Don’t give up!


This pretty much sums up my run today.  I had tried hard from the very beginning of the race so I told myself I had to keep giving it my all to the very end.  It wasn’t a long event but today I held onto a faster pace for the whole 6kms – something I’ve struggled with.  The negative voices were banished.  I didn’t listen to them.  I heard positive messages, You can do this!  I heard the words my friend Janette texted just before the start, Run like the Wind! I kept telling myself over and over Why slow down now when you have put in so much effort?

And I didn’t slow down.  I went as hard as I could THE WHOLE WAY!

Set up for the start

Set up for the start

This was the Launceston Running Club’s 6km Low Head Handicapped race.  Two laps around the beach road, up to the lighthouse, back around and out for a second shorter lap.  It was the most beautiful autumn day with light sea breezes, sun and 15ºC.  Perfect running conditions.

low head

Low Head is a 40 minute car journey from Launceston.

I was about the seventh runner to start from handicap out of about 50 there today.  I love this Club, through the handicapped system everyone has the opportunity to win an event.  I came in 18th place with a time of 31:30.


Today I managed to activate that switch in my head that enabled me to push through and keep running at a faster pace.  This positive self talking and pep talks are proving to be the best thing ever.  I told myself to get out there and have a crack and do my best!  It was tough.  As I came through for the second shorter lap I felt quite tired and thought it might be nice to finish but I got ANGRY at that thought and pushed on harder!  I kept pushing even though my legs were tired and my breathing was getting laboured.  At the finish I was red-faced and panting so hard I thought I was going to fall over!  I learnt again that I can push through even when I think the tank is empty; there is always more in that tank than I think there is!  The hard part is to get that reserve tank up and running.

Average pace was 5:13 minutes / km!!!

Average pace was 5:13 minutes / km!!!

The BBQ afterwards - this is a serious running club but the social times are just as important

The BBQ afterwards – this is a serious running club but the social times are just as important


My reserve tank.

I have one.  Yes I do.  Do I use it?  Not very often.  Today my reserve tank got a big fat activation!  I learnt that even when I feel like I can’t keep going at a faster pace that I can!

I was sure I’d done a PB over 5kms.  26:16 – not a PB but not far off 25:20 which is my PB.  I’m managing to shave a few seconds off my 5km time with each event I try.  What do I put this down to?  I put it down to help from my running friends who encourage and believe in me.  Positive self talk.  AND being brave.  Experience has taught me that I do have a reserve tank and I won’t hit the wall and keel over.  I will finish.

Thanks to some faster Friday runs with Louise I’ve had a safe place to test my reserve tank.  Over the last two weeks average pace hasn’t been under 6:00 minute / km (we’ve been running 12 to 14kms).  This is most speedy for me.  I’m forever grateful to my speedy runny buddy for pushing me through and helping me to endure at a faster pace.  The training is starting to show itself not only in the times but in the happiness factor of my running.  I’m running a little faster and feeling awesome!  Running isn’t always this great I know, so I will lap up the good ones while they are there to be had!

It feels good to keep getting out of the comfort zone.  It really was difficult today but when that finish line was in view I felt so good!  Puffed and exhausted but good!

Happy running 🙂

Low Head is a beautiful spot.  Running with the sounds of the waves and the fresh sea air?  Perfect.  It’s a much visited tourist spot with twilight tours to see our famous Fairy Penguins.  By day there is the beach and the famous Lighthouse and Pilot Station.

We run passed these carvings

We run passed these carvings


Low Head Beach one way

Low Head Beach one way


Low Head Beach the other way


A view across to Greens Beach where we ran Convicts and Wenches a few weeks ago

A view across to Greens Beach where we ran Convicts and Wenches a few weeks ago

Low Head Lighthouse

Low Head Lighthouse

20 thoughts on “Don’t give up!

    • Thanks CJ 🙂 It was the most perfect day. Then the evening was so clear, cloudless and still. I spent the evening looking at the mountains hoping for the Aurora Australis to appear – but it didn’t. The day was just magic.

  1. Great job Annie! I can’t believe how fast you are! I am also very intrigued by the idea of the Fairy Penguin tours from Low Head. Perhaps one doesn’t need to go to Phillip Island but could do a tour from here instead?

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 Phillip Island is very organised – I went there about 15 years ago. It was really good and they have Koalas on Phillip Island – we only have them in wildlife parks in Tasmania because they aren’t native to the island state. I lived right near a beach on the north west of Tasmania so the children and I would walk down and watch them without any tour needed. I believe the one at Low Head is smaller and more organic than the Phillip Island tour. There are lots of places to go and view them for free too 🙂 It depends what you like. With Phillip Island you are guaranteed to see them, here in Tasmania it’s a lot quieter and we don’t have nesting boxes set up for viewing and things like that.

  2. Great race and pictures! I agree with you that the social part of races is important too! A great time to celebrate weeks/months/years of hard training and fun to hang out and talk with other runners!

  3. So inspiring! I did a fun run on Saturday but nothing like this. It sounds great and your photos show it off so well. Good on you.

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