Scruffy is a much loved family member of some running friends. He is often at parkrun walking with one of his favourite humans, on Saturday it was Makala’s turn. With Launceston 10 the following day I decided to walk parkrun and got to tag along with Scruffy and Makala.

Scruffy is a little white fluffy slipper dog. He is a happy wee fellow and loves parkrun. He loves to walk, he loves to sniff around and meander, he loves to run AND he loves to show passing dogs who’s boss. And who is boss? Scruffy of course. He’s the boss.

As we walked Makala and I had a good old chat. Makala loves to chat even more than I do. It made those five walking kms go fast. Watching Scruffy and then reflecting on our walk, there is much that can be learnt from this lovely doggy-person.

What is Scruffytude? Well, it looks like this:

  • Enjoy the run no matter what! Pace doesn’t matter, it is being out there that counts.
  • Enjoy the company. Enjoy it when you run with your close running buddies and enjoy it when you get to run with someone different, make lots of friends on the run.
  • Have a can-do attitude! Just keep plugging away no matter where in the race you’re coming – Scruffy was getting along like he was in first place.
  • Think big! Scruffy is a little doglet but it didn’t stop him from showing others who’s boss. He sauntered on and didn’t let anything frighten him not even big dogs 10 times his size. Scruffy doesn’t let anyone intimidate him.
  • Always run happy.

As we were walking we noticed a regular parkrunner up ahead struggling to run/walk the course. Together Makala, Scruffy and I encouraged her to keep going. We put on our Scruffytude and ran/walked until finally we were at the top of the levee bank with less than 1km to go. We got to the top of the levee bank and we ran. We put on Scruffy’s can-do attitude and ran all the way to the finish line. And guess what? We paced our new friend to a PB! Yay Scruffy!

Happy running 🙂

PS I would love a puppy but Pauly is none to keen.  This is a story that I sometimes read at Library Story Time…sigh.  Annie gets a puppy in this story.  Lucky Annie.



5 thoughts on “Scruffytude

  1. My dog Max is my constant running partner and he loves it even more than I do, Sometimes his enthusiasm is what gets me out of the door. I swear he can smell a hi-viz running top through a closed door

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