Briefly coming up for mid-week air


A good subtitle for this post is Submerged in work.

On Mondays I take big huge deep breath and dive (or sometimes reluctantly trudge) into the huge never ending ocean called work.  On Thursday afternoon I slowly ascend to the surface and back onto the safe dry territory of weekend.  By Thursday afternoon I’m a dripping, waterlogged prune ready for someone to throw a warm fluffy towel over me and hand me a glass of wine.  Thank goodness for working part-time and the three day weekend!  Work has become manic and I’m struggling to keep up.

But today is Wednesday and I’m taking a few moments to ramble on to you before Pauly and I head out the door to run up and down hills in the name of running training.

My last post was about a fabulous run on Saturday.  I felt mighty and powerful.  I loved it!

To keep it real I want to tell you about the run the following day.  A 10km run with The Running Group on Sunday.  It was a hilly circuit which featured several massive hills.  One of those hills rolls up to one point and just when you think you’re at the top the hill soars again and rolls on up for a second time.  In that circuit was also a hill that takes undulating to new extremes.  It was indeed a hilly run.

Now I love hills.  I truly do.  But not on Sunday.  Yes dear readers I walked up two of these specular hills.  Unlike Saturday the tank was empty and I couldn’t find the reserve tank switch.  I was tired and spent.

Loving that profile!

Loving that profile!

Should I have been running? Probably not. Then why did I run?  While Pauly is a fantastic runner he lacks motivation to train.  He needed to crank out a 20km run on Sunday as part of his training plan and was more inclined to get it done if we went into Launceston to run with Group.  If I’d said I wasn’t going to run he wouldn’t have gone.  That’s how it seems to work for us.  So of course I said I’d run.  And I do really love this group, of those there I got to see some people who I truly do value.

What did I learn?  I learnt over again that running is a gift.  That when we do get those magic runs that we should lap them up, embrace them and celebrate them.  When our running friends have those fabulous runs we need to celebrate with them knowing that they are the jewels in our training calendar that often have huge gaps between them.

It was a jewel of a run for Pauly.  I dropped him off half an hour before the start of the run and he ran to meet us, then at the end he put in another 30 minutes.  He got his 20kms done and felt wonderful.  AND it was a fantastic run for Janette who cranked out 10 awesome kms after coming back from injury.  While it wasn’t a good run for me it was great to be there to see the two of them have such a great time!


As I take a few moments out of the working week to type this I think of what lies ahead tomorrow.  My head is foggy with things to do, deadlines and appointments.  Thank goodness for a hill to run up and down to clear away the befuddlement.  Will it be a good run or a bad run?  Who knows, either way running is a gift to cherish.  I thank my lucky stars that they lined up and I was able to become a runner.  If I can do this, anyone can!

Happy running 🙂

PS No Louise tonight but I’m looking forward to a run with her tomorrow afternoon – then it will be home to start the Easter long weekend a five day long weekend!

PPS flights are booked for Melbourne Marathon in October!  Marathon Number Two is slowing becoming real.

16 thoughts on “Briefly coming up for mid-week air

  1. I have to agree about life been very busy before Easter i am looking forward to the 4 days break. Hopefully a few good runs and nice weather. I am thinking about doing the Melbourne Marathon this year that is my training goal everyone needs a goal. Not sure how I will go training by myself for this distance should be interesting lots of good music will be required. Hopefully we can catch up before the start. Thanks again for the wonderful blogs I look forward to reading them I can related to having good runs and bad runs. Have a great Easter and lots of happy runs.

    • Sounds like an awesome goal Deb 🙂 I’m a bit terrified about it if I’m honest. If you need a slow running buddy you know where to find one!!! I’m hoping that Louise and I will do a few of those lovely 10km Meander loops we did for Cadbury. At least Melbourne is nice and flat. I hope you have a lovely Easter break Deb x

      • Thanks just a quiet Easter for us😀 Then heading over to do the Geelong 1/2 Marathon hopefully a nice flat course and nice Weather. Hope you both have a great Easter happy running😃

  2. I’m not surprised you didn’t have your usual amount of energy after such a good run the day before! How lovely that you encourage each other so much with your running, very inspiring 🙂
    And even if your run wasn’t the strongest ever, you were able to enjoy watching the others have good running moments!

  3. Wow, look at those hills! 😮 I hate the kind of hill you described.. You’ve just about made it to the top, you think, only to find there is a bit to go and the tank is empty. Hate, hate, hate them.
    I guess the balance of the “good run/shit run” goes a bit the same way as your graph.. They always have a funny knack of taking turns. As disheartening as a “bad” run is; you know it’s a blip. You’re a marathoner after all!!! xx

    • Thanks for the encouragement – I got a bit of the sad when I walked but then decided to just smile and enjoy the lovely autumn morning. You are right, that’s a great way to look at it: just a blip 🙂

  4. Oh now you know I don’t like hills, but I really don’t like those that you think you are at the top of only to find there is MORE. Well done for being such a supportive wife. X

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 Feeling much better now – had a couple of better runs since Sunday so tracking along ok. So looking forward to the Easter break and then the trip to NZ – that’s if I can sort out the work pile before I go 🙂

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