Time to try

Run Melbourne half marathon 2015?  Time to try.

For 12 months I’ve been having fun running half marathons: the pressure value was released, the fun zone was activated, the cruise gear was in place.  Half marathon fun I was having.

The stars lined up on Sunday morning and the magic time to try button was triggered.  Janette and Pauly were in Wave A but Louise and I had entered Wave B.  My speedy friend should’ve been up in Wave A too, but had come into Wave B with me.

There before me in Wave B were three fluoro green clad troopers with 2:00:00 pacer balloons flying high.  I saw them.  I took in a deep breath.  It was a sign.  It was time to try.

The running gods had given me an almighty sign that it was the day to pull out the old finger, to put away my facebook updates and photo taking and to run my heart out.

I did.

I ran my heart out.

I ran a half marathon PB.

Half marathon number 12 was about giving it my all.  When my legs started to give up and my lungs burn with pain and fatigue, I kept trying.  I proved that legs and lungs really can go hard for way longer than the head says they can.

I kept with the 2:00:00 pacers until the 14km mark.  It had been wonderful.  It was like running in formation.  I was running with an older man who had two young ladies either side and me behind – just like fighter jets moving forwards in a reverse V.  He encouraged us, gave us tips and really kept us grounded.  By the 14km mark I just couldn’t stay with him, he and his two pace-ees either side slowly started to get further in front.

But run on I did.  I tried and tried.  At the 14km mark as I lost a bit of ground I thought about the awesome encouragement I’d received from Fiona the night before.  I chanted in my head YOU CAN DO IT!

Fiona posted this on Saturday night with this message:   Do your best, be proud, be strong
Fiona posted this on Saturday night with this message: Do your best, be proud, be strong!

I ran my heart out.  I crossed the line exhausted.  2:00:32!  So close to sub-two hours!  A whole 1:23 faster than my previous PB.

Louise’s husband Grant said to me afterwards that I looked like I’d given it my all – I had tried to get in under 2:00:00 and in the process I had honestly used everything I had.  Pauly, Janette, Louise and Grant were the best cheer squad ever.  The support of friends who genuinely share in each other’s successes is truly priceless.

Yet again the running stars lined up to show me that I can do so much more than I think I can.  A PB?  A 21.1km PB?  50 years of living and still improving in running?  Age is only a number.  If I can improve in this running thing then anyone can!  Never give up!


More about our wonderful weekend of running coming up!  PBs for Grant, Louise and Pauly and an awesome run for Janette after returning from  injury.  A fantastic weekend of running and time out from the real world.

Happy running 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Time to try

      1. No caving this weekend although I do have that on the list. Do you recall the contest I came in second place last year for a water activity? 🙂

    1. Thanks CJ x Initially I was just so exhausted! I took in the 32 seconds (33 officially) rather than the PB. Then as I got my breath back I worked out the 1:23 PB and gave myself a big pat on the back. No one was more shocked than I was…the other ducks all said ‘we knew you could’!

  1. I have been following your blog since you ran your first point to pinnacle. It was my first too. It’s my Birthday today and I thought I would let the people who inspire me khow much I appreciate them. I have enjoyed your blog for years now and I look forward to each post. As a 50 something year old today I wanted to let you know that you are an amazing and strong person and if I ever start to slow down when I’m running or start getting negative thoughts I think of you and your thoughts on it. Well done on the half marathon. Happy running. 😀 Nina

    1. Happy Birthday Nina xxx thank you for this beautiful message. I’m so pleased to have been encouraging you with your running. And I’m totally humbled by your beautiful words. Congratulations on all your running and your birthday. Keep on running and keep on doing what you love. I hope you are doing wonderful things for your birthday, you sure have given me a precious gift today through your words xxx

    1. Thanks Fiona and right back to you with all the inspiration and encouragement you give. You have made so many events extra special and even though you weren’t there on Sunday you still did! You are magic xxx

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