The Allure of Hills

Hills.  They have a certain allure.  A steep rolling hill that goes up and up?  I just want to put my running shoes on and slowly chip up.  The feeling at the top?  Magic.  The pace doesn’t matter, it’s all about having the determination to keep on going and not to allow the hill to win.  Although I don’t think of the hill as being against me as a runner, I think of the hill as being there to help me.  Hills make me stronger physically and mentally.  On race day at the base of a hill I think, Yes, I can do this, hills and I are friends.  It’s all about having hillitude!

We are finally home in Tasmania, Australia.  Last night I downloaded the information from my Polar RC3 GPS watch that Pauly borrowed for The Great PukeokaHu Man v Horse Race.

The allure of hills?  This is a profile like no other and I shall let it speak for itself.

Pukeokahu map

Official Results

Official results are out and I didn’t quite have the times correct in my previous posts.

The adjusted time for the winner was 3:47:42 – that is an amazing time for a horse and rider over all those slippery inclines.

Fastest male runner: 4:39:16.

Fastest female (taken out jointly): 5:05:46

Fastest team: 4:39:41

A massive huge effort by everyone!


What’s the next challenge for the Unsporty Woman?  In just over three weeks Team Huey, Dewey and Louie will be lining up for the start of The Great Ocean Road Half Marathon in beautiful Victoria, Australia.  I seem to have a bit of a thing for races with Great in them at the moment.  I know there are hills with this one but fortunately no mud and the inclines will be nothing like that which we faced last Saturday in The Great PukeokaHu Man v Horse race.  Let’s hope that Pauly is recovered by then, squatting down is still a challenge!

With running there is always something to be looking forward to. Another challenge around the corner and up the next rise, just waiting for us to experience.  Another challenge that makes us realise that we are capable of so much more than we think we can do.  If I can go from complete beginner runner to taking on events like this, then you can too! Just keep chipping away at your training and above everything else believe in yourself!!!

I've been told that apart from the rugged coast line that runners can see koalas in the trees - cool (photo:

I’ve been told that apart from the rugged coast line that runners can see koalas in the trees – cool (photo:

But right now I’m off for a rainy 10kms with Louise.  Will it be a flat run?  No way, we’ll be chipping up and down our beloved Deloraine hills.

Happy running 🙂

If you’d like to keep up with plans for The Great PukeokHu man v Horse race please like and follow their facebook page.

19 thoughts on “The Allure of Hills

  1. Wow, you do love your hills don’t you, that first one particularly is daunting! I have loved reading all about your NZ trip, what an amazing time you had and so much running on your holiday.
    I didn’t know you were doing GORM, I hope I get to spot you somewhere, I am no longer sure I will be doing the full or half, might even not be running at all, my usual pattern of training hard prior to an event, feeling good and strong and the pushing it too much, resulting in layoff time has occurred yet again. However, I will still be there, in a support or run/walk capacity, looking forward to it 😀

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 that first hill was just huge! I’m sorry to hear that your training for the GORM hasn’t gone so well, that’s just annoying!!! I hope you get to do run the half at least. I have another friend how has recently decided to change from full to half, it takes a lot of guts to do that! I hope we can catch up somewhere on the course, although I know if you’re running you’ll be out in front somewhere! I still can’t believe that your first half was P2P! You don’t do things by halves either x Wishing you lots of rest and recovery!!!

      • Thanks Annie, the full is definitely out, the half I’m still hopeful for but will be a run/walk effort if I can. Still looking forward to supporting the others from my running group even if I do wish I could do it with them! Hope you and Paul feel fresh and recovered by then too x

  2. That looks amazing. I really wish it was easier to get to Australia from Ireland. I would absolutely love to do some running on those hills and the Great Ocean Road. Very very jealous.

    • It is a long way away, that’s for sure. This race was over the Tasman Sea in New Zealand. NZ is easy for us to get to. In fact it’s faster to get to NZ than for me to visit my daughter in Western Australia. You never know, one day you might get over to visit our southern hemisphere countries. There is Human v Horse race in Wales – I believe that this is where the concept came from. Now that’s just really close to you 🙂 If you did that one, I’d be the one feeling a tad green with envy!

  3. It did indeed originate there but I think I’ll stick to the original road running for now. I made it to Australia in 2009 before I started running. I’d give my 2 feet to be able to go back now and run 🙂

  4. My hat is off to you, Annie. You are a running machine!
    I think you would consider our terrain flat as a pancake compared to what you are used to …. but the hills still make me cringe.

    • Thanks Tahnee 🙂 in the early days at the base of hill I’d say ‘I love hills’ and then at the top (even if I was on my own) I’d throw my hands up in the air and say ‘yay’. Bit strange really, but it worked for me 🙂

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  6. Annie that elevation chart made me dizzy just looking at it. 🙂 Good luck with the training. I admire your dedication and always finding new goals!

  7. I like your attitude to hills, very inspiring. I have a 10k hill climb coming up in the Warwick Pentath and what you said helps to give me the right frame of mind to run it. I will recall what you said when I am running up that hill.

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