Dedication and Discipline

How far do you run each time?

Oh, a variety of distances depending on what we’re training for.

How far did you run today?

I didn’t go so well today, only did 10kms before I had a walk break and….

You ran 10kms today? Gosh, I couldn’t even run from here to the power pole.

Yes, had a bad run this morning. I always look forward to my runs with Louise but this morning I was tired after yet another busy week. It was hot and humid even at 6:30am; it seemed to take no time at all and I was a slimy, sweaty mess. And I’m convinced someone put cement in my shoes that kept getting heavier as the run went on.

But still, for the lady I met and chatted with just as I finished this morning, she was impressed. She thought I was truly amazing to have run 10kms this morning and truly amazing that we can run so far every week.


When passion and enthusiasm has a little break, dedication and discipline take over the running steering wheel. We know that every training run helps us achieve our goals no matter how we feel about it. It’s a run in the run bank.

Alpacas - we took a different road and met some new friends
Alpacas – we took a different road and met some new friends
About to run through a cool avenue of trees - so good!  There is a very small Pauly in front.  He didn't join us for the whole run but met up with us at one point.
About to run through a cool avenue of trees – so good! There is a very small Pauly in front. He didn’t join us for the whole run but met up with us at one point.

Louise ran 18kms today, starting half an hour before me and then zooming off to fit another 1km in at the end.  I had planned to run 12kms but by the 10km mark I had a walk break and managed to clock up 11.6kms in total.  Paul was stuck on the farm, arriving late to do a fast 10kms – he was so wet and sweaty at the end his running top was dripping!

There’s no point concentrating on a bad run – that’s not going to get me heading positively towards my goals!  Onwards and upwards!!!  Here comes Nile 10 Mile on Sunday! It’s forecast to be 30ºC with the run starting at 10am.

In February 2013 I ran those 16kms in 1:47:25. It was THE longest run I’d ever done!!! I went in unprepared and under-trained but sheer determination and discipline (and a great big dollop of stubbornness) got me to the finish line.

In February 2014 I ran those 16kms in 1:37:13. I cried. That’s 10 minutes off. In the short space of 12 months I had learnt so much about running and had so much more experience! I was super prepared and ready to run and the time reflects this.

But February 2015? Goodbye goal of running at a sub-two hour half marathon pace, hello plan to finish and not melt.  I’m prepared and well-trained but I’m no match for the heat.

As I run I will remember the conversation I had this morning. I will remember that running is a gift and privilege. I will remember that there may come a day when I can’t run and how lucky I am that today isn’t that day!

every mile is a gift

Happy running 🙂

27 thoughts on “Dedication and Discipline

  1. Oh you are SO right!!! it IS a gift, its a gift we give ourselves, one we should cherish, love and enjoy… and taking the good with the bad is all part and parcel of it. I was once told that no run is a bad run… but I find that hard to accept sometimes… if i get back and feel that way, hubby always says, just think about how GOOD the good ones were and move on.
    BEST of luck for Sunday, hope it cools down a bit… enjoy your gift, you ROCK! 🙂

  2. I love the idea of the “run bank” – even if it’s not a personal record, it’s still a run in and it’s better than nothing! A slow or difficult mile is still a mile! Good luck with Nile 10 Mile!

    1. I’m not sure where I heard the term ‘run bank’ but it’s great isn’t it! And yes absolutely better than nothing. Thanks so much Sarah, I hope to say I finished and smiled a lot 🙂

  3. I am sending thoughts of our cold Arctic wind your way in hopes that it will help keep you cool through a hot run on Sunday.

    I always say – every run done is a good run 🙂

    1. Thanks Joanne 🙂 that would be so lovely!!! I ran parkrun this morning and had thoughts of changing from the 10 mile to the 5km tomorrow – but nope, I will think of your chilly air and run and smile 🙂 Every run done is a good run – I love that x

  4. Loving your attitude Annie. As I have said many times I can not imagine running in your kind of heat. Like Joanne I am sending some Canadian cooling winds your way. Of course you know we will be waving the pom poms and waiting for ward how it went.

    1. ooo please send that cool, thank you! I’m just in from mowing the lawns and I can’t imagine how I’m going to run tomorrow. But I will! Just one foot in front of the other as usual 🙂 Thanks Sue 🙂 I think I will be going so slow I might try for my second ever runfie 🙂

      1. Ok now i have to ask what a runfie is? Take it nice and easy and definitely drink lots along the way. We will await the news.

  5. I laugh at non runners they’re definitely very funny ;);) lol its the way you said ” I only ran 10km” that got me chuckling hee hee another good one is “just” . You are absolutely right though about running/training a run is a run no matter how short or far it is..keep on plodding away girl you’re a legend..

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 I don’t feel like a legend but I got a whole new perspective from the lady I chatted with hehe it is amazing and wonderful and special to be able to run 🙂

  6. I read somewhere once that the only ‘bad’ run is the one that you don’t do! Have you ever got back from a run thinking ‘I wish I hadn’t done that’ ? I haven’t yet, every run is still an achievement! I so agree that we are lucky to be able to run.
    I hope that you are OK in the hot weather. Take care😊😊😊

    1. I needed to hear this today. That is so right. Thank you. I haven’t ever got back from a run and wished I hadn’t run it. Even today coming dead last hehe now that I’ve cooled off I can see so many good things for the run today – way more than bad x thank you x

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