Running – it’s all about friendships

It’s strange to think that the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon 2015 is done.  The medals hang on the hanger.  The goal of running this stunningly beautiful event has been achieved.  All 23kms of undulating, seascape viewing, most spectacular coastal run in Australia?  Done.  We did it!

The Great Ocean Road Half Marathon profile - loving those hills!
The Great Ocean Road Half Marathon profile – loving those hills!

The memories of this wonderful run are ours to treasure forever.  Part of this treasure is that the goal was achieved with my running buddy Louise and husband Pauly – Team Huey, Dewey and Louie with Daffy along as support crew (one day we’ll get him to run a half, I’m sure!)

Pre-race.  We were freezing!!!
Pre-race. We were freezing!!!  I look like a frozen fish but I think Pauly and Louise must’ve been having a laugh at something…cute faces Huey and Louie!

Louise and I have been running together for nearly three years.  Gosh is that all?  It feels like way more than that in the most loveliest of ways.  I met Louise when I moved to the farm seven years ago and went to find a local hair salon.  There she told me all about the bootcamp in our town (oh and she does my hair too, but now that feels like just an excuse to talk about running).  Pauly and I went along to bootcamp and LOVED it.  Pauly would ALWAYS try to beat Louise and never managed to (at least not in the early days AND she is still able to burn him off on big hills when we do hill repeats together – GO Louie!)

It was through Pauly and I chatting about running that Louise caught the bug.  She entered her first fun run with us and has never looked back.  You see my lovely running buddy Louie has pretty much always been a runner, but she had never entered fun runs before.  She is a fast runner and the Great Ocean Road results really show this!

Entering the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon was hatched by Louise and I early in 2014.  But Louise did all the hard work of organising and researching flights and accommodation.  We booked it way way way back in August last year when there was a fantastic special on flights.

We looked forward to it so much, then the time to go and run arrived… now it is a very happy memory.  Sigh.

This is how dairy farmers fuel up pre-run.  Two liters of milk with an extra two shots of espresso coffee and two scoops of protein powder.  Ugh!  And then he goes and runs???  Cast-iron stomach!
This is how dairy farmers fuel up pre-run. Two litres of milk with an extra two shots of espresso coffee and two scoops of protein powder. Ugh! And then he goes and runs??? Cast-iron stomach!

Here are the stats for Team Huey, Dewey and Louie…

Louie’s results
Huey's results
Huey’s results

And bringing up the rear the Unsporty Woman 🙂

Dewey's results
Dewey’s results

Both Pauly and Louise finished in the top 20% of their categories!!!! But let’s not forget one extremely important fact: they didn’t see a koala and I did 😛


This post is dedicated to my running buddies.  Thank goodness for all the little things, all the twists in the road of life that brought us all together.  Here’s to finding events, putting in the hours of training together, dreaming the big dreams and doing our best to make those dreams come true.  Thank you lovely running buddies both here in Tasmania and all around the blogosphere.  I treasure your support and encouragement so much!


AND here’s a toast to the all the ducks – Team Quackers… Bring on the next big adventure I say.  Team Huey, Dewey, Louie, Daffy and Daisy will all be in Melbourne for Run Melbourne in July.  And this time there are no koalas to try and find and I might just try and break that sub two hour half marathon…maybe…umm….yes…maybe… Even an Unsporty Woman never knows her luck in the big city!

Happy running 🙂

if you can dream itPS if you are planning to run The Great Ocean Road Marathon events don’t leave booking accommodation to the last minute.  Many of the numerous options for accommodation book out a year in advance of the event.  It truly is a must-run event!  Apollo Bay is where the half and full finish and would have to be the pick of Great Ocean Road towns to stay at.

22 thoughts on “Running – it’s all about friendships

  1. Well done on your run and still having time to spot koalas!
    You will all have a fantastic time again in Melbourne, sadly without the wildlife.
    I will definitely return to GORM, it was a wonderful event 😀

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 it was a really lovely event and Run Melbourne is lovely too, just not quite so scenic but it has a wonderful atmosphere. I notice that the dates for next year have been announced today. We have our sights set on Gold Coast next year 🙂

  2. Congratulations on putting another half under your belt! I do most of my training and racing on my own but the few times I do manage to coordinate it with friends it definitely makes a difference.

    1. Thanks Heather 🙂 it is lovely to have people to push us along. Louise always makes me go so much faster on training runs just because we are together not because she pushes. I think these training runs with her have really built up my endurance.

  3. I am an unsporty woman too, but I do speed walk a lot! Running in marathons seems to have become much more popular over the last few years, and I have thought about at least entering the fun runs. My problem is the cost, as I really cannot afford it. So I continue to speed walk solo or with my kids.

    1. Thanks for the comment Carol 🙂 nothing wrong with speed walking. Have you heard of parkrun? This is global free run/walk event that’s held every Saturday morning. It’s not as big in America as it is in other places but it might be worth checking out the web site – just google parkrun if you’re interested.

  4. You are to kind 😄 I can’t believe we looked forward to the Great Ocean Road for so long and now we have done it. It was amazing, it’s up there with my favourite runs. We had a great weekend with lots of memories to treasure. Now we have more running dreams to look forward to and plan.
    I’m so glad you came looking for a hairdresser all those years ago😄 we have share lots of laughs, tears and fun times along the way and many more adventures to come. You are such an encouraging and kind friend 😄
    You are so right Huey and Louie did miss the Koala 😂 xo

    1. I know! It really hit my last night how much we had anticipated it and then we did it and now it is a happy memory. This is a lovely comment, Louise, it’s bringing tears to my eyes. I can’t wait for more running adventures. We haven’t even got out of Australia yet…the world is there to explore in our running shoes. (hehe about the koala, I had to put that in!)

  5. There’s always a feeling of wistfulness at the end of the racing season, but how wonderful that you’re feeling happy and fulfilled 🙂

    Time to celebrate a little, rest a little, and plan for the next season 🙂

    1. Thanks Joanne 🙂 I was expecting a bit of the blues afterwards but nothing, just really happy smiley thoughts. Louise and I have just done a hill session together and she agreed with me – no blues, just really happy memories and the desire to keep on running and finding new adventures.

  6. Annie isn’t it amazing how life plays out? when being open to trying new things how whole new chapters if not books in life open up. With Joanne and I commenting beside each other it makes me smile thinking how the blog has connected Canadians to you. That just warms my heart.

    1. You say it so well Sue 🙂 when I think about how bad my attitude was to running for so long and now it is my passion – what a change! I’m so grateful that I had the guts to keep on trying for the friendships formed (both near and far) alone have been worth every bit of hard work done in running shoes.

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