Hanging out with Hens in WA


Western Australia is a long long way from Tasmania. It’s a little epic to travel there for a weekend but that’s what I did this last weekend gone. It was Brown-eyed Daughter’s Hens Party.

Cottesloe parkrun

And since I was in WA I ran a parkun. It was my second time running beautiful Cottesloe parkrun (and my 70th parkrun in total.  Oh how I love parkrun!  I’ve met so many wonderful people and gained huge amounts of running confidence all because of this weekly event.  Go parkrun, I love you!). Cottesloe is a flat course but with a section of soft sand to run on. Running on sand is harder than running up hills; give me a hill any day! At the start I was chatting to a young lady who suddenly asked Do you write a blog? Turns out she has read some posts. She was visiting Cottesloe too and running her second half marathon the next day (The Perth City to Surf). She was hoping to do sub two hours and guess what!  I had a look at the results and she aced it, super impressed! It was really lovely to meet her.

The Unsporty Woman came first in her age group on Saturday.  How many in women 50-54?  One!  Me!



The run was fun, an opportunity to enjoy the sun, the warmth and the sea air. One of those runs that just makes you smile.

A Sunday morning run

With everyone in the house a bit tired after a big afternoon and evening of celebrating the Bride-to-be’s Hens Party I snuck out of bed early and was off for a run at 6:30am. It was warm and sunny! I sent some positive energy off to the young lady I met at Cottesloe for her half marathon and to the lovely Janette who was running her first over half marathon distance (23kms) and then off I went.  Because of the two hour time difference between WA and Tasmania, Janette and I were running pretty much at the same time.




It was another blissful run! Loved it. How could this be happening? Two lovely runs off the back of a 26km run on Thursday? This doesn’t happen to me. I ran from my daughter’s house out to Fremantle waterfront, taking in some sights and historic places of interest in this old sea port town. 12kms done and another run in the marathon run bank.

The Hens Party

What about the Hens Party? It started with an afternoon cruise of the Swan River. There were the mandatory games complete with designer wedding couture made of white garbage bags and of course a considerable amount of drinking. Me? Did I drink? The Unsporty Woman smiles sweetly and says Well of course not! I’m a marathoner in training! AND there were 17 young women on a boat! Someone had to be sober! The Unsporty Woman shines up her halo I mean sailor’s hat – we all dressed in a nautical theme.

Blondie-Daughter #1, Brown-Eyed-Daughter #1 and their Mum

Blondie-Daughter #1, Brown-Eyed-Daughter #1 and their Mum

After the cruise it was dinner on Fremantle’s famous café strip. The atmosphere is casual and fun; there are people everywhere and so many places to eat and drink.  Restaurants were full and diners were spilling out onto the streets.  It was wonderfully laid-back Australian style. I so enjoyed the whole thing. But more importantly the Bride-to-be, the Bride’s Maid-to-be (Blondie-daughter #1) and all the Hens had a fabulous time!  Another Fish-Bowl anyone?


It was a great weekend complete with two wonderful runs. I’m feeling encouraged about the marathon. I’m feeling hopeful that I will be able to run those 42.2kms with happiness and in a spirit of fun. For me there is no other way to run. Life is so full of the urgent, the important, the necessary. Running gives me precious time out from all that stuff. I don’t see why I can’t make the marathon fun too.

Happy running 🙂

PS Cottesloe parkrun run photos shamelessly pinched from their facebook page.

PPS Happy Birthday to my lovely running Buddy Louie x


17 thoughts on “Hanging out with Hens in WA

  1. you are your daughters are GORGEOUS!!!!
    oh how i miss the beach and the white sand… i didnt run when i lived at the beach, so i cant even imagine how it would be other than awesome, and your runs looks JUST like that 🙂
    You are FLYING Anniebaes, so proud to have you as a BlogBuddy xxx
    How many sleeps till marathon day?

    • Thank you CJ x I think they are a bit gorgeous hehe proud of them very much! The beach is so lovely, it’s like a great big recharge of the soul. Before the farm I lived right by the beach complete with going to sleep with the sound of crashing waves and fairy penguins coming home to their rookeries. How many sleeps? Not sure, it’s less than seven weeks now! Thanks so much for your lovely encouragement CJ, I so appreciate it x you are a special lady x

  2. Gorgeous photo of you all! Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend, so pleased that you managed to get your runs in too. Lucky thing 😊

  3. Your daughters are such beauties! What a special time to have with them. Sounds like beautiful runs and i love that someone recognized you from your blog! How awesome is that?

  4. Looks like a wonderful weekend and you still had time to enjoy some extra runs! You’re on a marathon roll now, not long to go and everything is coming together beautifully 😀

  5. I echo the sentiment that you and your daughters are gorgeous! … and I love the photo of the intensely-happy-you running on the beach. I agree, running in sand is tough.

    … but mostly I’m so impressed with your abstinence while training. hmmmm – maybe that’s what’s wrong with my training plan 😉

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