Finding the perfect MoB dress

Flower stand with trams in the background on Swanston Street right in the heart of Melbourne.
Flower stand with trams in the background on Swanston Street, right in the heart of Melbourne.

Here we are in Melbourne, Victoria. Today the big city, tomorrow Apollo Bay and ready for The Great Ocean Road Half Marathon on Sunday.

Graffiti art down a city alley way.
Graffiti art down a city alley way.

What to do while in Melbourne? Silly question! Shopping!!!

Melbourne is a vibrant busy city, full of quirky shops, arcades that wander secretly from block to block, buskers, trams, old buildings full of charm and new architecture that showcases just how creative our wide beautiful Australia is. We’re here for a turn of the big city; from farm to metropolis in the blink of a plane ride.

After an early start, egg, bacon and avocado are the perfect fuel for the shopping hunt.
After an early start, egg, bacon and avocado are the perfect fuel for the shopping hunt.

Louise brought a case in a case and has hit the shops running AND with the glint of a pure shopaholic’s determination. That case in a case will morph into two full cases for her trip home! Go Louie!!!

I have a mission too. To hunt again for that perfect Mother of the Bride dress. That dress that on my Baby Girl’s big day will be just right.

The right style.

The right colour.

The right fit.

Not too glam, but glam enough.

Not to old looking but appropriate for the auspicious occasion of my firstborn’s wedding.

It can’t be black and it can’t be the colour of the Bride’s Maid’s Dress.

What a list!

Almost there but not quite...I do like this one though.
Almost there but not quite…I do like this one though.  Blue isn’t a colour I wear a lot but I really like this shade.

The dress hunt is similar to a real hunt or perhaps a big game fishing expedition… I carefully walk into a glamour gown store. I avoid eye contact with the overzealous sales assistants trying to make a sale. Just looking, I say casually. I stalk around the racks and displays, carefully creeping up on something only to find on further inspection that (like an undersized fish) it needs to be tossed back! Wrong colour, too short, too young… Oh lovely dress, where are you!

But then……..

Three dresses later and I’ve found it!  (Yes, anyone want to buy a not-quite right MoB dress?  I have two for sale, going cheap!)

It was as if a choir of angels sang. The lights went dim and there it was illuminated, leading me towards it. I put it on and the dress said to me: I’m the one! A tear came to my eye.

My search is over!

It doesn’t even need a bit of altering. Confident is how I feel in it (and feminine). Confident that it fits all the criteria; but feminine and just a little pretty (IF an old girl in her early 50s is still allowed to feel pretty?  Yes, I think that’s ok for a MoB).  Just for good measure I asked a couple of perfect strangers to give me an honest opinion and they thought it was perfect for me. Do you know those ladies? Asks Pauly. No, I said, we seasoned dress hunters know we need the opinion of someone completely unbiased.

After months of searching I now have THE dress. The hunt is over. My credit card can now rest.


What to do now? Kick back, relax and enjoy Melbourne for there are only two sleeps until team Huey, Dewey and Louie get to run one of the most iconic events in all of this beautiful country: The Great Ocean Road Half Marathon. So excited!

Happy running 🙂

Koko Black THE best place for a hot chocolate!
Koko Black THE best place for a hot chocolate!

27 thoughts on “Finding the perfect MoB dress

  1. STUNNING STUNNING MOST GORGEOUS dress Annie and you look beautiful in it… Perfect match!!! I feel like tigger bouncing inside I’m so happy for you!!!
    And… WIW! The race is here! You guys will rock! Enjoy enjoy… can’t wait for the recap xxx
    Ps enjoy Melbourne 😘

    1. Thanks CJ. Janette just gave me a new mantra. Apparently we will be able to see Koalas in the trees as we run!!! So my mantra is ‘keep running the koalas are falling’. I hope I don’t fall over or trip someone up from looking around for Koalas!

      1. Omg how awesome!!!! Seriously … I’m coming to visit one day!!!
        Ha ha ha yahhhh don’t go bloody tripping now!!!! Gosh imagine the excitement if you actually got to see one in the wild? My time would go out the window… Like ‘fag that maaan I’m checking out the koalas!!!!’ Haaaahahahaaaahaaa!!!!

      2. A visit? Yes please!!! Oh I’ll be stopping for photos regardless of the time…in fact I’m not even going to worry about the time. This event is for the fun, friendship and the experience AND Koala sighting hehe xxx

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!!! Simply stunning! I hope you feel confident, because you look spectacular! And good luck! I need to visit. I’d give ANYTHING to see a koala while running. 🙂

      1. NO YOU DIDN’T?!?!!! What a weekend!!!! I mentioned last night to my other half that my Blog Buddy was running an Australian Half WITH KOALAS!!!! He was impressed. Wait ’til I tell him! So great. Sleepy little koala…. 🙂

  3. Congrats on finding the ‘dress’! What a relief. I seem to be forming a collection in my closet of possibilities. Likely not the best method. Best of luck with the half marathon. Two major accomplishments in one weekend!

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 This MoB dress thing is a tough gig. I’ve never had any issues finding a dress. I’m so looking forward to the run tomorrow, the agenda is to enjoy and have fun 🙂

  4. That is a gorgeous dress, and it looks fabulous on you! And while I am now back in Melbourne, and have access to Koko Black, I cannot deny being jealous of your visit. 🙂

  5. I’m so pleased (not to mention envious) that you’ve found THE DRESS!! I’ve ordered a few and sent them back, tried on a few but just can’t seem to fall in love with them enough. Not sure what I’m looking for but will know when I find it. You look great and Melbourne has great shopping. Any suggestions of suitable shops would be welcome as I’m going down there soon 🙂 well done you!

    1. Thanks Debbie 🙂 I highly recommend Myer Melbourne’s second floor. They have designer brands up there and the two sales assistants who helped me were lovely and not pushy at all. There were so many to choose from. I really hope you find that dress that is just right for your baby girl’s wedding 🙂

  6. By the time you read this, your race will be over. I hope it was epic! … in the best possible way 😉

    Congrats on finding THE DRESS!! All women know that fear and stress of a big occasion and trying to find the perfect dress. None of them are as challenging as MOTB!! … and yes, you are allowed – entitled – to feel feminine and pretty 🙂

    btw – I love the picture of Pauly in the mall. His stance and expression all seem to say (in a note of resignation) Are We Done Yet? 😉

    1. Thanks Joanne 🙂 I can’t believe how hard it was to find the right dress. I thought I was being a little silly about being so worried, thanks for your lovely comment of understanding xxx Run is all done and it was everything and so much more, shall write about it soon. Pauly always looks like that in photos, he quite likes dress shopping…after six years of marriage I still find this odd. Hard working farmer who likes to hunt and watch rugby but still can take the time to help me choose the right dress for any occasion. The lady in the shop thought he was so lovely and kept saying how lucky I am hehe.

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