Happy running place

There is one road that calls to me like no other. I’ve written about this road many times over the last few years. It’s just around the corner from the farm house and is one of the boundary lines of Pauly’s farm.

Brocks Road


As a beginner runner I’d run up and down the farm driveway, from letter box to house and back again (laps of 1.2kms). One day I was brave enough and ran out passed the letter box, out to Brocks Road. This road is a symbol of how far I’ve come. From the farm house, to the letter box, out the driveway and beyond. And with this simple decision to run beyond the farm, the sky became the limit with this thing called running!


On this beautiful autumn day I took myself for a run down this familiar track and indulged in a little trip down memory lane too. The light was lovely, the sun warm and the breeze cool. All up I saw three tractors working away but no other traffic or people. Sometimes it’s good to enjoy a run and reminisce about how far I’ve come in this running world. 10kms down Brocks Road and back? I can remember when I’d get to the 2.5km mark and wonder how on earth I’d be able to get back home. Now I can run and run and run and keep on running. If I can come this far, honestly anyone can!!!  Don’t ever stop trying!!!


Brocks Road is my happy running place. Quiet, calm, safe. Close enough to home but far enough away. Soft gravel surface to run on – my favourite. Views of Mother Cummings Peak (part of The Great Western Tiers), a stream or two and soft green pastures. It doesn’t get much better than this in the running world of The Unsporty Woman.


Happy running 🙂

An autumn baby on the farm, just arrived moments before this photo was taken.
An autumn baby on the farm: just arrived moments before this photo was taken.

14 thoughts on “Happy running place

    1. It is rather idyllic. I’m so lucky and even luckier to have Fridays off and to indulge in a mid-morning run when other are slaving away at work. I hope the balance of ‘ecstatic’ runs goes up and up for you xxx

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