Back on the horse

Yes, I’m back on the horse; sitting in the saddle, feeling comfortable and in control.  Today was our long run, 20kms.  We are running a program where we go up in distance one week and then come back down a little the following week.  Today’s 20kms was wonderful.  I felt like I could’ve kept on going for another 8kms at least.  It was encouraging, uplifting and inspiring.  Yes I can do this marathon!


Team Huey, Dewey and Louie started off at 6am with the freezing temperature of exactly 0°C.  We did an out and back run on a quiet country road.  As the sun came up the temperature went up a little too, the sun shone down on us through the canopy of the bush all around.  It was beautiful.  The road bends and turns here and there and has just enough undulation to keep things interesting.  Whip birds were calling.  The bright yellow of wattle trees and the pink of native Erica bushes were dotted throughout all the green.  There was hardly any traffic.  It was the best setting for a Friday morning run.12036685_10153304442393020_2491783954014710866_nAs we ran we had our usual silly, funny conversations dispersed with Pauly giving Louise and I nutrition and race tips.  We smiled and laughed a lot.  I couldn’t believe how easy I found the run!  I looked down at my watch and we’d done 5kms and it truly felt like we hadn’t even started.  The kms ticked by rapidly and before we knew it, we were done.

500m to go!  One of the foot bridges across the Meander River in Deloraine.
500m to go! One of the foot bridges across the Meander River in Deloraine with a yellow wattle in the background.


Deloraine’s famous Train Park – a great rest place for travellers along the Bass Highway in Northern Tasmania.  Is that the real Huey, Dewey and Louie???

What was different about this run from Sunday’s run?  It was cool.  I had slept better and paid greater attention to hydration and eating the day before.  I was even more determined than usual to have a good run and I trialled a gel for the first time in ages.  Whereas in the past I’d tried to have a gel in one hit, this time I ate it slowly and coped with it a whole lot better.  I carried my hydration belt and this in itself gave me a sense of confidence knowing I had everything I needed to keep on running.

Next week is our 35km run, we’re going to run the same course and do an out and back again.

One of the topics of conversation was that of fellow runners who are tackling new challenges this weekend.  Martin will run his first marathon.  He’s been training well and looks like he will clock a (very) respectable time for a first marathon.  Lance is running his first 100km event and the same goes for him, he’s been training well and consistently and will no doubt do an excellent run as he always does.

These two young men are both inspirational in their own way.  They smile and get the kms done.  They do their best.  While they are fast runners they are humble and down to earth.  They are always encouraging and ready to cheer others on.  Two lovely chaps.

Good luck Martin and Lance, we all know that the race is won way before we get to the start line, you are both amazing!

Which brings me to the very inspiring Sam. Sam completed her first Ironman 70.3 on the weekend.  Swimming, cycling and running?  You are amazing!!!  The thing that I love about Sam’s running and triathlon story is that despite some challenges with injury she hasn’t given up, she has kept on going and has achieved this amazing goal.  You inspire me so much Sam!  And another lovely runner who is humble in success and who genuinely delights in the success of others.  I wonder what’s next for Sam?  The full Ironman and a marathon I’m sure!


While I’m talking about inspiring people, there is a blogger I’ve been following for a while who chips away at her running goals quietly and consistently.  I’m so impressed with what she is achieving.  Go Miss E!  Her posts about her running calendar and what she’s been doing warms my heart and inspires me with every word.  Super impressed with what you’re doing Miss E!  Her blog is called Just Another Running Chick.  But she is hardly just another running chick, she is a lovely runner making her dreams comes true.


Yes, I’m back on the horse.  Back feeling a touch more confident.  It’s great to think of fellow runners who are out there making their dreams come true.  If they can, I can.  If they can make their running dreams come true then so can I.

Happy running 🙂

Team Huey, Dewey and Louie.
Team Huey, Dewey and Louie.

10 thoughts on “Back on the horse

  1. So happy to hear you had a good run that has renewed your faith and confidence that you can and will run a good and happy marathon!
    And thank you for your lovely mention, I was excited to see my name! It was an amazing day, not fast, rather near the back of the pack but I enjoyed nearly all of it, the first 10km of the run in the heat and humidity was a little tough but the rest of the time I was so happy to be there and taking part 😀
    I hope your training continues to go well, not long now!

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 You are a real star, I was so excited to hear about your event last weekend and to see some photos. Being happy throughout the event despite it being so tough and with heat and humidity is just amazing. I said to Pauly yesterday that even if I have to do laps at Melbourne, if I’m happy and feeling good I don’t mind, I just want to enjoy it and not feel like death! Taking part and being there is a big thing, I love how you have said that. Thanks so much Sam x

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