2015 mid-year stocktake

It seems about the right time to lean on the 2015 fence; to take a look back and have a bit of a glance at what’s coming up.

January say Team Huey, Dewey and Louie complete marathon number one, Cadbury Marathon.  After months of training we lined up and all got safely to the finish in various states of exhaustion, pain and with vastly different times on the clock.  The Unsporty Woman kept with tradition and slogged in at the back of the pack.  We are marathoners!

Since then we have lined up at Convicts and Wenches 25km trail race, Nile 10 Mile, Women’s 5k and Launceston 10.  Some of the Quackers had an awesome time at The Great Ocean Road Half Marathon – most beautiful course I’ve ever run and I really would like to have a go at the marathon one day.  With a little trip to New Zealand we had fun at the Orewa Beach Half Marathon and we won’t ever forget the Great PukeokHu Man v Horse Race.  Epic!  Pauly and I have ticked off quite a few Launceston Running Club handicapped races and home, interstate and NZ parkruns too.

That’s the first half of the year done.  Has it been a good year of running so far?  I’d say so.  Pretty pleased with what I’ve managed to do.  I’ve pretty much run at happy-pace, but with a bit of effort at Launceston 10, I pulled off a PB.

What’s coming up?  More.  More running, lots lots more!


Looming ahead of us in October is the Melbourne Marathon.  At first it was going to be Louise and I.  But now it looks like my crazy husband will fly over on the Saturday, run the 42.2kms on the Sunday and then jump on a plane and fly home.  Janette is joining us too for her first marathon!  And we hope to have the company of Debbie.  We’re all so excited and just a bit terrified too!

On the farm during Melbourne Marathon training we’re in the calving season.  Pauly is planning on working right through so Melbourne Marathon weekend will be his first opportunity for a rest.  Rest??? I don’t really have any words other than crazy!

Pauly and Janette off for a soggy Sunday run last weekend.  Events are wonderful but it's the regular training runs that get us over the finish line.
Pauly and Janette off for a soggy Sunday run last weekend. Events are wonderful but it’s the regular training runs that get us over the finish line.

But before October we have some fabulous events coming up.  Apart from Launceston Running Club handicapped races we are all going to Melbourne for Run Melbourne Half Marathon at the end of July – just two weeks away!  We loved this event last year.  With all the bands and cheering it would have to be the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced in an event.  I was so nervous last year.  Running in a big city event for the first time with 25,000 running buddies?  A little daunting for a small state farm dwelling runner like me.  But it was so good!

Somebody got her photo in the Runner's World ad for Run Melbourne!
Somebody got her photo in the Runner’s World ad for Run Melbourne!

Then we have the Launceston Running Club’s Scottsdale to Bridport Half Marathon.  Our very first one three years ago.  The Budget Hobart 5km Fun Run (a new event for us), and the Ross Half Marathon.  We’ll also participate in the Westbury 8km Fun Run, my very first fun run ever – this will be my fourth time running.  Four times!  We’ll line up for the Run for Your Heart Fun Run and the Ringa 10, but unfortunately we won’t make the Run for a Wish Fun Run due to it clashing with Melbourne Marathon.

Then of course the Melbourne Marathon!

No Point to Pinnacle this year, instead being the month of my brown-eyed daughter’s wedding I’ll be in serious Mother of the Bride mode.  I’m so excited!!! (understatement).

And to cap the year off, all of the Quackers will be lining up for the Bruny Island Ultra in December.   Pauly will run solo and the rest of us as a team.  I’m so looking forward to this!

Stormy skies over the mountains on the farm today.
Stormy skies over the mountains on the farm today.

What a lot of running.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s all a bit too much and over the top.  But then I think How did I manage to get through this life without my dear friend running and all the wonderful people he’s introduced me to?  Running gets Pauly and I off the farm, out and about, meeting people and doing new things.  It gives us much needed time out from the have-to of life.  It’s helped us to build not only a strong marriage but a strong friendship.  We encourage each other and celebrate each other’s successes.

Running shoes have opened up a new world for us that is greater than just the world of gumboots.

Louise and I on River Road today.
Louise and I on River Road.

