from the canteen! Or a bar of chocolate, or biscuits…..
    I thought about you today and took the stairs to my office ( 8 flights of 11 steps) …. Twice!!😀😀

    • Thanks Sarah 🙂 I will have to report back in a couple of months and give myself a score card. So far so good but it’s only February! The egg muffins are just yummy, I just ate one for lunch!

  3. You are such a good influence Annie.I seem to be at the computer a lot. I am working out but a great deal of the day I seem to be sitting. Good reminder about drinking more too which I am terrible at. Thanks for the nudges. I appreciate it. 🙂

  4. Great post and the food looks great. I think I need these reminders about eating better because I’m with you, I feel so much better if I’m eating and hydrating. Sounds like things are going really well, keep it up because it seems like it is paying off.

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