The Ultimate Up-Do Test

Life has taken on a higher level of busy.  Just as I wonder if this could even be possible I find myself juggling more and more balls and being expected to keep them in the air for longer and for higher.  So far so good.  But my goodness.  I am pooped.

With calving down 600 cows, the resultant babies to care for, a tired husband, new demands at work, The Wedding getting closer and closer AND the little matter of marathon training, I’m busier than I’ve been for a long time.  Trying to fit it all in is demanding creative logistics.

Tuesday is The Running Group Night.  Tuesday is also the day I work remotely in a small town about an hour from my usual work base but just 20 minutes from Launceston were The Running Group meets.  There is the little matter of the trial hair Up-Do for The Wedding.   The Bride has a hair stylist and makeup artist chosen.  I’ve been for my trial make up a few months ago so there was just the Up-Do to get sorted.  Tuesday seemed to be the best possible night.  A quick trip for my Up-Do then on to running.

Running with a posh Up-Do?  Well, why not?

Apparently I’m the only Mother of the Bride to ever have a trial make up and hair do by the duo that the Bride had chosen and they have done hundreds of weddings.  Ummm.  What does that say about me?  Princess?  Oh yes, that’s me, Princess Unsporty Woman!  Well, not really, I’m just a bit nervous that I won’t look like me on the day of my baby girl’s wedding so I wanted a trial.  The hair stylist said she was worried that I was going to turn up with unrealistic expectations but was pleasantly surprised at how laid back I was.  You see my hair is shockingly curly.  Some days my hair decides to work together and they all do a lovely synchronised ballet and I look neat and tidy and in control.  Those days are rare.  Most days my hair is like a free flowing creative dance where each dancer (or hair) does its own thing with not one note of harmony with the other hairs on my head.  Mop-like, scarecrow, pompom head or even a bit like steel wool – my hair is quite creative really.  Throw in some humidity, rain or activity and well – yes, unruly and out of control.  I’m concerned that The Wedding Day will be one of those days where my hair is uncooperative with itself and rather than looking like a glam MoB I will look like a mop MoB.  Hence the need for an Up-Do trial.

Pre-run hair
Pre-run hair

Bring in the hair stylist.  She put my hair into an Up-Do and made it behave like I’ve never seen before!  After she’d tamed my locks, off to running I went; the best opportunity to test that Up-Do ever.  Sweat.  Running.   Wind.  Dragging a running top on over my head.  Guess what? Not a hair moved from its teased, hair-sprayed, bobby pinned confines.  Like disciplined and well trained members of the hair militia, it all stayed in place and looked as wonderful at the end of the run as it did at the beginning.

Post-run hair
Post-run hair

AND this was a speed session.  We jogged 1km to City Park, then did one minute on, one minute off of sprinting with 10 repeats, before jogging back to the start.  I ran as fast as I could.  I managed to keep up with Pauly!  I asked him several times if he was going slower.  He said he was a bit but not that much.  Gosh.  I was running fast!  Perhaps Up-Dos make Unsporty types run faster?  Perhaps I should have an Up-Do for the marathon?  I felt great!

Perhaps only for a minute but look at how fast the Unsporty Woman was running!
Perhaps only for a minute but look at how fast the Unsporty Woman was running!

Next time you need to test the stability of an Up-Do I strongly suggest taking it for a speed running session.  If it holds up after that, you’re going to look glam and be able to party all night without a hair out of place.

Happy running 🙂

PS How many pins?  This many!


15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Up-Do Test

  1. Now that is a perfect test of the up-do! As you can imagine no up-do was needed for this short haired Mom of the bride. How many weeks to the wedding?

    1. You looked gorgeous at Robyn’s wedding, can’t wait to see a few more photos. Weeks to the wedding? Umm….well there are four to the marathon…can’t think much passed that. Must be about 10ish I think 🙂

      1. Oh still some time so that’s good. Yes I can understand about the marathon being front and center. Thanks so much for the kind words. I actually changed out of that dress into another for the wedding. The paparazzi started at 9am! 🙂

  2. Ha ha – you forgot to tell everyone , that the rest of your running bud’s thought you looked FAR too glamorous to be running, and that you should have driven down to the park!!!!! These photos only show the back of Annie’s hair, she has make up on too!!!! I know if it had been me – the make up would have dripped down to my knees and my hair would have been sticking out everywhere. Well done you, Annie, and well done to the Up-Do hairdresser too!!!!!!

  3. Did your stylist know that you were going to put their work though such a rigourous test? I’m sure they’d be delighted to know that they passed! It will be a nice story for them to tell over dinner……

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