Living the dream

Running along and thinking about life the world and everything is a pretty normal thing to do. Running confidence has grown to a level where I no long have to concentrate on every step, every arm swing, every breath. This running thing gives plenty of time to think.

A happy snap from today's run - warm sunshine on a winter morning, perfect for running.
A happy snap from last Sunday’s run – warm sunshine on a winter morning, perfect for running.

I’ve been running for five years. Five years.

From letter box, to marathon via a mountain.

In those early days running 1km was an undoable mountain of a marathon. I would hurt all over, I’d give up, I’d try again, hurt all over again, give up again and then try again. One day I reached the letter box.

It seemed undoable until the day I did it.

Next the goal was to conquer 5kms. I still remember getting to the bridge on Brocks Road which was the 2.5km turn around point of my 5km course.  I’d walk along that short concrete bridge and back again and tell myself I had to start running once I hit the gravel. How on earth would I ever be able to run home? But I did. I ran all the way.

It seemed undoable until the day I did it.

Onwards and upwards to 10kms, then to half marathon. Then to Point to Pinnacle, my Holy Running Grail of events. The event that symbolised to me that if I could do that, then anything was possible. Hanging on my medal rack are two Point to Pinnacle medals. Who would’ve thought that I could do that? Not pre-running me that’s for sure! Run up a mountain? No way.

But I did.

This year, just six months ago the marathon-run looming ahead of me was the full monty, the biggy of distances. If Point to Pinnacle is the Holy Running Grail then the marathon is the King of Distances. And I did it. I completed the Cadbury Marathon in January, all 42.2kms of it at the height of the Australian summer.  With the never ending faith of the lovely Louise and my ever believing husband Pauly, we did it together.

We are marathoners.

It dawned on me yet again just how far I’ve come with running. It dawned on me again how much I love the challenge and the friendships that running has given me. How grateful I am that I didn’t give up. It would’ve been so easy to give up, but something switched on inside, determination and drive would not let me quit.

From letter box to marathon via a mountain. I did that.  I’m doing that!

I am living my running dreams. Five years down the track and I’m heading towards marathon number two. Living my dream to be a distance runner.  And there will be beautiful friends along the way, three beautiful sole-sisters Louise and Janette and hopefully Debbie, Pauly and I.  Melbourne Marathon here we come!

Tomorrow a friend and former work colleague will run her first half marathon at the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. On Sunday she posted how proud she is of her running journey. She put this below quote on her post.


Who is the person I want to be tomorrow? I want to be a runner. I want to be someone who isn’t afraid of a challenge. I want to inspire my fellow runners. I want to say to anyone with a running dream if I can, you can too with the deepest of deep sincerity and belief. Five years down the track and I can say that person I want to be tomorrow is just up ahead, I can see her in my sights, maybe just a little dot, but I can see her.

Yesterday this level of running confidence was a dream, now it is a dream I’m living.

To Mandy who is running her first half marathon I am so proud of you. For so many of us our running stories are an echo of each other’s. The details, dates and people might change but the running, the challenge, the frienships and the dreams are almost like templates. We are ordinary people training our bodies and minds to do extraordinary things. We can do so much more than we think we can, we just need the determination to try… oh and a little encouragement from our friends.

Go Mandy Go!

Happy running 🙂


14 thoughts on “Living the dream

  1. You always give me hope with your posts and one day I’ll build up to run a marathon – I love reading your running story! Congratulations on everything you’ve done.

  2. Beautifully said.
    I think just about any goal could be substituted for running in here and the concept would still apply. In the beginning, the end result feels so unattainable, but bit-by-bit consistently applied, the goal gets closer and more achievable.

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