Laundry: Man v Woman

Our marriage is a traditional one. Pauly does all the man things and I do all the woman things.

Hang on a minute!?! I mow the lawns, milk cows, wind up electric fences, get cows in, take heavy equipment to be repaired, split logs, get fire wood and sometimes do things with hammers, nails, saws, screws and screw drivers. On second thoughts we have a semi-traditional marriage. Pauly does man things and I do woman and man things. But then again perhaps that is a traditional marriage.

The Farmer in the cow shed this afternoon but I was there too. Cups on cups off hose the sh*t away. Lovely job.
The Farmer in the cow shed this afternoon but I was there too. Cups on cups off, hose the sh*t away, repeat until all cows are milked. Lovely job.

Pauly knows how to use a washing machine although one could be forgiven for thinking that he can’t. When I first met him he took his good shirts (that is non-farm shirts) to the dry cleaners to be washed! I thought he had money to burn but no, he was just non-domesticated and wasn’t sure how to wash them. The very first time he ever used the washing machine here in the farm house (not quite two years ago) he washed his mobile phone. Say no more. Get out of the laundry Pauly and leave that #$$%%^^ jolly washing machine alone.

Fussy. That’s what I am. I’m a fussy domestic goddess when it comes to washing. Whites and coloureds are separated. Things that might put fluff on other things are washed alone; but most of all I am a devotee of the lingerie bag. The lingerie bag and I have a special relationship because I know their worth. And they are worth millions! They look after delicate items of clothing beautifully. They prolong the loveliness of those delicates way passed when they should be looking worn. Yes the humble lingerie bag – true love! I have travel ones that are always neatly placed and ready in my suit case such is my adoration of these simple little zipped fabric bags.

Lingerie bags – large ones for things like compression pants and small ones for things like running caps.

In my family I do the washing. End of story. No one is fussy enough to do it right so everyone keeps out of the laundry.  Both my daughters (Brown-eyed daughter #1 and Blondie daughter #1 are devotees of the lingerie bag.  I bought them both a set when they moved out of home to go to uni.  The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree!  But they are still not allowed to do the washing at my house!  Such is the serious nature of this routine task.  And it is serious!  Serious business.  What would happen if there were no clean clothes in the house?  Not nice, let’s not go there.

Yes, I do the washing! And with the huge volume and delicate nature of running clothes, taking my role of Washing Machine Warrior to heart has never paid higher dividends. Our running clothes stay in new-looking conditions for ages!

To my horror this morning, one of the chaps who runs with our group was lamenting the fact that his wife of not quite three years hadn’t been doing the washing!  He had been forced to put on dirty running gear!  Brave man, he said this about his wife (who we know and love) in front of six women in the group. We giggled! He actually said that he was going to have to buy more running clothes because his wife was so slack with her duties! And he said that she doesn’t do it right anyway. She doesn’t separate colours and darks and will deliberately put something in that will spoil the load (the old red sock with white shirt equals pink wash scenario). He said all this tongue-in-cheek because after some gentle teasing and laughing he fessed up and said he in fact does all the washing. He and his wife both work full time and have evenly distributed the household chores and he got the Washing Machine Warrior position. He said he’s very good at separating colours and things like that.

I was impressed for a few short moments. But only a few moments…

GASP! But then he said he puts his running clothes in the tumble dryer! AND (worst of all) he’s never heard of a lingerie bag! Speechless was I. Those poor defenceless running clothes thrown in a washing machine, being snagged on zips, Velcro and all things rough then suffering the heat and humidity from a tumble dryer with yet more snagging… Ugh! The Unsporty Woman shakes her head in disbelief. Then again this chap actually thought that it was humid today! Perhaps he has trouble determining temperature. He is from the northern climes of the UK so maybe today was humid to him – third month of winter and 9°C? A warmer day yes, but hardly humid to the average Australian.


Oh well, each to their own.   I will remain a passionate Washing Machine Warrior and a devotee of the lingerie bag.  A domestic goddess who forbids the resident farmer from touching any buttons on her machine.

Happy running 🙂

PS What an epic weekend of running.  Apart from all the running (and keeping up with the laundry) I had to milk both Saturday and Sunday afternoons and had my Brown-eyed daughter home from Western Australia.  I’ve been zooming all over the place!  Tonight it’s a glass of red in front of the fire and an early night.  Monday is the official start of Marathon Training!

Here are a few happy snaps from the weekend

I came in 17th place in the Launceston Running Club's 15km Bishopsbourne event - will write about this soon.
I came in 17th place in the Launceston Running Club’s 15km Bishopsbourne event – will write about this soon.
Getting cows in this afternoon.
Getting cows in this afternoon.


