A Dolly Award

A Dolly Award?  Now what’s that?

I’m glad you asked. 

This weekend was our PT’s Annual Celebration Dinner and Dolly Awards.  Our PT works with just over 130 people with one to one and small group training.  Each year lives are transformed.  Literally transformed.  People with poor health due to unhealthy habits take on the fit life.  They get active, build muscle, tone up, learn new ways to be healthy, even become runners.  They turn their lives around and in the process get happy and inspire a whole lot of people in our small rural community.  Some of these people do such amazing things that their hard work and dedication is recognised with a Dolly Award from our awesome PT, Liza.

Low Carb High Fat Main course.  Our PT is into LCHF and even at the dinner all three courses were LCHF perfection and delicious.

Low Carb High Fat Main course. Our PT is into LCHF and even at the dinner all three courses were LCHF perfection and delicious.  We had eye fillet steak with red wine jus, chicken breast with brie, sundried tomato and thyme sauce, Atlantic salmon with lemon cream sauce, roasted celeriac with brussel sprouts done with bacon.  These brussel sprouts did not taste or resemble those little green demons of torture that I remember from childhood.  Yum!

The Dolly Awards are that time of the year where people who have slogged it out each week at the different sessions get to come together, dress up and have a party.  Our PT gives a heap of different awards with a little spiel about the recipient – a Barbie for the girls and of course a Ken for the boys.  I love LOVE L.O.V.E listening to the stories.  I have to get my tissues out, they are always so moving.  Stories of ordinary people not being prepared to put up with bad habits, doing the hard yards to get fit and healthy, transforming their lives.  In the process they get happy and healthy.  They dream new dreams and get closer each day to that person who they want to become.  I love it.

We heard the story of one lovely lady who has shed in excess of 40kgs over a  period of several years.  I regularly see her at fun runs.  We always say hello and encourage each other.  I didn’t know her before her transformation but being in a small rural community I’ve heard about it often.  Oh you go to You & Me PT?  Do you know so and so?  Wow, she got fit and healthy and lost so much weight, she looks amazing!  I have heard that so many times I can’t tell you how many. Looking at her in her evening gown on Friday night, you’d never know how hard she works at being fit and healthy, she looked slim, gorgeous and happy!

Then we heard the story of another lady who was in a dress on Friday night for the first time in years and years.  She too has lost more kgs than I can remember and looks amazing – she still hopes to lose a few more but she is getting there!  Everyone said how lovely she looked and she did look lovely.  The most amazing thing was the smile on her face as she accepted the compliments – beaming from ear to ear.  She delighted in showing off her high heels something she hadn’t worn for ages.  It was just a happy joyous thing to watch.  The most beautiful thing about her transformation story is that for years she hadn’t been able to ride her much loved horses and now she can!  How’s that for getting fit and healthy and back into things that she loves doing… thanks to living the fit life.

And that’s just two transformation stories of many!

My husband looked so handsome in his tux that I dug out his wedding ring!  Didn't want anyone to think he was up for grabs!

My husband looked so handsome in his tux that I dug out his wedding ring! Didn’t want anyone to think he was up for grabs!  He’s taken!

Pauly and I have been going along to You & Me PT for just a little over a year now.  Most people who go seem to do several sessions and they become friends and allies.  They get the support from each other as well as our sparkly PT.  There is a real sense of community.  We love it, but we’re not really in the in-crowd, just because we don’t go to as many sessions as others, we only do Outside Fit.  We still love the dinner and awards night though and feel completely part of the group.  The Awards night is uplifting and fun.  We go along to support our wonderful PT and to listen to the stories and have a good old time!

But guess who received an award?  me.  I did.  I was completely blown away.  It wasn’t expected and it was for something that totally humbled me and just about reduced me to tears so I couldn’t go up and get it.  In fact I’m still lost for words especially the beautiful heart bit.


Running has taught me to love my body, despite its faults and the things that growing up I would’ve changed.  My body can run and has taken me to new places of happiness and friendships that I didn’t know existed.  And as for the beautiful heart bit?  That’s because I encourage others.  And that’s all I’ve ever wanted my running story to do.  If I can transform myself into a runner anyone can!

There's the Dolly with Pauly's and my running bling.

There’s the Dolly with Pauly’s and my running bling.

Never give up!  Keep on going!  Dreams come true!   They really do.

And of course she has her arms in the air, my signature running pose.

And of course she has her arms in the air, my signature running pose.

A big thank you to our ever smiling ever awesome PT, Liza. She truly is one amazing woman and you should have seen how totally gorgeous she looked on Friday night!!!


Happy running 🙂

PS Mandy finished her half marathon today and the photos of her are just electric with happiness!

PPS I must look different out of gym gear because several people I know introduced themselves to me, I had to say I’m Annie from Outside Fit!  Giggles!


14 thoughts on “A Dolly Award

  1. Congrats for the award but mainly for being so kick butt and awesome! Your choices are seen by many others so keep up the great work!

  2. I love this post! What a wonderful way to celebrate achievement … which, as we know, comes in a variety of forms!! Congratulations (I know it’s a little belated!) on your Dolly. I’m sure it will have a place of honour in your life for a very long time!

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