A Sizzling Hot Nile 10 Mile

Looking around the small number of cars and the runners getting out and preparing for today’s race I knew that today would be the day I would come dead last.



What a mishmash of thoughts that went through my head to try to keep my mind off the heat…

  • A cool breeze – aww there is Sue and Joanne’s arctic blast from Canada – thanks ladies!
  • I wonder what the lady who I was chatting with on Friday is doing right now? I’m so lucky I can run.
  • Sensible Louise did her 10kms at 7am this morning and sensible Janette did her 12kms at 8am, oh well, I do love Nile 10 Mile. It’s one of your favourite races – don’t forget that!
  • There’s a dragon-fly! That reminds me of Running on the Fly’s facebook page. Gosh, she would love to be out in the warmth and sunshine instead of battling all that snow.
The winner of the race passing me on his way back to finish

The winner of the race passing me on his way back to the finish

Warmth and sunshine?  The sunshine part was right.  It wasn’t warmth it was HEAT.  It came up from the road and through the soles of my shoes and made my feet uncomfortably hot.  It burned down on top of my head making me feel dry and headachy.  It burnt my arms and made them leaden and heavy.  Heat.  Energy zapping.  Ugh!

BUT!  Keep smiling!  Sing a song in your head.  One foot in front of the other and keep going.  Yes, I was coming dead last but I was happy.

Nile 10 Mile is a 16km out and back run from beautiful Clarendon House to the little town of Evandale in the north of Tasmania.  It goes along Tasmania’s straightest stretch of road.  It coincides with the Evandale Village Fair weekend and the Penny Farthing Championships.  While we run there is a Penny Farthing road race in progress.  We see lots of riders, although nowhere near as many this year as in the two previous years I’ve run this event.  Runner numbers seemed down too.  I’m guessing the heat!  It was forecast to be 31ºC today but as we left Clarendon House the car said it was 34ºC – and we had parked in the shade.

Up until the turn around point there was a slight breeze on the face, but I knew this would be gone on the return.  It truly felt like turning around and hitting a great big wall of HOT.  I chipped away.  By the time I got to the 11.2km mark I took a walk break.

A young lady on a Penny Farthing yelled out to me Keep Going!  Your slowest run is faster than your fastest walk.  I ran again.  A chap rode by and yelled out You should be on a bike!  I didn’t find this encouraging but kept going.  Then an older gentleman (he had a big long beard anyway) yelled out You’re making that look hard!

Making it look hard?  That’s because it was hard.  Then I saw a freshly run over Tiger Snake in the middle of the road!  That was it.  The wheels got wobbly, all the lovely encouragement from others went out the window as I concentrated on that last remark about making it look hard.  Then I thought about the snake again – then I worried about being pulled from the race – my mental toughness melted like a fallen blob of icecream on the hot road at my feet.

What’s that sound???  There came a flutter of angel wings, well not really, then came a familiar car with two smiley familiar faces and I could’ve cried!  Bruce and Janette.  Happy words, happy smiles.  I tried to keep running as much as possible until I caught up with them at about the 13.5km mark.  Then Bruce got out, complete with runners and ran with me!  (And he is sporting injuries from a spectacular fall from his bike during a triathlon!)  From there on Bruce ran and walked with me complete with a wonderfully cold drink bottle to keep me cool – cold water down the back never felt so good.  Lots and lots and lots of wonderful words of encouragement and finally I was at the finish line.

1:51:05 by my watch.  Four minutes slower than my first attempt in 2013.  But I am so happy to have finished.

Nile 10 Mile

What did I learn?

  • It would’ve been wiser to change to the 5km event today. I don’t do heat. Stubbornness is good but so is being sensible about the weather.
  • That being a happy cheering person is the way to be at events. I’m certainly going to make sure I smile and encourage like an even bigger maniac in the future – and I’m going to yell YOU’RE MAKING THIS LOOK EASY!!!
  • That I need to work on my mental toughness more than my running!!! Comments like I heard shouldn’t be given any time in my head space.
  • That I have lovely friends who care. I truly can’t thank Bruce and Janette enough!





Oh and what about Pauly?  He didn’t have his watch with him, his wife forgot to pack it!  He ran about 1:20:00!  He’s running like a machine.  Official results aren’t available yet.

I know it’s hard for everyone in the northern hemisphere to hear this but ROLL ON AUTUMN!!!!

Oh and where did I come?  Happy Dead Last.  I was the last winner and I’m so happy to have that special place in today’s trying conditions.  With a lot of help from my friends, I did it!

Happy running 🙂

I even got to sit on a Penny Farthing just before we headed for home.

I even got to sit on a Penny Farthing just before we headed for home.

33 thoughts on “A Sizzling Hot Nile 10 Mile

  1. So proud of you, you are mentally tough, it was a very hot day today and this is from a Queenslander. We are blessed to have such lovely and caring people around us to help even if it’s just a cheer in the crowd or support while getting it done. Give yourself a big pat on the back you finished. Well done Paul to. X

    • Thanks Leanne 🙂 I had to have a sleep this afternoon to recover! It really was a stinker. You are so right, the running community really demonstrates caring and encouragement every single race, run, event!

  2. Having ran two hot marathons (uk hot!) I can imagine how tough that was, but got out there and got to the end which is amazing. Next year lets hope for cooler conditions x

    • Thanks Shaz 🙂 I truly think that heat is a relative thing. If it’s hotter than what we’re usually have then it’s hot! I can’t imagine doing a hot marathon. Paul said at the end that we were so lucky with Cadbury Marathon, it well could’ve been like it was today. And big news is that this year might be the last one 😦 but that means I came last for the last one…I like that a lot!!!

