Running in the wind

What do you do at 5:45am when you wake up to howling winds? Windows shaking, trees swaying, roof rattling? Then the news comes in that there are trees over Mole Creek Road blocking the route into Deloraine. What to do?

  • Text your running buddy and say you’re not coming in for the scheduled 6:45am 12kms?
  • Roll over and go back to sleep?

I thought about doing both these things, but nope, I got ready and went. I chose to take the old farm jeep and had to go the long way into town because the road was blocked. The jeep can handle going over smaller branches but it is a bit slower. And gosh was it windy!


I’m so lucky to have some wonderful running buddies.  I’m the slow one who rambles on!

Welcome to autumn in Tasmania. March is the most settled month of the whole year but not so this week. We’ve gone from coolish mornings and warm to hot days to the first dusting of snow on the peaks complete with strong winds.  AND all in the space of Monday to Friday.

This was the view of Mother Cummings Peak while walking on Monday morning

This was the view of Mother Cummings Peak while walking on Monday morning

and here she is on Tuesday morning

and here she is on Tuesday morning

The first snow clouds and sprinkle of snow

The first snow clouds for 2015 with a light sprinkle of snow to go with them.

As I rounded the corner to Louise’s house there she was waiting. We had a quick discussion on course for the 12kms, deciding that if it got too awful we would just head back. We chose to stick to the lower roads to try and avoid the wind as much as possible. BUT we quickly found out that nowhere was safe from the wind.

A gum tree on the farm.  It was too windy to take photos of our run yesterday!  The roads were littered like this yesterday.

A gum tree on the farm. It was too windy to take photos of our run yesterday! The roads were littered like this.

At one point we were running out a very flat section of road, but because of the full on head wind I was only managing 7:04 minute per km pace – that’s over a minute slower to what we usually do on the flat! I was bent over putting all the force of my body into that strong wind and felt like I was getting nowhere fast! It was like running up the steepest hill! Then we turned around and my goodness! Light as air! With every step the wind carried us forwards – it was like flying!

...and even closer when running with the wind

…and even closer when running with the wind

According to weather reports there were 140km gusts on Mt Wellington on Thursday night and closer to home 83km gusts in the little town of Cressy.

We did it. We persevered and ran those 12kms. Louise kept saying we would feel good at the end and she was right – we did!

Were we safe? Yes, I think so. We chose our course carefully to avoid trees, we ran on open roads without obstacles that could blow over and run into us. We lent into the wind and took smaller steps. As Louise said, this run was good training for Convicts and Wenches next weekend; it’s often gusty and windy on the beaches we will be running on.

Runner’s World has some tips on running against the wind – love the last paragraph:

Keep a copy of the famous Nietzsche quote in your back pocket, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”  Training in adverse conditions will pay off for you in the future.

Happy running 🙂

I went out to take some photos of gum trees on the farm this afternoon and came across a pair of swans and a pukeko as Pauly calls them or purple swamphen as they are known in Australia.  This is one of the dams on the farm.  It teems with life, even our famous platypus, but he wasn’t to be seen today 🙂



26 thoughts on “Running in the wind

  1. I can’t decide whether you are courageous or crazy going out in those conditions! I can see how having a running buddy helps with motivation though. Good for you that you did it (and survived!!)

    • Definitely crazy Julie!!! And dedicated, routine and stubborn. Louise and I are known to run in atrocious conditions and nod to each other all the way saying ‘the next event could be like this, this is good training’. Then getting back to the finish and saying how hard it was! That’s the good thing about our running friendship, we are both as stubborn and OCD as each other hehe

  2. Good for you to go out Annie. So I am curious then would traveling in March not be the best idea if it is so unsettled? Is February better? Or waiting until April?

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 I consulted the weather expert (Farmer Pauly) and he concurs with my February-March as the most settled weather in Tasmania – leaning more towards March. This week has been a bit abnormal. We can get strange weather patterns anytime. We’re an island with a mountainous interior at 41-42° South so things can get a mixed up. But that’s part of the charm of Tasmania. We can have four seasons in one day. I would still be sticking with March 🙂 (she types crossing her fingers and asking the weather gods for a settled March 2016) xxx

      • Annie it sounds like Calgary where we too can have multiple seasons in a day. That’s the joy of living close to the mountains. I actually was just looking at flights to get a sense of cost. It’s a bit early because it’s just a bit over a year but exciting to be starting to plan. We’ll bring a rain jacket no worries. 🙂

      • I’m very excited that you’ve been looking at flights. You will need a puffer jacket and a rain coat me thinks as well as summer gear 🙂 Glad to hear you know about four seasons in one day. Can make life interesting…interesting is good!

      • Yes never a dull moment that’s for sure! We are just looking at logistics of flights and will definitely keep in touch. 🙂

  3. Great pics and well done for getting your run done! We’ve had a very windy winter here so I usually check the weather forecast to see if I can plan for a good tailwind. 😉

  4. I really liked the photos of the clouds changing over Mother Cummings Peak. Very dramatic.

    I admit I’m a big wuss and hate running in heavy winds. I’ve learned however that it really helps to run into the wind going out to get the tail wind heading home 🙂

  5. I love running in crazy weather. Well, maybe not always in the moment but like you say; afterwards you feel ah-mazing! As long as you keep safe, the wind just acts as an extra challenge – resistance training of sorts. 🙂

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