Being Brave

Not very long ago the thought of rolling up to a new running group would’ve scared me senseless (in fact is still does).  But that is exactly what I managed to do on Wednesday night – I was still scared but I pulled my courage together and went.

Several times a year I head to Hobart for state-wide work meetings.  Hobart is Tasmania’s capital city and a three hour drive from the farm.  From a physical point of view these meetings are bad!  We sit and we sit and we sit.  And then just because, we do a whole lot more sitting.

This was one of the sessions I attended... hate to say it but the presenter did give us some fun ways to tutor in numeracy

This was one of the sessions I attended… hate to say it but the presenter did give us some fun ways to tutor in numeracy

One of the meeting venues just happened to be on the Cadbury Marathon course - ah memories :)

One of the meeting venues just happened to be on the Cadbury Marathon course – ah memories 🙂

With the autumn rains arriving and the end of irrigation for another season, Pauly was able to come and have some much needed time off – his first real time off since Cadbury Marathon back in January.  While I was in meetings he cruised around, did some shopping, went to the movies and had a great time!

This trip I tried very hard to put in some extra movement to counteract all that sitting.  Each morning we went for a walk together for half an hour.  During my meetings I stood up as much as possible.  On Wednesday night we went for run.

rainy skies greeted us on our return home to the farm today

rainy skies greeted us on our return home to the farm today

Not just any run.

We went for a run with a group that runs from THE best running shop in Hobart.  The Running Edge.

I’ve wanted to go and have a run with this group on many occasions but I’ve been too shy.  This time with moral support from Pauly, I went along.

Why was I so anxious?  The leader of the group was warmly welcoming!  He assured me that some of the lady runners would rather run a bit slower and have a chat.  Sounds like my sort of group!  Pauly ran with me for the first 2kms but then I sent him on with the fast people (my confidence was on track).  I ran behind two lovely young women who quickly included me in their conversation.  It was really nice.

We ran from the middle of Hobart up into the beautiful Domain.  It was funny to run through the city streets, stopping at traffic lights, dodging pedestrians and we did get a little bit of heckling.  The heckling came particularly when we ran passed a busy pub that had patrons spilling out onto the footpath.  Daylight savings is coming to an end and so is the warmer weather. I can understand why they would rather take their bevy* out and enjoy the evening light than sit inside around the bar.


OD2013-soldiers-memorial-aveA view of where we ran –

I'm number 20

I’m number 20

This was my first ever fun run photo!  Taken where we ran on Wednesday night three years ago.

Why oh why do I get nervous about joining a running group?  This group advertises on facebook and encourages everyone to come along.  They welcome slower runners and usually have a 20 minute out and a 20 minute back style of run with everyone finishing at the same time.

Each time I’ve been brave enough to join in a group run, I’ve found nothing but friendship, encouragement and a warm welcome.  This was the case with The Running Group and with the Launceston Running Club.  Both groups I’ve found to be friendly and welcoming.  And yet I still get nervous – What if I’m not fast enough?  What if they think I’m an inconvenience?  Now I’m a veteran of going to THREE groups I can say these worries are unfounded.

It was a fabulous run.  After sitting all day and another day to go, that run was exactly what I needed.  I’m glad I was brave BUT I’m also glad I had my husband to hold my hand.  Next time I’m in Hobart I will be joining them again.


Being brave can lead to wonderful things.  Sometimes being brave is terrifying, but then when we’re on the other side and look back we can say There was nothing to be frightened of at all!  Like going along to a group, signing up for a fun run or going along to parkrun – at first these things are really quite scary for some of us.  Please be brave and put yourself out there.  You just don’t know what wonderful doors being brave can lead us runners through; doors that open to wonderful new possibilities.  Oh and drag a friend along for support – that works too.

Happy running 🙂

* bevy is Australian for beverage, usually a beer!

PS back home and it’s cold!  We’ve got the fire going for the first time this year.  Autumn is here with a big tinge of winter.

Poppy loving the first fire of the season

Poppy loving the first fire of the season

16 thoughts on “Being Brave

  1. Aw, pretty kitty! Australia looks absolutely beautiful! I haven’t yet joined a running group, although I think about it! Congrats on going outside your comfort zone! And sorry you are now entering the cold season!

    • We have some lovely places to run. Our cold in Tasmania is nothing like the cold you have. Today I ran in 5°C and we felt like we’d been swept away to Antarctica! It’s hard to get out there and join a group but it has been the best thing for my running 🙂

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