It’s ok, I ran today

Racing, busy, drive here, drive there, pick up the phone, sort out issues, write emails, text messages, smile, be interested, throw down lunch as fast as possible, no time for coffee, introduce people, write assessments, plan, race home, get the washing in, that was a waste of time, put washing in dryer, oh no it’s raining still, the wind is wild, fold the washing, get the wood in, feed the cats, what’s for dinner?


I need to run.

But it’s raining, wild, windy, rough.

Put on running clothes. I’m going anyway.

But Sweetheart it’s way too rough, Pauly says. But I NEED to run, I really do, I need to run, I reply.

It’s way too wet and muddy to run on the farm so Pauly and I head to Deloraine. Pauly isn’t running tonight. He drops me off and I run for a km to the base of my favourite hill.

Up and down I go. Sprinting up, plodding down. Up and down, up and down.

It’s dark. I hear the rush of the Meander River at the base of the hill. I smell acrid smoke from the wood fires in the homes nearby. I keep on running up and down.

With each up I start to feel a little better. It’s cold and windy, but I’m getting warm running. The worries start to fade. Breathing in and breathing out.  Darkness.  Only me, the hill and running steps.  The problems of the day slot into big picture perspective and don’t seem half as bad.

Whatever would I do without running?


Happy running 🙂

PS My wonderful husband drove me in for the run and sat at the pub having a coffee waiting for me to finish, then bought me a glass of wine.  A tough day but a wonderful end.

22 thoughts on “It’s ok, I ran today

  1. And also your post resonates with my current need for running. I’m starting to again feel it as a deep personal meditative experience. Me time. Perspective time. Fast, slow, fast, slow. Time to count to 2 over and over, time to worship the body by beating it into exhaustion.

    I might have to come and borrow your mountains though!

    1. Oh my goodness Sue? Cycling in gale force winds? And freezing? You two must be so strong! Endorphins do the trick every time 🙂 (I thought it was supposed to be spring over where you are… we’ve just had the biggest dump of snow in the state this year, it’s freezing here too).

      1. It is spring but being so close to the mountains it’s a bit of a crap shoot. Dave is strong. He did for of the one mile hills while I did 3. 🙂

      2. Not sure about that Sue 🙂 Ask Louise about our 10km hilly run today. The wind was icy and strong and I suggested a lower road instead. But she was Mum and kept telling me that today’s run will help with the Great Ocean Road next Sunday. Just checked out the weather report for the race and it will be a max of 19°C! Today is barely 8°C here. And there’s nothing wrong with a bit of cussing now and again, it sometimes helps to get us through!

    1. Thanks Molly 🙂 we runners all seem to feel the same way about running. I sometimes wonder if the world would be a happier place if everyone had a little go at it. He’s not a bad old dude my Husband, I did appreciate him coming in with me and the glass of wine afterwards so good.

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