That Sunday afternoon feeling

My Sunday afternoons are for catching up on weekend jobs that haven’t been done yet. Fire wood, car cleaning, lunches cooking, ironing, washing and the general sprucing up of the house ready for the coming week.

(This may be a farm house out the back of nowhere but we seem to have an awful lot of Monday to Friday business hour visitors – dairy company, electricians, agronomists, builders, reps selling agricultural products, irrigation company people, bank manager, the list goes on and on. I can tell how many visitors by the number of coffee mugs in the sink when I get home from work.)

But not this Sunday afternoon. As I type there are so many jobs needing doing and I have no energy for any of it. I’ve even had a sleep!

What a weekend!

Friday afternoon saw Pauly and I head into Launceston for two whole days off the farm. And we so needed it! This was our last chance to have a bit of time out before the hard physical and mental slog of calving down 600 cows.

After a quick trip to buy Pauly a new shirt and tie (I’ll tell you why in a moment) we settled into our hotel. Then we had the most wonderful treat. We went to a restaurant in Launceston called Stillwater. This is a renowned place to dine where all things Tasmanian are served. The food was top notch as was the wine and the service is way above anything I’ve experienced anywhere else. They set the bar high at Stillwater. Thanks to a lovely friend I had a voucher that I had been saving for the perfect time. Friday night was that perfect time. A gift for my 50th Birthday back in November last year that has been sitting on my bed side table just waiting. Tasmanian food heaven? Stillwater, we were there.

My voucher, it's sat on my bedside table since November.

My voucher, it’s sat on my bedside table since November. Got a bit grubby in the process.


Tasmanian scallops served on silken cauliflower. I wanted a swimming pool to drive into it. Delicious.

Tasmanian scallops served on silken cauliflower. I wanted a swimming pool full of that stuff so I could dive into it. Delicious.


Slow cooked pork roll with the most fabulous cracking the seriously interesting sides.

Slow cooked pork roll with the most fabulous crackling and seriously interesting sides.

Saturday was parkrun day. I was volunteering so I went out for a 5km run around the waterfront just prior to getting to parkrun. Living out the back of beyond where usually there is an hour of travel to get anywhere; waking up and only having a five minute drive was pure luxury.


Grey skies around the water front

Launceston's Kings Bridge looking towards an entrance of the Cataract Gorge.

Launceston’s Kings Bridge looking towards an entrance of the Cataract Gorge.

Back to that new shirt and tie. Saturday was the wedding day of Pauly’s youngest daughter. Without going into great detail she and her Groom decided they were over the wedding planning and quietly brought their wedding date forward several months. We were invited to their elopement. It was just beautiful. Pauly looked the part in his tux as he escorted the Bride down a grassy embankment to the river and then out onto a jetty to wed her Groom. Only the parents were present. Modern-day parents with a few steps thrown in. Just as well the jetty was strong and we were well behaved. Could’ve been some Funniest Home Video opportunities out there on a high jetty with water all around… but no, we were all civilized… and the jetty held the weight of this intimate wedding party surrounded by the most glorious water views.

I'm not able to share wedding photos yet!

I’m not able to share wedding photos yet! But what a view, perfect.  The jetty was a little squishy with nine people right at the end.

Sunday was a run with The Running Group. 18kms was the distance. Pauly went the whole way but I went for 10km after my 18km on Friday. And let’s name it up, after Saturday with a few glasses of wine to help with the social awkwardness of an up close and personal wedding gathering complete with ex-spouses, the old head and tummy were a bit unsettled!

I had lots of time to reflect as I ran those 10kms.

I am thankful for a husband who loves me. Even though we got all the way to Launceston on Friday minus tux (I was packing because Pauly had to work the morning) and he had to drive all the way back to the farm to get it (while I was having a massage), not one cross word or word of retribution was spoken towards me – not even a sideways glance of annoyance. His kindness and understanding shine through in every situation. I hope for the Bride that her Groom can be half as loving and understanding as her Dad. He is one in a million and I am so lucky that he is mine and I am his.

And of course he is a very good runner! He looked fit and strong and toned in that tux. Farmer by day (and night at times), runner for fun and relaxation and drop dead gorgeous in a tux for a special occasion. Go Pauly! Rose coloured glasses you ask? Of course not.  But isn’t true love all about being someone’s biggest fan?

Other things I reflected on was my Saturday 5km run. It felt like it was over before it began. Looking back to my early running days 5kms was like a marathon and now it feels like a little trot and no big deal. It really does show that as time moves on with this running thing, our confidence grows. Things that were once super challenging become doable. We inch up with distance and then we look back in amazement at how far we’ve come. Never give up. If I can do all this running stuff then you can too. One day at a time, one running step at a time, inching towards our goals – we can do it!

Pauly would say to me that one day 5km would feel like a little run. I didn't believe him at the time!

Pauly would say to me that one day 5km would feel like a little run. I didn’t believe him at the time!

I have that Sunday afternoon feeling. Much anticipation and now it is complete. I’m exhausted. There are some jobs that won’t get done today but I’m going to let myself off the hook. This weekend because of a special gift, a forgotten tux, running and an elopement I’ve been reminded about what is truly important in life. Kindness. Loyalty. Perseverance. Love.

Happy running 🙂

16 thoughts on “That Sunday afternoon feeling

  1. Oh Annie, I totally understand how hard this must have been. But you looked amazing, I loved your dress.
    On the running front I have a friend who took up ultras so marathons were a short run! Just an idea for you!

    • Thanks Shaz 🙂 we all did amazingly well to make the Bride and Groom’s day perfect for them. Thank goodness that we can be grownup sometimes hehe. A marathon as a short run, now there is a concept. Funnily enough now that I’m this far into running I can actually see that that could happen (now I’m about to turn myself in for psychological assessment) 🙂

  2. Annie I love this post. Your love, positive attitude and enthusiasm for life just ooze out of the screen. I look forward to wedding photos when they are available. I have also made note of the restaurant. Perhaps we can treat you both when we are there. 🙂

    • Thanks Sue, that is lovely of you to say. The Bride still hasn’t announced her wedding officially so I’m still in limbo with the photos. They are lovely and she and her Groom looked in love and gorgeous. Stillwater is just awesome, so yummy and different. The service is so good, that’s what makes it really special.

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