Freezing runs and flashing lights

Sun and blue sky.
Sun and blue sky with frosty ground.

The temperatures continue to be low.  Way down low, below zero which is freezing point.  Many days have been overcast, stormy or rainy or a combination of all three.  Just miserable.  Our 1.2km of lovely pressed gravel farm driveway has become a slippy slidey muddy bog.

Frozen quad bike tracks on the farm
Frozen quad bike tracks on the farm


But not yesterday and not today.  The sun has shone!  It’s still cold but the sun has been bright and the sky has been blue.  Getting ready for work yesterday was so hard. I wanted to stay home and run!  But off to work I went with the promise that there was a run planned for the evening.

Thursday night run

We shivered as we waited for everyone to arrive.  We had our lights, our fluoro, ear warmers and gloves.  Wind breaker jackets were all the rage last night.  Off we went.  Zooming along in the cool, dark, night air.  Fog from our breath and steam from our clothes.  Running, pounding.  Up the hills, down the hills, to the turn around point and back again.  Happy to be running, happy that it wasn’t raining or blowing a gale.  8.5km, thank you very much.  That felt so good.

It was a lovely run with Janette, sometimes we chatted but other times we puffed in harmony, just happy to be running.


Friday morning run

-3°C over night (26.6°F).  I awoke to a frozen, frosty outlook.  It was beautiful, best of all it was sunny!  A Friday morning run in the sun.  Sweet!

A red snow flake means below zero - driving to the start of the run.
A red snow flake means below zero – leaving the farm and driving to the start of the run.

Louise and I were off. Carefully down the hill in case it was slippery.  Over the frozen bridges and around the river track, back into the town and up, up, up the hills, winding this way and that.  Chatting sometimes, puffing in silence at other times.  It was the best run.  A run that restored our faith and happiness in our running.  Both of us had put so much effort into Launceston 10, it was good to run because we love it rather than because we are training for something. 10 happy kms.


Frozen boards on one of the foot bridges
Frozen boards on one of the foot bridges
The temperature at the end of the run.
The temperature as I went to drive home again.

How to get a guy to talk to you in the pub

After our Thursday night run a few of us headed to the pub for a post-run drink.  One lady who shall remain nameless was approached by a gentleman who asked her why she was flashing. A unique pick-up line maybe?  No.  The lady in question had a warm jacket on but underneath was her wind breaker jacket complete with inbuilt flashing light.  She turned it off at the end of the run but it must’ve accidently activated again.  There was a red flash coming from the middle of her back, this prompted curiosity from the male pub goers 😉   We had a good old giggle at this one.

Happy running 🙂

Loving that blue sky!
Loving that blue sky!

16 thoughts on “Freezing runs and flashing lights

  1. I’M having a good old giggle at that one!!! Brilliant! I am sorry for your chilly temps. It’s been downright oppressive Up Over. Although today there may be a break in the humidity….one can only hope. 🙂

    1. I’d rather have the cold than the heat and this is as cold as it gets here. We don’t know cold like you do! I had the biggest giggle about the flashing light, the look on my friend’s face was classic when she got back to our table and told us.

  2. Hehehe! That is a pretty good flashing story! I’m shivering just looking at your frozen trail photos. It’s the exact opposite here. Had a group run last night in 33°C! Guess the point is to make the most of it no matter what Mother Nature throws at you! 🙂

  3. I love the photos, they make me want to come live with you. And then I remember that I really don’t like the cold ❄❄❄❄❄

    1. Giggles 🙂 You are welcome anytime! It was -7°C here this morning. It was freezing! I ran in two layers because I was just so cold and didn’t really warm up until we went for coffee afterwards.

      1. Brrrrrr!!

        I have a condition that turns my fingers white when it’s too cold and I have heat pads when I run at night. I will leave the “double layers” to you, tough girl.

      2. Technically I’m still sick, but the combination of cold/flu tablets and the kids being at Grandmas for a few hours is making a GREAT dent in my sniffle.

        Yes – you should get some hand warmers. It turns run into “fun”!

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