Why I’m not running Bruny Island Ultra solo this year

No race has called to me like Point to Pinnacle.  It is and forever will be my Holy Grail of running events.  That event that I wanted to do more than anything else.  That event that holds mystery, challenge and (dare I say) romance like no other.  If I can do that, I can do anything!  Even at the start line – despite months and months of mental and physical training – it felt unknown, it felt undoable.

But I did it!

I finished Point to Pinnacle in 2013 and again in 2014 where I ran all the way.  All the way from sea level at Wrest Point up to the Pinnacle of Mt Wellington at 1270m.

Running this event has opened wide the door of possibility with running.

The event that now whispers to me is Bruny Island Ultra.  I want to do this event so much!  I want to run the whole 64kms solo.


Why I’m not running Bruny Island Ultra solo this year.

It was my quiet dream to run Bruny Island Ultra in December 2015. Point to Pinnacle twice, numerous half-marathons, and hopefully two marathons in 2015 then the Ultra.  A nice logical progression.

But my first marathon was even tougher than my worrisome mind could imagine AND at the end of the year my Brown-Eyed Baby Girl, Anna will marry her beloved Hamish.

Prepare for a special once-in-a-lifetime family event while training for a big run?  Do you really want to do that Unsporty Woman?  I asked myself this the moment after the explosion of joy, happiness and excitement had died down (just a little) after the date for the wedding was set back in May 2014.  It was a no-brainer for me.  No, I didn’t want to be training for a big run while getting ready for my Baby-Girl’s wedding (and this was before marathon number 1 in January this year).

Training for Point to Pinnacles x 2 and Marathon Number 1 completely took over my life.  I breathed, ate and slept running training.  And I don’t regret a single moment of this.  I was able to achieve things that truly only dreams are made of.  Me run up a mountain?  Me run a marathon?  Totally foreign and unheard of.  But I did. 

It’s going to be all about the Wedding

For the second half of the year it will be all about getting ready for the wedding.  Anna and Hamish live in Western Australia but the wedding will be home in Tasmania (Western Australia is about as far away from Tasmania as possible without leaving Australia – it’s a four hour plane journey from here).  Anna is firmly in the driver’s seat of the wedding organising and has the steering wheel of the wedding planning firmly in her grasp.  She is making it all look so seamless and simple.  As for me I am like the little girl in the back seat asking, Are we there yet?  What can I do?  Are we there yet?  Give me a job!  And loving it.

The best job so far has been to collect parcels from the Post Office.  Anna combs every corner, every crevice, very nook and cranny of online shopping to find all the bits and pieces which will magically come together to make the wedding of her dreams.  She then has them posted to the farm!  To me!

I am chief parcel collector!


A slip arrives in our red letter box alerting me to a waiting parcel.  I go to the Deloraine Post Office to collect it.  This is a small but hectically busy Post Office.  The ladies who work there know EVERYONE in the entire district.  They exude and radiate friendliness like nothing I’ve experience before!  They give the impression that working at the Post Office in Deloraine is THE BEST JOB EVER!  They know there is a wedding coming up in our household.  Often I have to open the parcel there and then to show them.  They ooo and arrr at all the sparkly bits, all the wispy pieces of fabric, all the glittery little container thingamajigs.  (I’m so glad that Anna invited me to see her wedding Pintrest board or I wouldn’t know what most of the bits are for!)

Who would think that this is such a happy place?
The Deloraine Post Office:  Who would think that this is such a happy place?

I truly love running.  It has opened a whole new world to me of challenge and friendship like nothing else.  But sometimes it has to take a back seat.  I want to live and breathe wedding plans.  I want to be in the moment and enjoy every little bit of delight in planning for the most special day in the life of my daughter and future son-in-law.

Dear Bruny Island Ultra

Please wait for me.  This year Team Quackers will be there and we will run the relay together in fun, friendship and challenge.  Next year I hope to be there again.  I don’t know if I can, I might not make it, but I will certainly train my hardest and be as prepared as I can be to run the whole way solo.

