We have big ones in Tasmania, Australia. Big hairy ones. Silent ones. Lingering behind picture frames, sleeping at the back of the bedhead, enjoying rides in the dark recesses of cars. Yep, we have creepy, hairy, large spiders that can turn up anywhere. Anywhere.

A stolen photo, no way I'd do that!
A stolen photo, no way I’d do that!

Recently Pauly and I have joined the Launceston Aquatic Centre, thanks to our lovely friend Bruce who gave us two vouchers to join up as a trial for a month. Sweet. The pool is fabulous and the gym looks wonderful. We’ve used the pool and spa but not the gym as yet. We are in taper for the marathon in 10 days, it’s all about calm, floating and definitely not time to try some new DOMS-creating exercise regime.

What does joining the Aquatic Centre have to do with spiders?

On Saturday as we were parking the car at the Centre, a lady came over to us and said You might want to get rid of that!

We’d just got out of the car and there crawling out of a small gap in the boot was a large hairy spider! Paul being the brave and chivalrous gentleman that he is, went over the flicked it off. Where did he flick it off to? In my direction! I almost felt the hairs on its hairy legs as it whizzed by me. I was not impressed! It was an accident. Apparently, an accident? Mmm You can’t take the naughty school boy out of this old crusty farmer who loves to give the girls a fright. And he’s a huntsman with perfect aim… accident indeed.

I related a story to this rather startled lady who had kindly pointed out the spider. I told her of the day that we’d gone to Launceston in the old farm jeep to deliver a quad bike for servicing. We stopped at a café with alfresco dining. As we sat drinking a coffee I watched a huge hairy spider quietly make its way down one of the jeep wheels, then it walked around on the road for a few moments. I’m thinking it worked out that he was in the city and he didn’t like it very much, so he climbed back up the wheel and to some place dark and hidden in the jeep to travel back to the farm. Gulp. I had to get back in that vehicle to get home.

The lady listened in horror!

Not my photo, I checked the loo paper and there wasn't one there to photograph.
Not my photo, I checked the loo paper and there wasn’t one there to photograph – thank goodness.

Spiders. We have them. Lots of them.

During the week we zoomed into the supermarket. Remember the spider who said hello at the pool? Well he must’ve done the same thing as the spider in the jeep because when I opened the boot to retrieve some shopping bags (no plastic shopping bags in Tasmania, we’re all environmentally friendly, shoppers need to have their own) there was the spider, happily lazing in a cosy spot just near the boot seal.

Quick Pauly! Get him this time! I yelled. This is much to the amusement of the retired gentleman sitting in the car waiting for his wife to do the groceries. Watching me and the spider was obviously way more entertaining than reading his newspaper. Pauly flew around but this time the spider was faster, he crawled into a deeper spot and as far as I know is still there.

You do know Pauly that if that spider comes out while you’re driving I will scream???  That’s ok, Pauly has nerves of steel and is prepared.  I on the other hand am going to spray the boot today!

My girls have bug spray in their cars just in case.  This came about one time when one of them phoned me in distress.  They were in a car park and there was a spider in the car.  They couldn’t find it, couldn’t bring themselves to look too hard for it and couldn’t get in the car because it was there!  We can laugh now.  But don’t think that all boys are any braver, number one son is just as wary of spiders as his two big sisters.

I once found a dead spider curled up on the big beam above the bed.  A big enormous hairy one.  Ewww.
I once found a dead spider curled up on the big beam above the bed. A big enormous hairy one. Ewww.

Do we get them in the house? Not any more!!! Our lovely pest control people come at the end of December every year and spray around so that no smart spider enters the house. I think I’m going to ask them to do the cars this time around!

Mr Spider it’s two rounds to you and none to me. But rest assured, I will get you!  Your car dwelling days are numbered.  Either that or I will take up running for everything, no spiders in my running shoes…well I hope not.

Happy running 🙂

Ps The big hairy spiders are not venomous at all and don’t bite, they are just scary and creepy.

28 thoughts on “Spiders

  1. I deserve some kind of credit for reading this post after the first photo.
    I am soooo spider adverse, I couldn’t look at the photo. Imagine me trying to read your post while glazing my eyes around the photo.
    Then you had to toss in another picture!!!! Cruel. Just cruel.

    Good plan about having the house sprayed. After finding a spider on our bed headboard one night (our spiders are really teeny in comparison) I do a nightly inspection.

    Personally, I’d be inclined to torch the car. It’s contaminated 😉

    1. Sorry! I don’t like spiders either. When I went looking for photos I nearly deleted the post. Thanks for reading all the way, that shows true friendship. For years I did an inspection of not only behind the bedhead and under all the pillows, but I would lift up the bedclothes and make sure there weren’t any in the bed too. I told Paul what we have to do with the contaminate car – priceless look on the husband’s face. This is his pride and joy, a black FPV (Ford Performance Vehicle, number one of only 76 made. He’ll be driving it spiders or no spiders and I’ll be in there cringing. I didn’t put in the story about the spider in the seatbelt well – my seatbelt well. Spiders ewww!

  2. I hate it when one runs across the windscreen when you’re driving at night and you have NO WAY of knowing if it is outside or inside! *shiver-down-the-spine*

  3. Well Annie I’m not sure I should have read this. I definitely won’t show it to my friend Cherie. I actually can hold spiders, even big ones if I know they aren’t poisonous. But I have to say if that one on the loo paper roll shows up when I am in Australia the shrieking will likely be heard back in Canada!

      1. We’re heading into a predicted long dry summer. El Nino is back again 😦 Snakes will be about but they are shyer than the spiders so you’ll be right, promise!

  4. It was literally just yesterday that I was thinking to myself, “I could live in australia” but now after this post you have me thinking twice! I DO NOT DO SPIDERS! Especially really big hairy ones! Yuck! lol!

    1. 🙂 I shan’t mention the snakes then but then the USA has lots of nasty snakes and bears and big cats too. I promise they don’t come out very much and we live out on a farm where as city people don’t have quite so many to deal with as we do. Australia is a fantastic place to live, come for a visit and see 🙂

  5. OH MY – my skin is crawling – I DO NOT like the 8-legged and this suckers sound HUGE! I would carry bug spray and hair spray and torch – ha! I am hoping you get that spider out of the vehicle – GOOD LUCK 🙂 Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

    1. Thanks, yes they are a bit hard to deal with, I haven’t made time to go and deal with the spider yet. I must do that before the next trip. But we don’t see them very often, promise!

  6. I am so ridiculously terrified of spiders. And I live in Canada where ours are seriously harmless, but I scream and cry at the sight of them just the same! This past summer however, I was competing in an “Amazing Race” type competition and one of the challenges was to hold a tarantula. If I didn’t I was letting down my team. So I did it. And let me tell you, I had my eyes shut and was crying the entire time. lol

    1. You are so brave! I couldn’t hold a tarantula not even for the team. I’m super impressed. My go to spider protection in the house is my vacuum cleaner, one suck and they’re gone. I am sure they suffocate in the vacuum cleaner bag (poor things, I feel mean) but I just can’t deal with them.

      1. I had hopes that holding the nasty thing would be some type of exposure therapy that would lesson my fear of them…yeah, no. They are all still terrifying. Lol

  7. Ha ha! I love scaring people over here with spider stories. I used to be terrified of them, I don’t exactly love them now but I can deal with them. My favourite story is about finding at huntsman in the bathroom, getting a glass to trap him but realising the glass was too small and I had to swap it for a tupperware container!

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