  3. Well done!! Sounded so tough in those conditions. Can’t believe what some people consider to be ‘encouraging’ or ‘motivating’ things to say!! Glad your friends came to the rescue with sunny encouragement!

    • Thanks so much 🙂 I couldn’t have done it without Brucey running beside me and Janette slowly driving behind…I forgot to put that in my post…driving behind and cheering. I learnt what not to say but I also learnt that I have to let bad comments and thoughts go and concentrate on the good things.

  4. OH MY! That sounded challenging… I’m with you on the ‘heat’ thing!!!! HATE running in the heat! I will never complain about the cold again! I ran in 2°C yesterday… In sleet and snow and I DID think of you and wondered how you were doing! *mwah* oh Anniebabes YOU DID IT! WELL DONE!!! Xxx

    • Thanks Corrina 🙂 I tried to think of everyone running in cold snow to make me cooler. Sometimes running is challenging but it’s so good to work through it and finish. Thanks so much for your lovely encouragement xxx

  5. Awesome job in that heat! Well done for starting in such conditions and huge well done for finishing, you’re a star x
    Forget those silly comments and focus on those lovely friends who cheered you on and ran with you!

  6. As horrible as that 10 miles had to have been, I hope you are filled with pride on how well you did. I could actually feel the heat coming off the pavement as you described the conditions … nightmare conditions as far as I’m concerned.

    I’d like to think most bystanders aren’t being intentionally mean by some of the comments they make, but they can be totally deflating when a racer is already struggling. It’s too bad this one got under your skin. Thank goodness for friends!

    • Thanks Joanne 🙂 I do feel pretty good about it. I’ve learnt some valuable things from it to which is always good. I agree, I’m sure the chap on the bike didn’t mean to be negative. I have some work to do on my mental toughness! Bruce sure helped put lots of positive back into the race, he is such a good ‘coach’.

      • It’s my next big project Joanne 🙂 This happened a bit during the marathon and it’s time to stomp on all this negative stuff. When I was doing Monday and Wednesday night bootcamps I’d use wall-sits and planks to visualise pushing through to the end of a tough race and finishing strong. I think I need to build this back into my training. I’ll hopefully come up with some really good ideas on how to stomp on negative self-talk.

  7. Well done on finishing! I can imaging how energy sapping that heat must have been. I have to imagine, we have wind and sleet today (a mix of snow and rain-ugh) so I’m waiting for the right moment to go out in it! What is it about the people who shout out? Can they only make themselves feel better by putting others down? Maybe they think they are so hilarious that you are going to laugh out loud and cheerily speed on your way? Who knows? You ran the race, they didn’t You set goals and achieve them , they have a laugh at someone else’s expense. I know which team I’d rather be on!

    • Thanks Julie 🙂 Joanne commented that she didn’t think he was being mean – I like to think this, just maybe a bit thoughtless AND I guess he was out riding on a Penny Farthing with no brakes or gears in the same heat I was running in – perhaps his brain was going funny too hehe but I have learnt a valuable lesson – be careful what I yell out when I’m cheering people on. Only positive stuff. And I wonder if they guy only comes out of mothballs once a year for this event – he had that look about it him (he was in costume too so that gave him an old look). I hope your weather improves. Thank goodness for four lovely seasons and the fact that the wheels is constantly turning.

  8. I think your AMAZING for even going in it , I said never again after my first time 😄 and would of definitely changed my mine and pulled out if I’d been in it yesterday in that heat. Your a winner in my eyes for just lining up on the start line 😄
    Yesterday would have been the hottest day we have had all summer it was already warm at 7-30 when I ran 😎 running in the heat is the hardest weather to run in I think and we have run in alsorts of weather apart form snow 😊 xo

    • Thank you Louise 🙂 you are always so lovely encouraging. I think I was a little silly to have run yesterday but I shall put it down to experience and hopefully not be so stubborn next time. As I ran around parkrun on Saturday I thought I should swap to the 5km but was too stubborn and proud. It was such a hot day yesterday, nice for summery things but not nice for running. Can’t wait for some cool autumn runs with you xxx

  9. Hi I came across your site just after the Cadbury marathon. Since then I have entered my first ever Marathon Great Ocean Road, Saturdays are my long run days, how great it is on Monday morning when I’m feeling a bit dejected and rather tired to read your comments. I had a 20k run on Sunday and did have to walk most of the last 3k, Im going to stop beating myself up about it and accept that I did it. Cheers Cheryl

    • Hello Cheryl 🙂 thanks for the lovely encouraging comment. I’m so excited about your first marathon. Paul, Louise and I are doing the half. I would love to cheer you over the finish line!!! I’m so glad you are feeling good about your 20k run. That is a long long way!!! You should feel good about it. It’s a run in your marathon run bank and that is awesome! You will get to withdraw it and reap the benefits on Marathon Day. Keep on going, you can do it xxx

  10. Big congrats for being there on the day and finishing! It was an exceptionally hot day, especially for here. I have to say it’s always great to see you at events and to read your stories. Your previous post on this run also helped me a great deal to prepare for yesterday, so thanks very much!

    • Thanks so much Sam 🙂 and big congratulations to you too on a good run yesterday. You are an awesome runner and I am really humbled that you like reading my running ramblings!!! It was so hot out there yesterday – perhaps a little too hot for me so I will know to be sensible next time (I hope). I read the article in The Examiner about the winner – it said that he was a few minutes slower than usual due to the heat.

  11. Annie like Joanne when you described the heat coming through the pavement I melted just thinking about it. Good on you to keep going and thank heavens for your friends. You are amazing!

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