The Quackers are registered!

We’ve done it! We’re registered for the Bruny Island Ultra!

Paul is registered solo and the Unsporty Woman along with some running ducks are registered as a team. We will be called The Quackers!

The Bruny Island Ultra is a 64km run that takes runners from one end of Bruny Island to the other. Bruny Island is a small island just south of the Tasmanian mainland.


After my first ever fun run back in 2011 I was keen to find more! I spent ages on the internet trying to find runs in Tasmania. It was difficult, I couldn’t seem to find a nice concise list of events. That’s why on this blog I have a page dedicated to Tasmanian Running Events (and this page receives more hits than other part of the blog, I’m pleased to give my fellow runners a nice easy list of events). It was during my initial research that I discovered the Bruny Island Ultra. Back then I had the goal of running Point to Pinnacle. Marathons and ultras didn’t come into my thinking. Bruny Island marvelled me. How could anyone run 64kms? And there is such an event in the small state of Tasmania? Are there that many crazy people living here? Yes there are!

bruny-islandThe gorgeous coastline on Bruny Island

Since my initial research I have heard of many fellow runners who have either done this run in a team or who have run it solo. It seems to be an event that features on many a runner’s wish list.

Team Quackers are registered. Thanks to the lovely CJ from CeeJayKayFit we have a fabulous logo that will feature on our support car and running tops. CJ is all the way from the UK (that’s a long way from Tasmania, Australia) but through the magical connection of the blog world we have become friends. When she heard about our plans for the Ultra she offered to design us a logo. I was thrilled!

There is the little thing of my brown-eyed daughter’s wedding the month before the Ultra.  I am so excited to be a Mother of the Bride!

But after the wedding it’s a running weekend away to try something completely different! I can only imagine how much fun it will be between run legs. We get to be in the support car and cheer our fellow team runners on. Oh and we’ll cheer on Pauly as he attempts to run the whole way!

This is a different sort of event. All runners must have a support car. Run legs are 2kms with designated changeover/rest points that ensure the safety of all participants. Team runners can run more than 2kms at a time but change over must be at the official points. There is a medal for all teams and individuals who complete. There is a big bash at the pub afterwards. And of course it’s an island so we have to take a ferry to get there! Louise found some wonderful accommodation for us all, it’s booked already. I think it’s going to be an interesting weekend of running, fun and doing something different.

quackers logo The wonderful logo designed by CeeJayKayFit

Go the Quackers! A little quacked in the head maybe but we love to run.

Happy running 🙂

PS Why the Quackers? Janette first called Pauly, Louise and I Huey, Dewey and Louie 18 months ago. It stuck. The Quackers is an extension of our little team of ducks. It’s all in good fun.


A gorgeous depiction of our little team of ducks by Louise’s daughter Karlee.  Love it!
Notice that Louie (Louise) is out in the front, Dewey (me) is talking
and Huey (Pauly) no doubt is telling us what we should be doing as well as multiple running facts
(who needs google with Huey around?)  Karlee has it just right!

PPS The trouble with running Point to Pinnacle and then a marathon is that it explodes the thought of what is possible because anything becomes possible after running up a mountain and then running 42.2kms – anything is possible if we really try and train.  Do I want to run Bruny Island Ultra solo?  Yes I do!  I’m not sure which year, it could be 2016 or it could be 2017.  It depends on how the next two marathons go.

17 thoughts on “The Quackers are registered!

    • Thanks Julie 🙂 it should be a fun weekend. Something completely different to have a try at. And a good look at the course in case it all works out that I’m able to have a go solo one day.

  1. 🙂 oh wow! Thank you so much!!! So pleased you like it xxx 64km makes my legs cramp at the thought!!!! But… You will all ROCK this one!!!!! Xxxx

    • Thank you 🙂 CJ did a fantastic job of that logo. Bruny Island is somewhere I haven’t been so I just can’t wait. Nothing like running down the middle of it to get the best views.

  2. You are on fire girl! Yes I believe there are no limits to what you might achieve. I haven’t asked in a long time how your feet are. I assume all is well?

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