A meander in Meander

Mother Cummings Peak - part of the Great Western Tiers, the backdrop for our run.
Mother Cummings Peak – part of the Great Western Tiers, the backdrop for our run.

26km training run done.  A day out of the box.  13°C, warm, sunny with view of snow capped peaks.  We wouldn’t even be brave enough to order such a day in August, the last month of winter in the southern hemisphere.  And at 41° South this just doesn’t happen at this time of year, but it did for us on Thursday.

With busy weekends coming up Louise and I took some precious time off work and devoted it to our first long marathon training run over half marathon distance.

I was nervous.  There’d been a lot going on during the week and well, don’t flip open my head, because it’s a scary place in there!  So many thoughts, so many concerns.  With the help and support of my beautiful running friend I made it.  She looked like she could’ve kept gracefully running along for way more kms than 26.  I on the other hand was a sweaty, salty, dishevelled mess.  Honestly if the Good Samaritan had seen me out there they would’ve politely asked if they could take me home for a roast dinner, a shower and a lie down on their couch!  Or perhaps called an ambulance… one of the other.

Here are a few happy snaps of our beautiful afternoon run.

Spring is nearly here
Spring is nearly here.  I love these new shoes, I think they will be the ones for the marathon.

We ran around a wonderful 10km loop that takes in the little town of Meander.  A sleepy little farming district 15 minutes from our farm.  I just love to see the quizzical looks on the faces of people as we run by.  I can almost hear them saying What the hell?  Are they mad?  or Is that that farmer?  that hairdresser?  that lady from the library?  Or for people we know lots of smiles and waves of encouragement because while I know they think we’re mad, they are also amazed at how far we run.  AND I always point out that if I can do this from zero to marathon then of course they could to if they wanted to.

looking one way from the picnic grounds where we parked...
Looking one way from the picnic grounds where we parked…
...and looking the other way.
…and looking the other way.
Someone thoughtfully put a couch in the picnic shelter, we Tasmanians are thoughtful like that!
Someone thoughtfully put a couch in the picnic shelter, we Tasmanians are thoughtful like that!
Louise coming down the road
Louise coming down the road


We made it.  26kms in the marathon run bank!
We made it. 26kms in the marathon run bank!


Pauly was able to join us for 13km of our run.  It was great to have him along. With his first seriously full on weekend of calving about to happen, a lovely run in the sun with Team Huey, Dewey and Louie was like a shot in the arm.  He bombed out to meet us in the farm jeep – must wash that sometime…

And now I must fly into the shower because I’m off to the airport to fly from Tasmania to Melbourne and then from the East Coast of Australia all the way over to the West Coast.  It’s a special pre-wedding weekend with my daughters (I really wish my son was coming too but this is strictly ladies only).

Happy running 🙂

I love this photo!  Can you guess what we were talking about?


21 thoughts on “A meander in Meander

  1. Have a wonderful weekend Annie. In my training days I had many people ask me if I was all right as they met me. I’m surprised no one offered CPR on the spot. You look great in the photos. A far as what you are doing in the last photo…comparing foot size?

      1. That warm weather took us both by surprise, wasn’t going to let hairy legs stop us from donning summer running gear! Luckily we didn’t frighten any locals…we had quite a few sheep run away from us, perhaps they thought we needed to follow them for shearing.

      2. 🙂 Thanks Sue, it’s pretty good so far. I’ve never been to a Hens Party so it will all be new! I’ve had to come up with quiz questions and things for games… mmmm….it’s a nautical theme so as long as it’s not too naughty I’ll be right!

      3. Is a Hens party what we would call a bridal shower or a stagette? Here the yare two separate events. The second is far more naughty. 🙂

  2. LOVE the couch in the shelter!!!! GREAT place for an arvo snooze *lol*

    I reckon you guys were comparing whos razor has the closest shave haaaaaaaa ha haaaaaaa haaaaaaa…. or why Lou had tan streaks… or just WHO has the KEWLEST shoes!!!
    what a gorgeous place to run!
    Happy Weekend

    1. The couch was so good! I could’ve decided to sit there and chill rather than run! And correct on the hairy leg factor! Louie’s legs are naturally brown like that, she just has to wink and the sun and she has a tan! Happy weekend to you too lovely CJ xxx

    1. Thanks Miss E 🙂 I’m pleased to say that both sets of legs are now nicely de-haired and mine have a lovely layer of fake tan on them. Louise is off for a warm destination holiday and I’m in Western Australia where it’s much warmer so both of us have made sure the legs are presentable hehe

  3. Lovely hills and sky – I love those wide open spaces! I thought you were comparing shoes! Personally I’ve decided to adopt a ‘dazzling white and proud!’ Attitude to my skin colour! I always make a mess with the fake tan!

    1. The curse of the hairy legs. We’ll start to be more organised but just this weekend there’s been snow down to 400m again. I use fake tan on my legs usually (not a scrap in that photo obviously) but Louise just looks tanned all the time. Fake tan is a bit tricky though, it sometime comes out all patchy.

      1. Don’t get me started on hairy legs!!! In my late 40’s the battle with hair now starts on my chin 😱😱😳 and it never stops! I’ve reached the stage where I think visits to a beautician are necessary because I can’t see anything without my glasses!!

      2. lol!!some things are the same the world over! One of the great things about the area where I live is that with a big Asian community there are beaticians who are so good at threading and eyebrows, it makes me wish I had dark hair so that I could get that beautiful sculpted look!

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