A change to routine

I love routine. A routine loving librarian. I like to know what’s going on, be organised and prepared. Boring? Perhaps a little but it works so I’m sticking to routine. It gets me where I need to be in life and with running. I don’t much like change to my routine. I like to plan ahead (way ahead).  Perhaps I’m being a little hard on myself, to me routine is similar to being disciplined – getting out there and doing the things that need to be done even though frequently sometimes I don’t feel like it.


With changes to The Running Group schedule late last year Pauly and I have struggled to get to our much loved coaching sessions. But as of this week Outside Fit has changed to Monday which means we can now get back to the session of TRG we love the best. Tuesday nights are all about speed, hills and technique. Oh how I’ve missed it.

At this session I put on my big girl running shoes and my big girl running attitude and try hard. I am brave, courageous and I tell myself that I am a really fast runner and try to be that running girl that is usually only seen in my dreams. Unlike other runs there is no timing at this session, there is only running and doing my best. I love it. And without that pressure I do really try hard AND just sometimes I run really really really fast – well faster than usual!


Tonight was a short hill session followed by a 4km tempo run. First a nice slow run out to the hill. Then up as fast as possible then a slow walk/run down. Three times. Next a slow recovery run to the start of the tempo run course. The tempo run was 2 x 2km laps.

Off we went. Tempo run? hmmmm. I do try to do tempos and sprints and things like that but it usually just turns out to be, well… running! The Unsporty Woman throws her arms in the air and looks puzzled. I just get all muddled and my sprints become slow, my tempos become sprints and well I just run around feeling confused trying to keep up with the group.

But not tonight. I was determined to stick with Janette for at least the first lap – she runs much faster than me so I knew that if I could stick with her it would be a tempo.  My lovely running friend is just getting back into running after a nasty bout of flu and isn’t quite at her usual pace.

And guess what?  I did stick with Janette. I’d like my race pace for a 5km run to be 5:00 mins/kms. That’s a 25 minute 5km. I’m almost there. So close. A tempo run for me is around about the 5:15 to 5:30 mins/kms. I’m pleased to say that thanks to a piece of invisible elastic attached to Janette I was able to pretty much achieve this with each kms getting a little faster than the last, finishing with a 5:15mins/kms.


Running training for me is about building endurance. It’s about getting the long distances done and feeling happy, it’s about not hitting the wall. If I can run all the way and feel good at the end then that is a win! But I know in order to achieve this I need to put in some speed and tempo work to build my fitness and in so doing my endurance.

I really want to be able to say this with confidence, that’s my running aim right now.

A happy fun run back with The Running Group. I loved it. It was dark and freezing but with the warmth of friendship.

Routine? Yes I like it. But sometimes when routines change really wonderful things open up. Speaking of routine and discipline, tomorrow night is Wednesday night hills with Louise. What would I do without my wonderful running partners? And thank goodness for invisible elastic – it works pretty much every time!

Happy running 🙂

8 thoughts on “A change to routine

  1. Annie i love the image of the invisible elastic! There is no stopping you girl. As I have said many times before the blog name may need a change, or at least an addition. How about Unsporty Women Turn into Hard Core Athletes?

  2. As I’m sitting here in bed looking out at snow on the mountain and frost on the ground, that first quote is perfect, I have training to do today and it HAS to be done but first I’ll enjoy an hour in bed while it warms up a bit 😀
    You’re getting pretty zippy out on those runs now, as Sue said above you really can’t call yourself the Unsporty woman anymore! You are tough, fit, strong and very determined x

    1. A sleep in, I hope you enjoyed it Sam! You sure deserve it with all the training you are doing. I will always be the Unsporty Woman hehe 🙂 Thank you, your comment makes me smile xxx

    1. Thank you Miss E xxx I would be lost without routine and I don’t know why so many people think it’s dull. I think it’s exciting to know what’s happening and to feel organised.

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