Love The Unsporty Woman

Happy running 🙂

PS Did I mention that just before it’s all about weddings I’m going to sneak in Marathon Number 2?  I was thinking about Ross Marathon in September but that’s on the backburner because Louise and I will be lining up at the Melbourne Marathon in October 2015!  After that I promise it will be all about weddings…promise!!!

PPS Convicts and Wenches 25km is tomorrow!


34 thoughts on “Why I’m not running Bruny Island Ultra solo this year

  1. Annie I think you area long a very wise choice to enjoy every minute of the prep. My baby girl is being married this fall too. These amazing family events are treasures only to be grasped once a lifetime.
    I love the way you are just sneaking in a marathon. No big deal. 🙂 Good luck tomorrow!
    Oh and we bought a guide book for Australia. That must make it official right? 🙂

      1. It’s St Patrick’s Day and the autumn break and cool weather has arrived just like that. I have my office heater on and two jackets. The Great Barrier Reef sounds wonderful right now. You and Dave will love it.

  2. How exciting a wedding💍 and what a wedding it will be in beautiful Tasmania. How wonderful that you are sneaking in another marathon all I can say is WOW. I will clap and cheer as I will be there to, I have entered the 1/2. Bruny Island will wait for you to run solo, you have achieved so much and have so much on, I love team participation go the Quackers :). 📮📦luv the pic of the post office I’m pleased its a chirpy place lol. All the best for tomorrow. 😄

    1. Thanks Leanne 🙂 Exciting that you are dong the half, and we get to run into the G this year! I’m rather nervous about another full but there’s lots of time to train. The Del Post Office is really a special place!

  3. I love this Annie. Every life filled, exciting, passionate, happy word of this post. And not for nothing? I want to work at the Deloraine Post Office! Or at least spend my mornings mailing stuff!! Enjoy every second- and mile! 😉 To a wonderful year ahead! Xo

    1. The Del Post Office is like literally walking into a fairy cave of happiness! I’m sure there is happy dust coming out of the air conditioning! Thanks so much for the lovely comment x

      1. Pauly had to go in there and collect a parcel, they were most excited until he told them that it was a box of cow ear tags hehe they all had a good laugh though, could be a new way to do place cards… I’ll suggest that to Anna!

  4. I will never know the pleasure of being the mother of the bride, but I imagine it is its own kind of marathon. The racing part of your life may be temporarily put on the back burner, but the running part will still play an important part to keeping life in balance during a hectic year 🙂
    You have a lot of joy and excitement ahead! 🙂

  5. These decisions can be very hard, and sometimes it is great to share it all out with your followers like you have on this post.
    Yes, the Ultra will be there next year. Enjoy the wedding, and all the fun stuff such as collecting parcels. I know you will also enjoy your other runs this year.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  6. The wedding of your beautiful daughter certainly should take top priority for you this year, the ultra run will still be there next year but the wedding of your daughter is a once in a lifetime occasion and one which you want to enjoy and cherish. I can only imagine how it must feel to be involved in such a wonderful day, my kids are 16 and 18, hopefully I’ll get that joy but not for a few years!
    You can still enjoy your running and training for the marathon, which is no mean feat in itself!
    I love the sound of your post office, my local one is nothing like that 😉

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 I can’t wait for the wedding. So excited!!! I can’t imagine training for a big run and getting ready for the wedding, my head would be spinning. I’m sure you will get the opportunity to be a MoB too 🙂 Our PO is amazing…they should bottle what they have. Unless they are really good actors they all love their jobs.

  7. Hi, Sue put me onto your blog and we do seem to have things in common – I’ve just started running (for about a year now) but am in the early stages and can only manage 5kms at a pinch (with some walking involved but I’m getting there! Congrats on your journey so far you are amazing. My daughter is getting married in November and I just wrote a post about it which is where Sue mentioned your blog in a comment to me. I also love having access to my daughter’s pinterest board keeping me in the loop. All the best with everything, it’s great to find your blog!

    1. Hello Debbie 🙂 we have a lot in common! I’m so pleased you are going so well with your running, nothing wrong with a bit of walking 🙂 November is coming around so quickly. I’m so excited and I bet you are too 🙂

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