To exercise or not to exercise that is the question

Bad day. The winter is long and cold and the grass isn’t growing. Frosts keep coming and coming.  Hay and silage are in hot demand and difficult to find. Calving is about to start. Paper work demands attention. Planning needs to be done but will there be sufficient dollars to do what’s necessary.

Questions and issues and troubles and problems are endless.

We feel like we’re on a hamster’s wheel and nothing ever seems to be solved. Round and round and round we go.

That’s how it felt on Monday. Monday is Outside Fit night.

The look on Pauly’s face was Please don’t make me go tonight, please say it’s ok for me to sit here and vegetate on the couch. After a few gentle questions about how physically hard his day had been and finding out that it hadn’t been demanding on that level at all, I instructed my emotionally drained and mentally tired husband to get his cute butt off the couch and into his running gear.

Off to Outside Fit we went.


It was a circuit on Monday. After a couple of laps of the oval we made our way to the skate park where we started with 10 step ups with hops on both legs and a run around the skate park. Next we repeated the step ups with hops and added 20 crunches and a run around the skate park. Next we repeated the first two exercises and added 30 travelling lunges and a run around the skate park. After going back to the beginning and working our way through all the exercises we added 40 squat leaps to touch a high bar. That was a killer AND then of course a run around the skate park. 50 pulls up and finally 60 calf raises were added to the sequence. What a workout. We were pooped!

All the while, as we busted our guts, we got to chat to our friends. We were going at our own pace but the run around the skate park gave us a breather and an opportunity to chat. It’s lovely to see you! How are the wedding plans coming along? How was your day? What’s going on? Are you lambing/calving yet? How was your weekend? Chit chat. Smiles. Laughs.

The day’s issues were left behind as we entered into the happy place that exercise with likeminded people creates. Buoyed along by our ever smiling, ever enthusiastic PT, we entered the Happy Zone.

I really like the Happy Zone. The Exercise Bubble. Nothing is solved in there. It doesn’t sort out the issues, they are there waiting for us when it’s time to exit the zone with a pop of that bubble. BUT what it does is give time out. Really good, fun, happy time out. It doesn’t change a thing except for our perception and the way we look at things. It makes us emotionally stronger to cope. Exercise makes me feel courageous, strong and mighty. Just how we need to feel to face life’s curve balls.

I was tough on my poor husband on Monday night. I was tempted to leave him to sit and go by myself. I’m so glad I stuck to my resolve and made him come with me. He was a happier, more content man at the end of that session. A stronger man ready for the next undertakings on that hamster’s wheel of issues.

As we zoomed away to get to the pub for parmi night with our lovely parmi-mates, Pauly commented on how pleased he was that he came. My reply was simply I’m glad you came too. Because I was! Very glad.

And as for parmi night, that was the icing on the cake. An opportunity to be off the farm with people we love, what better balm for weary souls?

Outside Fit and a parmi with great people? If I was a doctor I would prescribe that for everyone. Oh and I’d strongly suggest that couches be used in moderation. To exercise or not to exercise? There is no question. Just do it.

Happy running 🙂

PS tomorrow is a day off for me.  This weekend will see me leave Pauly behind and fly to WA for a special pre-wedding weekend.  But first it’s the little matter of the long run.  26kms tomorrow for Louise and I.  Wish us luck!

14 thoughts on “To exercise or not to exercise that is the question

  1. This is such a motivating post! Agree with everything you said… good luck on the long run 🙂 I’m going to follow you as I really like your blog! Have a wonderful day, xoxo Deniza

    1. Thanks Deniza 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and thanks so much for the encouragement. I’m going to think of you as I run today and remember your wonderful encouragement.

  2. Exercise Bubbles… LOVE that and its so true… its that OUT time… its my meditation…. you just put all my feeling down into words… LOVE you… best of luck with the run and have a FAB weekend xxx

  3. What a great post and loved the Happy Exercise bubble – I had that at the city 2 surf this past weekend – since you were in WA did you take the opportunity to run an interstate event?

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