Busily Following the Plan

Just like the bumblebee that visited the Grape Hyacinths on the farm today, I’m diligently sticking to the task at hand. Marathon Training. And like these furry buzzing creatures, no matter what the weather I’m out there logging the kms so that I’ll be ready for Marathon Day in just a little over six weeks.

There is a bumble bee in that photo somewhere!

There is a bumblebee in that photo somewhere!

The weather here in Tasmania is warming up. The Season Wheel has turned a little and it’s spring. It’s still cold and we’ve had a few frosts this week, but there is more warmth and strength in the sun with each day that passes. I mowed lawns in short sleeves yesterday. Daffodils and calves are popping up and out all over the place. Spring is here.


This week has seen rest days and run days mixed up a bit to accommodate Ross Half Marathon tomorrow. Thursday, instead of rest day, was a 10km run.

I’m a member (via facebook) of a running group right here in Deloraine but I’ve never managed to run with them. It’s a lovely casual group of young mums all at various stages of running fitness. Some are superfast and others are regaining fitness after having bubs or simply lack of time to get out there and run. I didn’t run as a young mum. I so admire them all for what they achieve with their running despite hectic schedules and the responsibility of little ones at home.


There was a group run on Thursday night so I invited myself along. It was a cool 7°C at 6pm, just getting dark. We had a great run; at first I was a little nervous because they zoomed out and up a hill at a cracking pace. Would I be able to keep up with these speedy young women? Fortunately they settled into a lovely happy pace and I was able to stride along with them. I am old enough to be the mum. Paul was the token male but enjoyed catching up with a couple of young ladies that we did Bootcamp with before the Deloraine bootcamp finished. They are lovely young women and a delight to spend time with.


Our Thursday night 10kms felt like it was over before it started. It was that sort of happy chatty run. Which is unlike several other runs I’ve done this week! Yesterday was 5kms and it felt like it went forever. FOREVER! How can that running feeling change so dramatically? For me the trick is be like those busy bees and stick to the plan. Get out there and do it, it doesn’t matter if we feel like it or not, just follow the plan. Following the plan gives me confidence that no matter what the run felt like, it’s done and banked in my Marathon Run Bank.

Some of the baby moo cows on the farm.

Some of the baby moo cows on the farm.

Ross Half Marathon is tomorrow and a perfect spring day is forecast. I find Ross a tough course, I’m hoping to make peace with it tomorrow because next year I would really love to run the full marathon.

Happy running 🙂

PS Bumblebees aren’t supposed to fly, Unsporty Woman are not supposed to run – be we both can!  Let’s be like the bee and keep on doing our thing no matter what anyone says we can or can’t do. Keep on running!


8 thoughts on “Busily Following the Plan

  1. I love daffodils, so bright and happy, a sign that winter is on its way out and warmer weather on its way, ofcourse here it is the reverse for us and autumn is on its way!

    • Oh yes, you are about to head in to autumn and then winter – it’s a good thing that the seasons wheel turns I suppose, but there is something so lovely about summer… I can’t wait. I’m currently sitting in my office with a puffer jacket on! brrrrr

  2. I love calves. I like the way thier coat is short and tousled they look so cute! I’m learning about sticks my to the plan. It definately works, no time wasted deliberating or worrying. My plan doesn’t include Saturday’s which at first I thought was a bad thing – it’s the day that I have time, or could go to Parkrun. But by not doing sat and sun I have more energy during the week. But I might allow myself a little Parkrun as an extra now and then!

    • A plan without routine on the weekends sounds pretty good to me. You are so busy with work and family so it must be great to take a break from training. I’ve seen some plans that have two to three rest days.

      • Yes the plan I have is 4 run days 3 rest days, with a rest day before and after the long run. When I downloaded it ( from asics) I thought that it was too easy but decided to give it a try anyway. It gets harder this week with a total of 15 miles so I will see how it goes!

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