A sea of pink

A sea of women and a few brave men, all in pink, lined up at the start line. Supporters, mostly men, on the sidelines ready to cheer. The gun went and 1232 runners and walkers were off – 5kms through the CBD of Launceston, a fun run in support of finding a cure for breast cancer.

In the sea of pink were women who had survived this terrible disease.

In the sea of pink were women who know the pain of losing someone they love to this terrible disease.

In the sea of pink were 1232 souls putting their best foot forward to show support, to do their bit to raise funds and hopefully find a cure.

I was one of them.

Launceston's City Park - the start and finish

Launceston’s City Park – the start and finish


Women’s 5k – Let me tell you about my run!

I go into this run with a heavy heart. I think of my Nanny who lost her battle with breast cancer at 57 in 1977. I think of my Mum who survived (she participated today too). I think of way too many beautiful friends, relatives and acquaintances who have dealt with or who are dealing with it now.

I get a bit choked up.

BUT time to yank up my long pink socks and be a big girl and run!


For the first time ever I didn’t look at my pace once. That’s not once at all. I made sure I was running at such a pace that made me gasp for breath. I was firing. I ran and I ran and I ran. I kept going as fast as I could all the way – I found my inner Gingerbread Girl! Just at the 3.5km mark-ish I felt myself slow up a bit so I pushed myself and started to pass even more runners.

I told myself that on the corner before the last straight home was a magic go fast button. I pressed that button and tried to go faster. The finish is in sight, just 400m to go and Bruce calls out Come on Annie, lift your knees and lengthen your stride (or something like that) and I did – I sprinted off!

Photographic evidence of me sprinting!

Photographic evidence of me sprinting!

Today I can honestly say I pulled out the throttle and ran as fast as I could, running to feel and not by looking at the numbers on my watch. Time? 27:05 officially. 27s???? I was initially disappointed because I honestly felt like I’d put in so much effort!  But on reflection I’m pleased. Not a PB and yesterday I ran parkrun in 26:34, but my very best effort on the day.  My place today?  108th out of 1232 runners and walkers – have to be happy with that!

womens 5k

And as for my beautiful running buddies Louise and Janette? Oh My Goodness! Louise came in 38th place and Janette in 66th! And yet these speedy ladies run with me so often despite the fact that they can pull out the stops and fly.

Flying Louise in the white cap

Flying Louise in the white cap


Look at the cute red-head go!  Even with a hurty Achilles she ran like the wind!

Look at the cute red-head go! Even with a hurty Achilles Janette ran like the wind!


What about my Mum? She walked with Judy, Petra, Fiona and Gabby in the time of 51:22 loving every minute of it!

The run seemed to be over in quick time. There was so much to see and listen to. Lots of cheering, colour and noise. A very different run to our quiet early morning hit outs on the farm or Deloraine.

This was my fourth time running the event. I remember lining up for the first time and feeling totally inadequate. It was my second ever fun run and it was pre-parkrun days so I knew not a soul. How different this year. Lots of friends and fellow parkrunners. Lots of Go Annie cheers dotting those 27 minutes. Lots of fun, laughs and happiness at the end.  As a beginner runner entering an event can be the scariest thing ever.  Be brave!  Do it!  Join a running group, get some friends together for support and walk a few but don’t miss out on the thrill of entering and finishing a fun run.  There are so many running groups everywhere, don’t miss out because you don’t know anyone.  Get out there and have a go!  If I can, you can!

As I rounded the corner heading down the home straight (after pushing the magic go fast button) I breathed in all the hope, happiness and power of friendship I could and sent it to my dear running friend Shaz of  Shazruns – all the best for the big run Shaz!!! Look for your magic go fast button – it’s there!

Another year another women’s 5k and another step closer to a cure for breast cancer.

Happy running 🙂

PS What do husbands do while wives run the Women’s 5k?  They cheer and enjoy watching lots of ladies in shorts and singlets running!


Grant, Pauly and Bruce

Oh and they carry the gear, take photos and cheer us on – thanks boys! Judging by this photo they enjoyed their morning as much as the girls running in pink.16185_800938450001045_4767674517400513904_nPPS lots of photos shamelessly stolen from facebook!

19 thoughts on “A sea of pink

  1. Oh my Annie. I saved reading your blog till just before departure as I don’t like to rush read it. First I was choked up about your pink running and the cause it raises money for, thinking of your amazing Mum and Nanny. Then you mention me, so that’s it the flood gates opened!
    Truly touched by you best wishes, I have now packed them and will keep you in my thoughts when I waver along the way.

  2. I ran my first Race for Life in June last year. It was the same thing, ladies in pink and it was one of those race where it was tear jerking but to see everyone unite, It was awesome to be a part of.

  3. Well done Annie – two stars on either side of the world – we are proud of you both. Like your Mum I have done two ‘Race for Life’ in aid of a Cancer Charity and found it very moving. Keep on running – we never believed our daughter (Shaz) would aspire to such things when she was Young which was a shame when we were both fairly athletic!! Nevertheless she is now making up for lost time – long may it continue. All good wishes from the UK – the ‘Relics’ of Shaz!!xx

    • Thank you so much! Shaz certainly is making up for lost time. I guess when the time is right and the stars line up, off we go! I’m sure my parents think the same thing! They came to watch me at a fun run when I was in my late 40s, first time ever just a few decades late hehe. Thank you so much for your best wishes and encouragement 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Tahnee 🙂 It really is a lovely city. But man, who knew there were so many hills in the CBD? Even the winner of the event commented on the hills! They don’t feel like it in a car hehe

      • Great for training! Last night Pauly and I ran from Sporties pub in Charles St out to Kingsmeadows and then to Opossum Rd…up up up! But a great run on the way back! I don’t think there is anywhere flat in that city.

  4. Great effort on the weekend especially for this cause. It saddens me that so many of us have been affected one way or another about this hideous disease. Making us all aware and raising funds and hopefully not too far away we can kick it in the butt. On a positive note I loved seeing all the pink and our wonderful partners supporting from the sidelines. X

    • Thanks Leanne and the same back to you. If I could’ve held on to you I would’ve been in the 26s – I will try next time! It was awesome to see everyone out running and supporting such a good cause.

  5. Such a great cause Annie. Breast cancer is the area i work in so events like this hearten me a great deal. So much work yet to be done. Thank you for being part of the solution.Love your go fast button!!

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 I can only imagine how caring and lovely you are. I’ve just been through more tests and a biopsy (all clear). I’m so impressed with the continued advances and new machinery – we have a video mammogram machine now – much more comfy to be squished into BUT I still have to pay extra for the search fee part of the test hehe.

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