Paul is on the way to the New York Marathon

He is it’s true.  Not my Pauly, Paul from Running Wild.

I’ve been following Paul’s blog for about two years.  In that time he’s lined up at marathon after marathon as well as shorter distance events – his endurance and energy seem to have no boundaries. And he finishes in smoking times!  He regularly runs with his sons and sometimes even his mum has joined in at events.  I love his blog, it’s always real and encouraging.  He also loves hills so what can I say – he has hillitude big time.

His dream is to get to Boston and with the determination and guts that shows through his posts I’m sure he’ll get there!

His next big challenge is the New York City Marathon in November this year.  He’s joined a fund raising team to raise funds for the James Blake Foundation – a charity dedicated to raising funds for cancer research and finding a cure based in the USA.

Please check out his blog and give him a big huge enormous cheer and find out more about what he’s running to achieve.

Happy running 🙂

4 thoughts on “Paul is on the way to the New York Marathon

  1. Thanks for sharing my New York City Marathon dream and fundraising efforts with your readers. You, my blogging friend, are and inspiration and I always have fun reading about your running adventures. Thanks again!

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