Carry on

If you’re lost and alone or you’re sinking like a stone,
Carry o-o-o-o-on
May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground and
Carry o-o-o-o-on

Carry on, carry on

Parts of this song encapsulate that wall-hitting moment that I experienced in my first marathon.  There was no carrying on.  I did the stone sinking thing.  And I was definitely lost and definitely alone.  Cadbury Marathon was a small field (290 runners of which I came in 274th place) and for most of the kms over the 26 mark I was running alone.  I even crossed the finish all alone expect that my beautiful running friend was there to catch me.  And what a special moment, something I will NEVER forget.


Melbourne Marathon will be different – this time I’ll be doing the carrying on part of the song.

It’s with thousands of other runners.  I won’t feel like I’m lost and alone and I won’t be sinking like a stone.

The Unsporty Woman will carry on, carry on!

One foot in front of the other.  Left, right, left, right repeat.  Left, right, left, right repeat.  All the way from the start to the finish.  Just like Dorothy did with her red shoes, I’ll be clicking the heels of my magic running shoes three times and saying…

Take me to the finish line
Take me to the finish line

And they will!

I will be smiling but most of all I will be carrying on ALL the way.

The Carry On lyrics talk about head being on fire but legs fine.  My head will be fine and if my legs are on fire my head and heart are going to kick in so I will be carrying on.  I’ve watched enough motivational videos to sink ships.  Mental toughness training?  I’m on target.

The song came on the radio on Friday as Pauly and I were driving into Deloraine for our last Friday run with Louise.  We’ve done the big kms and we are in taper; we ran 20kms and described it as a shorter run.  How far we have all come with this running thing?  Far!  Really, really, really far.

far happy always

It was a great song to listen to on our way to run.  I held it my heart and reminded myself that through good runs and bad I’ve carried on with this running adventure.  Even Marathon number 1, I didn’t quit, it wasn’t pretty, but I finished.  And now I’m about to line up for Marathon number 2.

I recently saw this video and smiled.  I so relate to these runners.  I know what it feels like to run through soaked, cup strewn drink stops realising that most of the pack have crossed the finish line but I still  have kms and kms to run.  Hats off to us back of packers.  We may not get a podium finish but we certainly carry on and get to the end.  We pant, puff and breath the essence of what it means to become a marathoner – we just don’t quit.

Running isn’t an obligation, we do it because we want to, it’s an opportunity to show ourselves just what we are made of.  There is no better place to show this strength than at the start line of a distance to be conquered – whatever that might look like.

Melbourne Marathon?  I will be carrying on to the end and finishing.

Happy running 🙂

Carry On lyrics:
Carry On lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

17 thoughts on “Carry on

  1. Wonderful to see you ready, both mentally and physically Annie. It’s going to be a great day. Can’t wait to hear all about it!! Meanwhile I am warming up the pom poms!

  2. So nearly there now Annie, getting very excited for your big day, you will do more than carry on, you’ll conquer it 🙂
    20km as a short run? You’ve come so far, I’m not sure I could ever think of 20k as an easy run!

  3. Good luck to you all, I’m looking forward to hearing all about it. You’ve done everything to get yourself ready physically and mentally! Can I ask you to run a few kms just for me…please??

  4. I’ve been loving your blog and have found it very inspiring. I am doing the Melbourne Marathon Half this Sunday. I am also thinking about doing the Hobart Marathon this coming January – which would be my second marathon, I did Great Ocean Road this year.
    Good luck for Sunday, it’s going to be a great day!!

    • Thanks Megan, I’m so glad that you are being inspired by the blog. All the best for Sunday! Looks like the weather is going to working with us (phew!). I’ll be at Cadbury doing the half in January, Paul is doing the full. All the very best for your training for marathon number two! I hope we can say hello at Cadbury, too many people in Melbourne I’m thinking but you never know. All the best and thanks for the lovely comment x

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