AND – Pauly was able to take some happy snaps of a happy platypus on the farm.  The playtpus was so engrossed with finding yummy treats that he didn’t even notice The Old Farmer getting closer, or perhaps he knew that there was nothing to fear.  The platypus was out and about in some flooded pasture.



27 thoughts on “Laundry: Man v Woman

    1. I have heard it’s a bit rainy over there 🙂 It is here too, always running gear out on airers! Such a lovely look. I’m fortunate to have a big old farm house and only Pauly, the cats and I, so lots of places to put airers out of sight.

    1. Thanks Debbie 🙂 it has been busy, a bit too busy actually but we’re surviving! Calving is about to start in a couple of weeks so there won’t be quite so much zooming around.

  1. No tumble dryer for my running gear either! I have an indoor line in the boiler room which gets everything dry in 24hrs! When it’s full I know that I’ve had a good running week, but I fess I have 4 sets of kit so that I only have to wash once per week! Your farm looks lovely, very similar to here, cloudy, damp, grassy, cows, but so far away! No platypus here though!

    1. Nothing like a good indoor line that dries clothes in 24 hours. Perfect! It’s been grey and cold here for weeks. Everyone is saying that this feels like the coldest winter ever. But spring is on the way. We have daffodils out already 🙂 The up close view of the platypus was a rare indeed. They are so shy. Makes me happy to think that there are these gorgeous creatures happily cohabitating on a working farm.

      1. Yes, you are getting the first twinkling of spring, we are getting slightly shorter days it’s nice to know that it’s always summer somewhere!

  2. More platypus!! What do they eat and I will send a bushel over to entice him to stay. 🙂
    I am the washing girl in this long term relationship. I’m not telling my laundry how good you treat yours. There will be a revolt!

    1. I’m sure they will be here. We’re going to have to sneak up to one of the dams at dusk and see if we can see one. We have one dam that is a bird habitat and doesn’t ever flood (there is awesome drainage around it). That’s the best place to see a platypus. They eat insects and worms and shrimp things – might be a bit stinky to send over a bushel of that 🙂 There is always a trip to Platypus World at Beauty Point or the self-confessed home of the platypus, Latrobe. My laundry obviously doesn’t know how good it gets it. The subject of my post was in all new running clothes tonight and gosh did we tease him!

      1. All right I don’t suppose such a shipment would make it through customs! I just looked up Beauty Point and Latrobe on the map. Perhaps it will be penguins and platypus viewing on the same day. 🙂

  3. *lol* you are funny… i just buy lots of stuff… simple… hide it from hubby mind you *lol* but nothing dries here in winter and tuble driers just shrink everything…so our stuff hangs for DAYS under the tarp that goes up over the wash line in winter… BANE of my life!!!

  4. I confess – I’m a terrible washer. I must get some bags like those 🙂 I have however taught Lance to put the washing machine on and hang out when finished. Small achievements!

    1. I would say that teaching the husband to put on the washing and hang it out is a huge achievement! Those big lingerie bags are left over from when Paul’s kids went to boarding school – they are great for running clothes.

  5. Huh! Lingerie bag, you say? What a good idea. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one. I definitely do not put my good running clothes in the dryer. It’s a trek every laundry day, my husband and I to the washer to sort the clothes that go into the dryer. I usually wind up doing the wash because I am so picky about how the clothes are folded and put away!

  6. I DO NOT do the washing but then there are certain items that I will not surrender unless I have placed them in a laundry bag first.

    Best invention. Ever.

    1. Oh and my 3yo son has some very clear things to say about how “boys do the house work” and gia go to work. So cute.

  7. I’m late to this party, but doing laundry *correctly* is a subject dear to my heart. I’m picky. Very picky.
    … and somehow I’ve managed to train Gilles to do it “my way”. Miracles do happen 🙂 However, since I’ve retired, I now have resumed control over the laundry. I know most people hate doing laundry, but it’s one of the few household things I don’t mind doing. Other things – like dusting – BLECK!!

    I’ve never seen a platypus and I think I would be very excited to spot one. That’s pretty cool 🙂

    1. Seriously impressed Joanne! You have trained your husband? You need to write the manual for the rest of us! Platypus are so cute, I’m Australian and I go weak at the knees when I see one. I’ve only seen them in the wild twice and it felt like I’d won the lottery!

      1. hahaha – getting Gilles to do laundry was easy. Getting him to do it *my* way was much harder!! In most other respects, I have failed miserably 😉

        That is so interesting that an Australian rarely sees a platypus! Is it because they are so elusive or declining populations?

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