Will run for beer?


Fancy a run that starts and finishes at a craft beer brewery? Complete with $5 stubbies on the day? Sounds good to a beer drinker I’m sure. Factor in the epic hills of this circuit course and that first, second and third place getters receive free beer, it sounds even better, eh?


The entrance to Van Dieman Brewery at White Hills.  Van Dieman’s Land was the name first given to Tasmania by Dutch explorers.  Tasmania is the island state of Australia.

The White Hills 9.75km Handicapped Race

Today was my opportunity to revisit one of my favourite Launceston Running Club races. The hills are epic. Thinking about it last night a funny thought popped into my head: After the race I might try a beer. I don’t drink beer!  Haven’t ever drunk beer, the last time I tried beer was the tender age of 17 or 16 with my Dad. One sip, a wincing look and the glass was promptly handed back to Dad. Yuck!



There is much written about running and beer. I had a very quick look at why a beer might be a good post run bevvy. It’s 75% water, it has some electrolytes, plant based nutrients and some sugary carbs. All good for post-race recovery. But it has alcohol which is dehydrating, so not good at all after a tough run.  Good and bad!

Conclusion? Beer is the carrot. The reward. Knowing that running up and down those hills will bring beer-loving runners back to a brewery keeps them chugging along.


How did the run go? I was two minutes slower than last year. With a niggly hammie I decided to take it a little easier and enjoy the blue skies and country views. The hills are indeed mammoth. It was cold again too and some places hadn’t defrosted despite the 11am start. Not my best run, not my worse run, a happy run in the sun with a beer at the end. For many that would equal perfection.


There were 44 runners today, I came 34th with an unofficial time of 58:38, handicap was 21:25.  Last year I was 3rd with the time of 56:31, handicap was 13:25.

Never too old to try something new

Never too old to try something new

What did I think of the beer? There were a few sorts to choose from. After a slug of a fellow runner’s stubbie I opted for the same one. Verdict? I liked it. Can’t say I’ll become a full-on beer drinker but the odd one now and again is on the cards. Just like my childhood dislike of cooked tomatoes, pumpkin and brussel sprouts has turned into eating and enjoying these delicacies in adulthood – I can now say at the grown-up age of 50 that I can appreciate a beer.

The Unsporty Woman’s tasting notes:  The beer I tried was quite sweet and didn’t have that hoppy after taste that I remember from childhood.  It wasn’t too fizzy either.

Pauly isn't a beer drinker at all, he stuck with the pumpkin soup.

Pauly isn’t a beer drinker at all, he stuck with the pumpkin soup.

There was one small problem. That beer took control of my eyelids and I wanted to go to sleep! But I had to put my gum boots on and work this afternoon. Trudging around the farm in the squelchy mud was even harder than usual! (Between beer and starting work was a gap of two hours).

Winding up an electric fence...trudge trudge trudge

Winding up an electric fence…trudge trudge trudge

Even the cows were a bit sluggish today...

Even the cows were a bit sluggish today…

Slowly plodding up the lane way to milking...

Slowly plodding up the lane way to milking…I might need another beer after this…

Will run for beer? Why not, sounds good to me!

Happy running 🙂

11 thoughts on “Will run for beer?

  1. I will run for beer, especially Tassie beer! Send it this way 😜😜

    I’m sick today. It would be great to have a run, even if there isn’t any beer at the end.

    • I was impressed with the beer I had yesterday. It really was yummy. And the dude who brews it runs with LRC too. Sorry to hear that you are unwell, take care and get better soon! Your running shoes are patient, they’ll be there when you are better xxx

    • Thanks Tahnee 🙂 it is a rather lovely place, Quamby and Western Bluffs in the background, beautiful blue sky and green paddocks. It was -7°C this morning and today is even clearer than yesterday 🙂 but rain is on the way tomorrow afternoon, but that’s ok, it’s been good to have a break from it.

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