Today was no exception.  Pauly joined Louise and I for our regular Friday run.  He hasn’t had much time off lately due to being short staffed on the farm.  After morning milking he laced up his shoes and together the three of us ran our last long run before Run Melbourne.  A fabulous run out around River Road, 18kms.

We loved this course today, we're going to put some more kms and make a nice 32km circuit for marathon training.  A few nice hills too.
We loved this course today, we’re going to put some more kms in and make a nice 32km circuit for marathon training. A few nice hills too.

It was forecast to rain.  At the 6km mark we were feeling pretty good and thinking that the rain would hold off when down it came.

Hang on a minute! This rain is bouncing on the road! 

Hail!  We were hailed on.  Just as the novelty of being pelted with tiny pieces of ice was starting to wear off the hail stopped.  After that we had a little drizzle, a bit of fog and best off all a bit of blue sky and sunshine.  Tasmania, you never bore us with the same old weather.  Your creativity and sense of humour keep us runners on our toes.

Pauly and Louise, 18kms almost done.
Pauly and Louise, 18kms almost done.

2015 mid-year stocktake?  Not bad.  Lots of runs in the run bank.  Not fast.  But certainly fabulous. Fabulous to be out there running, doing it and looking forward to more.  Sticking to my running motto of far, happy and always.

far happy always

Happy running 🙂

PS all events without a link are Tasmanian running events, details are on the Tasmanian Running Events page – The Scottsdale to Bridport is a Launceston Running Club event but anyone is able to sign up for this one.

PPS Pauly is going to slog out 21.1km on Sunday with The Running Group in the famous training run called the Half Margaretathon.  Named after a group member called Margaret who trained with the group for her first half years ago.  I’m going to be sensible and slog out a middle distance run on the same course.  I’m not quite as crazy as my husband.

A Banksia tree on our run today, I wasn't too worried bout the Big Bad Banksia Men, they decided not to get their feet wet.
A Banksia tree on our run today, I wasn’t too worried bout the Big Bad Banksia Men, they decided not to get their feet wet.

12 thoughts on “2015 mid-year stocktake

  1. Maybe to add even more excitement Pauly could bring a few cows with him and help deliver some calves on the marathon course? You two seem to be able to do anything so why not?
    On the note of weddings yes very exciting. I’m hosting a bridal shower for my daughter this weekend. 🙂

    1. A bridal shower, how lovely! I wanted to do one of these for Anna but with her on the other side of the country it just isn’t going to happen. A cow on the marathon course in Melbourne, now there’s a thought. Of course that would work to my advantage. I’ve run the country with non-country people and when they get to a paddock with a fence between them and cows they often look a bit worried and slow down!

      1. There it will be a wonderful running strategy!
        I am very lucky to live in the same city as my daughter for sure. She lived in another part of the country for a couple of years so I have a glimpse of how it feels. Hugs to you Mama of the bride. Xo

  2. I’m in a little bit of awe whenever I read one of your training posts. It’s not lost on me that – unlike a former desk-jockey like me – you and Pauly have the physical work of a farm … and you run on top of that. Both require a lot of energy and stamina. So impressive!
    … running in the rain or hail? Not so much 🙂

    1. Thanks Joanne 🙂 Pauly is the machine although I think he has just got a bit too crazy with his marathon plans. I’m lucky that I do get to work off farm four days a week. Your comment is lovely and your encouragement appreciated x (the hail was interesting, I’m glad it stopped when it did).

  3. What an amazing amount you have achieved so far in 2015, imagine if someone had told you a few years ago what you would be doing (and enjoying) you would never have believed it possible!
    And the best is yet to come with your daughter’s wedding 😊

    1. It does sound wonderful just to pop across the ditch (Tasman Sea) to go to NZ. It’s quicker for us in Tasmania to go to NZ than to go and see my baby girl in Western Australia. I love NZ so much – no snakes, no biting ants, no spiders. It’s the only place that I truly enjoy trail running. And beautiful? Oh my goodness, stunning!

    1. Thanks Debbie 🙂 it’s been a great first half of the year. Wedding is all on track. The Bride-to-be in coming home from WA very soon to do a few things so that will be fun. Hope your daughter’s wedding plans are all coming along nicely too.

      1. That will be great to have her home with you. We are going ok too and my daughter and fiancé are off to UK soon to his sister’s wedding. Luckily she’s very organised & most things are in place.

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