Sunny Weekend Runs

Sunny cool temperatures?  Yes, we’ve been having them here in Northern Tasmania this weekend.  What a difference a week makes!  From -7°C last Sunday to 6°C today.  We are loving it.  Perfect running conditions, just perfect.

That’s almost tropical! 42F

What can we put with sun to make the runs even better?

That’s right! Hills!  Three awesome hilly runs this weekend. Happiness!

Deloraine run Deloraine Friday saw Louise and I out for our regular running date.  We plodded out 8kms together and then Louise kept running making it up to 12kms.  8ksm in 48:03. 254 Westbury run westbury Saturday was the Launceston Running Club‘s Westbury 12km handicapped race.  I could not believe the warmth.  It was like a little glimmer of hope in the dead of winter.  It was so good.  If you ask anyone who knows Northern Tasmania they will tell you that Westbury is a flat little town.  Wrong!  Go just a couple of kms out of the town and there are hills.  Great big slippery-slide type hills, the sort you’d want to test a great big fast car out on to really see what it can do.  No fast cars on Saturday, in fact hardly any cars, the roads are quieter than quiet.

Sun?  Hills?  Quiet roads?  Can a run gain any more degrees of perfection? running-hills1 I set out to enjoy myself but to push just a little bit.  At one point I thought I could hear some familiar breathing.  Pauly!  I thought to myself.  We happened to be going down the back of a very steep hill.  I put my metal to the floor and pushed off.  The feet falls behind me became faster, the breathing heavier, we were racing!  Several minutes later and at the bottom of the hill I’d had my fun and backed off.  Did Pauly zoom by?  No!  It was another chap from the Club!  Oooops!  He laughed at me and said he’d tried to fall in behind my slip-stream but said I was too little and didn’t make any slip-stream at all hehe!  I’m not exactly a shorty (5″7) but this dude is a giraffe of a man and man he can run!  After my sprinting slowed down to my usual pace he quickly went passed and soon became a little green dot in the distance. We had a good laugh together after the race.  I came in 33rd in a time of 1:11:55 off a handicap of 26:25. tumblr_lxjgbbhICx1r8vswvo1_500 Launceston run aqua Today was a happy run in the sun with The Running Group followed by breakfast.  There were several options for distance, I went with the middle distance of 12kms and ran them in 1:18:02.

It was one of those runs where I had time to think and just enjoy the sun and the run.  And I did do some thinking, some marathon thinking, some leaning on the fence post thinking looking back and looking forwards.  I’ll tell you about it soon.  Marathon number 2 – I’m looking forward to meeting you and I hope to bring a few friends along to join Team Louie and Dewey!

Members of The Running Group at the start, lovely people running and dreaming big running dreams together.
Members of The Running Group at the start, lovely people running and dreaming big running dreams together.

running-hills All up a lovely weekend of running – perfect weather, perfect company and some awesomely perfect hills.  This weekend felt like a lovely little bit of time out from the rat race, just doing our thing running and having fun.

Happy running 🙂 Untitled

10 thoughts on “Sunny Weekend Runs

  1. What a lovely weekend of running!!!!! I truly think the sun shining made it all the more enjoyable… that and having great running bud’s around!!! Bring it on … lots more fun to be had for sure …

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Your hill quotes are great and a wonderful way of looking at them. Well done to you all 🙂
    I’ve been under the weather this week and haven’t managed to get out at all, except to go to work and to attend lots of Rotary changeover diners and lunches. I now need to run a bit further than I did beforehand but will wait until I feel up to it before pushing myself too hard.

    1. Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather, I hope you’re feeling better now. Better to rest than to run when not feeling ok. Glad you liked the hill quotes, oldies but goodies.

  3. Your “Pauly” race is so funny. But I gotta say, I have a hard time thinking of your running as “plodding” lol. Great attitude on those hills!

    1. Thanks Cynthia 🙂 on those LRC runs when the back markers fly passed me I feel like I’m standing still. Pauly usually makes some funny comment or grabs me on the bottom so I was determined to give him a run for his money…only it wasn’t him! hehe

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