Beach to Bay Fun Run – Strahan Tasmania

The Tasmanian Running Events page on this blog receives more hits than any other part of the blog.  I get a lot of pleasure out of this;  it helps fellow runners to find information about up and coming events.  That makes me happy!  When I looked at comments this morning I found a request from the Beach to Bay Fun Run to include their event.  I did so immediately.  It’s on the rugged west coast of Tasmania in Strahan.


Tasmania isn’t very big, this is true.  Some tourists think they will circum-navigate the state in one day.  It could be done, but it would be a non-stop zoom with no opportunities to take in the breath-taking beauty of this island state of Australia.  People come from all over the world to gasp in awe at the things that are in my backyard.  How lucky am I?


Back to the Beach to Bay Fun Run.  There are three distances:  2km, 6km and 9km.  The course is around Stahan’s foreshore.  I can only imagine how lovely the course is, the foreshore is just stunning, the colour of the water has to be seen to be believed, it is the deepest of deep blues.  The water reflects the impenetrable bush that lines the shore – stunning!  Strahan sits on Macquarie Harbour and is the home of cruise boats that will take you to iconic places such as the infamous Sarah Island and then down the Gordon River.  As a teenager I was taken on a Gordon River cruise, I will never forget it.  The reflections had to be seen to be believed.  And of course this is the home of the rare Huon Pine.

Gosh, I’m waxing lyrical about how lovely it is – back to the fun run!  (Do you want to come for a visit yet?)

All ages and fitness levels are warmly encouraged to get involved in this run.  Judging from the photos on facebook, the event looks family friendly and everyone from the community gets involved.  The race is organised by Active Stahan, the motto of the race is Walk it, Skip it, Run it.  It’s all about including everyone and having some fun in the wonderful west coast great outdoors.

There is a healthy BBQ at the end with a mini health and well-being expo.  I had a lovely look through the facebook page, the event looks well organised and like everyone was having a great time.

Looks like it was a lovely day for the 2012 event
But a bit damp in 2014
But a bit damp in 2014

2015 will be the fourth running of Beach to Bay.  It’s on Saturday 31 October.  Sounds like a great excuse to go and visit the west coast to me!  What do you think team Quackers?  A west coast trip in 2016?

All the best Beach to Bay Fun Run, looks like you are doing it right!  Encouraging everyone to get out there and have a go no matter what pace, just get out there and have some fun!

Happy running 🙂

PS all photos are shamelessly stolen from the Beach to Bay Fun Run facebook page and web site.

PPS there is so much to do and see on the west coast of Tasmania.  From early settlement and convict days, to mining past and present, to wonderful mountains to climb, waterfalls to take in and spectacular temperate rainforest – it would be possible to spend a few weeks there and not see everything.  For more information visit Discover Strahan or Western Wilderness.

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19 thoughts on “Beach to Bay Fun Run – Strahan Tasmania

  1. Thanks for the awesome plug, we would love to welcome you all to the Wild West Coast of Tassie to enjoy our serene part of the world. The Beach to Bay is held on a long weekend so even better for those who would like to make a weekend out of it and enjoy a cruise on the Gordon River or train ride on the ABT Railway, among other activities. Not to mention Ocean Beach which is just such a lovely rugged space to trot along, truly amazing – unless you encounter a strong head wind, but that’s all part of the fun!!

    Thanks again,

    Susan Harnett
    ACTIVE Strahan Inc.

    1. My pleasure Susan 🙂 I hope the word gets out to everyone. The other people to let know (in case you haven’t already) are the Tasmanian Road Runners. They are a newer group who are promoting all things Tasmanian running. I hope to drag some friends down for next year, we’ll be over in Melbourne for the Marathon mid-October or we’d be down this year for sure 🙂 all the best for a wonderful event (I do hope you didn’t mind me pinching the photos!). Thanks so much for letting me know about Beach to Bay.

  2. On Strahan, it’s so beautiful. I visited a few years ago and stayed in a room on top of the hill. It was magical looking out over the water. The run is sure to be a scenic one, I followed the path on my morning walks while there. Stunning.

  3. Sounds lovely, this Quacker is always up for a running weekend away, but you didn’t mention if there was any race bling or not😂 that’s always an important part of any run. Haha. No only joking it looks lovely.
    Louie xo

  4. I just love that I can write “YES WE ARE COMING!” At some point we will have to get looking at an itinerary while in Tasmania and what we can fit in in our few days.

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