Two Weeks Today

This time in two weeks I’ll be having a day vastly different from what I’ve had so far.  Today is the first day of Daylight Savings, the clocks have gone forward an hour to take advantage of the longer, sunnier, warmer days of spring and summer.  Today is also the first Sunday morning in months and months that Paul and I haven’t got up and left for an early morning run in Launceston.  We do love our Sunday morning runs but it’s nice to have a break from zooming in and out to Launceston.  It’s not quite 10am and I’ve done absolutely nothing as yet!  Nothing unless sleeping in, getting naughty calves out of a garden, reading and drinking two cups of coffee in bed count as something.  I don’t think they do.  Paul on the other hand has been up working for several hours as he does before we zoom into Launceston for runs.

Naughty, chastised calves back in their paddock.
Naughty, chastised calves back in their paddock.

Yes, this time in two weeks I’ll be three hours into the marathon.

This week has seen me full of nerves, nerves that I’ve been dealing with pretty well.  As Monday got off to a start and the realisation that the marathon was now so close, the butterflies started to flutter, the stomach started to churn, the what ifs? maybes? how will I do thats? crowded into my thinking.  I embraced them.  Acknowledged them.  Then said that these feelings are not helpful and let them go.  I’m still nervous but these are good nerves, helpful nerves that are really healthy respect for the distance and what I’m about to line up and do.  The long run on Friday and the mental toughness exercises are doing their thing.

The weather is in a whole different category.  The weather will be what the weather will be.  For last year the weather on Marathon Day at 12pm was up in the early 30°Cs.  Yesterday was the Australian Rules Football Grand Final in Melbourne and it was 31°C – the hottest Grand Final on record.  Today is a rugby Grand Final in Sydney (I don’t know rugby, there are two codes, that’s about all I know) and it’s going to be 35°C!  It’s not summer yet, it’s only the very beginning of spring.

It was 'Show Your Colours Day' at parkrun yesterday. Janette and I got to wear our football jersey's we won at the pub one Parmi Night. Team Beer.
It was ‘Show Your Colours Day’ at parkrun yesterday in honour of the two Grand Finals this weekend. Janette and I got to wear our football jerseys we won at the pub one Parmi Night. Team Beer.  I had a happy chatty run and went around the 5km course in 31:32 – I was happy to be able to run after our big run the day before.

Being married to a Farmer who by career and experience can interpret the weather, I’ve been able to pick his brains on what to expect on marathon day.  According to his research the mean average maximum for Melbourne in October is just under 20°C but there can be temperatures up in the 30s like we saw yesterday.

Paul showing the All Blacks colours while zooming around in 22:57 after our 30km run yesterday. There's no stopping the old boy.
Paul showing the All Blacks colours while zooming around in 22:57 after our 30km run yesterday. There’s no stopping the old boy.

So what’s the outlook for the next two weeks?


The trouble is the weather for Sunday 18 October (Marathon Day) has changed so much!  It’s been between 18 and 21.  It’s been rainy, it’s been partly cloudy and it’s been Brilliant Sunshine.  If I could put in an order I’d like a maximum of 18°C and partly cloudy please, but what’s showing today would be wonderful, better than the high 20s or early 30s.  But since I can’t put in an order for the weather I’ll just have to take what comes and adjust my run plan accordingly.

The weather will be what the weather will be.  As of today I’m not going to look until a few days before.  Wish me luck with that!  And how are the nerves?  They are pretty good.  I’m feeling calm and relaxed.  The taper has started.  There is nothing more that any of us heading to Melbourne can do to increase our fitness and endurance.  We need to rest and relax, remember the runs in our run bank and all the hard work we’ve done, be confident, hopeful and positive that all will be well on the day.


Happy running 🙂

PS Launceston parkrun photos shamelessly pinched from their facebook site and taken by the awesome Glenn.

14 thoughts on “Two Weeks Today

  1. Oh I do the weather watch thing but a week before not two weeks! Hope it is cooler than 30 for you that’s too warm for a marathon. I love your calves, how cute.
    Good luck with the nerves, no words of wisdom from me, just Good luck X oh and believe in your training X

    1. Thanks Shaz, good luck wishes and believing in the training sound like the best words of wisdom. And thank you for your weather wishes. I haven’t looked at the forecast again yet, choosing not to stress (most unlike me).

  2. I obsessively watch the weather before a race. I know that you have to take whatever race day throws at you, but I can’t help worrying myself into a fret about the weather.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you that more moderate temperatures are heading your way for race day!!

    1. Thanks Joanne, after the last marathon where there were so many stresses happening I am deciding to be calm (I can’t believe how calm I am!). This mindfulness and mental training seem to be working. I really do appreciate you crossing your fingers for me!

  3. The weather is definitely out of our control but we worry about it so much! Just keep telling those nerves to behave themselves and adapt to whatever the weather gods decide to bring on the day. You’ve done all the hard work, you’ve trained right, you are ready to rock that marathon 😄
    I’ll be there in spirit with the big poms poms just like I visualised you at the half Ironman 😍

  4. Just keep on keeping on – you will do it and achieve that time 🙂 So much fun last year – this year will be amazing.

    Looking forward to your updates 🙂 Well done on smashing out the training! You looked like you had so much fun on Saturday – which is the best way to do this running stuff I hear.

    1. Thanks Fiona, I think that the fun way is the only way 🙂 we did have a great time on Saturday, loved all the doggie dress ups at parkrun. Thanks so much for your wishes, I appreciate it very much xxx

  5. You must be very excited! I’m so excited for you about DST! I love DST – without it, the sun sets very early here in New York state in the winter.

    When Hurricane Joaquin was coming up the eastern coast of the U.S., our forecast changed every couple of hours. I will pray for good weather for you!! Rock on!

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