The PB that got away

Saturday is parkrun day. Between March and October I don’t get to as many as I’d like because I’m torn between parkrun and the Launceston Running Club. But on Saturday I got to indulge and run both!


I hadn’t meant to run fast at the start. Launceston parkrun starts on a levee bank. The width of the track fits about three runners across comfortably (more on parkrun day all squashed up) so when there are over 200 runners it gets a bit congested. It stays this way for the first 1km until the course comes down from the levee bank.

Running fast at the start is for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want to hold anyone up behind me, and
  2. I don’t want to be held up by slower runners who are still getting the hang of self-seeding.
Launceston parkrun start (stolen from facebook)
Launceston parkrun start (stolen from facebook)

I woke up with a bit of an upset stomach and thought I’d take it easy at parkrun. But then the horn blew and we were running and well, I just decided to have a go even after we came down from the levee bank. This was after telling Janette that I was going to have a doddle around the course. Hmmmm Janette started to get a little in front at the 3.5km mark and I tried to keep up. Then we were back on the levee bank AND was that 20 minutes with 1km to go? Was I in the parameters of a PB? If you pull your finger out and run like mad you might be! I thought to myself.

parkrun laps
parkrun laps

Alas no PB. 25:26, six seconds off. Oh well. I did give it my best shot and it’s the fastest I’ve run in nearly two years so that in itself is sort of a PB. BUT then the drama began. I felt wobbly and weak and sick. I crashed down on the grassy bank AND (embarrassment) had a good old retch – obviously I had put in!

If I’d managed to keep up with Janette I’d have had that PB. The PB got away this is true, but absolutely did my best on the day!

Launceston Running Club – North Bank 6.4km


LRC loves hills more than I do. It’s true. There are hardly any flat runs in the race calendar. But on Saturday we got to run a flat one. I hadn’t intended to run the LRC run, it was supposed to be a different run and I was going to volunteer.  Due to a change at the original venue the trusty team of volunteer organisers switched it to the North Bank 6.4km. I hadn’t done this course before and my goodness it was a lovely run. It took in some of the parkrun course so it was familiar.

I think I was trying at the end of the LRC run too - love the flying pose but DO NOT like the rest of this photo!
I think I was trying at the end of the LRC run too – love the flying pose but DO NOT like the rest of this photo!

Given that I’d put in for parkrun with an average pace of 5:02 minutes per km (super speedy for me) I was really happy with my 35:19 time at the LRC run with an average pace of 5:33 minutes per km.

33rd runner with a handicap of 14:20 :)
33rd runner with a handicap of 14:20 🙂

A great Saturday of running

All up a great Saturday of running. But perhaps the best parts were the coffees and catching up with lovely running friends. And really grateful to Janette for pulling me along, I think I have some more pace in me and it is the belief of my running friends and their support that’s going to get me there.  We shall have fun trying anyway!

Two weeks to go until The Great Ocean Road Half Marathon. I had hoped to chug out an 18km run today but just didn’t have it in me, instead I ran 8kms. Not sure if I feel ready for this run but a lot of this comes down to confidence. I need to take my own advice and believe in myself!

Yes, the PB got away on Saturday, but could I have done any better? Not really, I did my best and after all PBs are only numbers but the feeling of doing my best is way more than a number. It’s something that makes me feel mighty AND there is always next Saturday to try again! Never stop trying to meet your goals whatever they look like!

Happy running 🙂

Ps Next Saturday is the LRC Gutbuster, this will be my third run of this course. I LOVE it! It’s a hard slog to top of those hills but then the zoom down is amazing. I do hope it doesn’t rain so I can really fly down the steep bits.


17 thoughts on “The PB that got away

  1. Yay you – what a great weekend of running!!!!! So, so close to that PB …it won’t be long and we’ll be chasing down a new number FOR SURE. Make sure you let your body get a bit of rest before your next biggie at The Great Ocean Road … how much fun will that be!!!! Wow, you were putting in at the end of the LRC run – no arms in the air and a determined look on your face – looking very much the “sporty woman”!!!! xxx

  2. Best parkrun in 2 years is worthy of celebration, and another speedy run must meant that you’re coming into good form. Very well done!

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