Don’t let a bad run spoil the training

The clock is ticking. That marathon is getting closer. Less than five weeks. Tonight has been a short speed work session. We were supposed to be going into Launceston to run with The Running Group but due to an expectant Mummy Cow that Pauly had to be midwife to, we didn’t manage to be ready in time. Instead we went for a zoom around the river track in Deloraine, around anticlockwise then clockwise with a warm up and cool down thrown in.

It was quiet. We ran in the dark and it felt WONDERFUL! I loved every step of that run tonight.

This is in complete contrast to our run on Sunday. Those 28kms I was so looking forward to, turned out to be pure slog and torture. My running mates zoomed around and loved it; they finished 20 minutes in front of me. I finally shook them off at the 21km mark.

There was a Vets Cycling race out in Meander at the same time
There was a Vets Cycling race out in Meander at the same time

What went wrong on Sunday?

  • It was hot
  • For some reason I couldn’t get my breathing under control
  • 4.5kms into the run (yes, just 4.5kms – not even a parkrun – in) I thought I’d like to stop
  • I drank too much water at the drink stops and my stomach sloshed and Shrek-like noises were plentiful
  • I was tired and nothing wanted to work
  • I let negative thoughts take over my positive ones

BUT I did get it done. I did finish those 28kms. 28km run I want a rematch!!! I want to make friends with you!!! I said to Pauly that evening that I want to do the 28km run again on Friday. He said that it wasn’t a good idea; he said to stick to the training program. He said it was just a glitch and not to worry. Ummm. Not worry about a bad 28km with a marathon less than five weeks away? Easier said than done.

It was 21C but there is still snow on the peaks (Louise is tucked behind Pauly in this photo).
It was 21C but there is still snow on the peaks (Louise is tucked behind Pauly in this photo).  This was taken by a marshal looking after the cyclists.


Monday night I went to Outside Fit and while I took it easier than usual I still did everything we were asked to do. We did a tabata workout with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest with eight repeats. I managed to crank out five full burpees each 20 seconds amongst other things. That’s not too bad. Then tonight a 5km speed work session and it felt wonderful. Yes, that 28km run must be a glitch.

Janette and Louise are training so well! This is at our second drink stop.
Janette and Louise are training so well! This is at our second drink stop.

Recently I did a workshop for those who work in social services. It was looking at how to deal with client issues, how to be caring and kind but not to let our clients’ troubles affect us. I learnt about something called the Third Space. In the Third Space we readjust, let go and get on with things (my interpretation). We don’t hold onto the things that went wrong, ruminate, marinate, over analyse or make a mountain from a mole hill. Instead we let go and prepare for the next battle, the next issue, or indeed the next run.

28kms you taught me that I have a long way to go with mental toughness. You taught me that perhaps when Pauly wanted to run with me I should have taken him up on the offer instead of worrying that I am too slow. You taught me that even though I feel defeated by you that in fact I am stronger because of you. 28kms I am going to run you and then I’m going to run an extra 14.2kms and finish a marathon in less than five weeks.

I can. I am. I will.

if you can dream it

Fighting words? Yes.  Do I believe them? I am going to try.  I’m not going to let a bad run spoil my training.  It’s done, it’s behind and now I’m moving forwards.

Happy running 🙂

I found my cat Mintie on the yoga mat in the sun. I was tempted to join him and do the sleep pose!
When I arrived home on Sunday I found my cat Mintie on the yoga mat in the sun. I was tempted to join him and do the sleep pose.

17 thoughts on “Don’t let a bad run spoil the training

  1. That a girl – just move forward with it!!! Not all runs are going to be fantastic …. some just hurt and you want them over and done with – and some of those can be short distances!!! With so many runs we all learn something – you know how many times I say this running business is all about the mind, our legs just go along for the ride. I think we need to sit down and crank out some more positive mantras so that we have got more in the kit bag to grab when the negative thoughts creep in. You CAN do it… I KNOW you can. There will be glasses of bubbles to celebrate for sure! xxxxx

    1. Some more positive mantra would be good, thanks Lovely Janette. I’m looking forward to those glasses of bubbles, even Louie said she’d have a glass after the marathon. Thanks for the encouragement, you are always right on with what you say x

  2. Annie if you didn’t have a bad run anywhere in the training I would be more worried. You have this now to reflect on as even though it was hard you did it. So if things get tough during the marathon you can tell yourself “Remember that rotten 28km I had? Well I got through that so I can get through this.” Just one kilometer at a time. Run in the moment. You can do it!

      1. I’m good at cheering and you are good at running. A great combo. When I trained it was 15 minutes run , one minute walk. I never let myself think farther ahead than 15 minutes maximum. 🙂

  3. Fighting talk Annie, that’s the way to do it! There’s always going to be some runs which are tougher, not always the long ones, sometimes it just doesn’t click and there’s often no particular reason for it. Chalk it up to experience, it’s good to get it out of the way now, one less than great run does not break a marathon woman’s spirit 💜

  4. The most important part about Sunday was that you finished those 28 km you didn’t give up 😄
    We all have bad runs yours was just unlucky enough to be on a long run. I had mine yesterday, after 2 km I just wanted to head home but I still had 8 more to go and it was tough,I finaly got it done though ( slowest 10 km ever ) just like you did on Sunday . We know we can do those 42.2 km we done it before and we will do it again 😄 Just remember You are a CHAMPION xo

  5. Hey Annie long time no read been so busy with new events in my life that I had forgotten all my blogging friends. Running is a lot to do with mindset even though the 28km felt like hell you completed you were tested and your mettle proven..move on.. It was just a bad day.

  6. Whenever we have a bad workout, we always say it is better to have it in training than on race day … to learn by what didn’t feel right and then move on.
    It sounds like it is coming together nicely 🙂

  7. You finished and you didn’t give up. That’s admirable! you have the tools in your head and your legs to keep you going and you used them. You are a very sporty woman, no worries!!

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