Untap your limitless potential on race day

Sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in.  A long long while.  But something BIG has sunk into the grey matter this week…

I’m going to run a marathon.  I’m going to run all the way.  I’m going to make the cut off times AND I’m going to enjoy it.

That’s pretty much it.

How has this come about?

1. The Lovely Anne

Anne is a fellow Launceston Running Club runner.  She was speaking to me about the marathon before the last race of the season.  She is certain that I will make the cut off.  She spoke to me before and after the race about it all.  She even drew a map of Melbourne Marathon on the gravel road and talked me through the whole race start to finish.  She is convinced I can do it.

2.   The Virtual Map

I finally found the virtual map on the Melbourne Marathon web site.  I studied it along with the written descriptions. 2:40:00 to do 22kms.  That’s what I need to do to avoid redirection to the slow marathon course.  My slowest ever half marathon (which was 23kms at Great Ocean Road) I did in just under 2:30:00 and that was with lots of facebook updates and photo taking (I even saw a koala that race).

The lights came on, I can make the cut offs.

3.  Visualisation

During Point to Pinnacle training I used time at bootcamp to visualise.  As we did wall sits and planks I would concentrate on the run, how I would feel crossing the finish line.  I’d imagine running up that continuous incline and doing it well and feeling good.  It’s difficult to find time in this busy life to visualise so I’ve been getting up early and spending some time at the beginning of the day to visualise.  I’ve even found a youtube that helps.  In it I’m told I can unlock my limitless potential on race day.  It’s really helping.  My confidence is growing.

Of course those nearest and dearest to me have been telling me that I can do it.  Their support and belief means so much.  It’s taken a while for their words to sink in but they have.  Finally.  They have finally sunk in.

What am I visualising?

  • running all the way
  • feeling good
  • smiling and being happy
  • …seeing….4:59:59 (deep breath) on the clock when I run over the finish line!


Happy running 🙂


11 thoughts on “Untap your limitless potential on race day

  1. Yah finally you believe what we have been telling you all along 😄 Of course you can do it your amazing. When you cross that finish line we will be doing some BIG celebrating 🎉🍸
    The last few weeks have been tough, but we got through them only one long run to go now then it’s taper time 😄 Positive thoughts only allowed now. Xo

    1. I know, I’m just a bit slow. There are going to be lots of cheers and celebrations. Last year there was a finishing video so at least I’ll be able to see you cross the finish line this time 🙂 I think I forgot to tell you about that. It comes with the race photos. The last few weeks have been tough, but we are ready. All the runs are almost done – unbelievable. Last big long one tomorrow!!! Bring on the taper xxx

  2. I really like the breathing meme …what a great way to visualize and positive self-talk at the same time.
    You’ve done your homework – both physically and mentally. You’re ready for race day 🙂

  3. I LOVE this post. You are so ready for this marathon, you have trained so hard and so well. You know the importance of getting the head sorted. YOU WILL SMASH IT.

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