What reverse taper?

The shadowy state of reverse taper is just a bit too difficult to deal with. I need to run. I get the need to rest. I truly do. Marathon running and the lead-up training put strain and stress on these 50 year old bones, muscles and mind; I know I need to scale things down. Things have been scaled down and now I need to run as usual.

What’s been happening in the running department?

Last week was all about getting back into things. A few nice slow shorter runs, a parkrun on Saturday, with Sunday culminating in Janette and I taking on support crew role for The Running Group’s half marathon training run.

This week we’ve taken a huge plunge and have started at a new gym. I’ve never been a gym person but it’s been quite fun so far. We love our Outside Fit Class but with a change of location it no longer fits into our weekly routine. The gym is the one I wrote about recently. We had a month free membership and it has a pool complex to go with it.

It’s all about posture

Monday night was our first real work out. During our session a PT called us over. First we had to stand straight against the wall. The PT looked at us, nodded his head and then proceeded to give us these strange exercises without explaining anything.  Janette was there along with Pauly and another chap from The Running Group who was there coincidentally.  We all looked at each other wondering what was going on but with faith in the knowledge and authority of the PT.

What did we do?  We crawled, rocked, got up to standing position from being flat on our back with one hand on one knee, we bridged, we had to lift our weight off a chair with just our hands… Then he got us to stand against the wall again. Whereas before our shoulders were quite a ways from the wall, now they were perfectly in line.


He explained that the routine we’d done was to improve our posture. As runners we tend to lean forwards too much (and computer and desk work creates the same stooped posture).  This routine was all about putting us back in line and correcting our stance. Most interesting.  And it felt good to be standing tall.

We thoroughly enjoyed our session at the gym. And our weekly membership is the same price as one Outside Fit session AND we can go as much as we like. The travelling in and out is going to be a challenge (it’s an hour’s drive each way), so we’ll see how we go!

The Launceston Running Club’s Annual Dinner

Saturday night was the Launceston Running Club’s Annual Dinner. After running the marathon the week before I couldn’t think of a more special way to celebrate a year of running. In all 25 trophies are presented for the 25 different handicapped races staged during the March to September season. It’s lovely to see runners go up on stage and receive their trophies and make a little speech. All, without exception, thanked the Club and said how much they enjoy running with everyone. Running for fitness, for friendship for relief from the routine of life. For mental health. Paul was awarded his trophy for winning Race 25 – The Feature Race. That was special.


Reverse Tapering? It has its merit, it should be respected, it should be given time.  A week is long enough surely?  I hope so.   I can’t wait for a good longer run. 15kms are coming up this Friday and then the following Friday Louise and I will be running our own 21.1 kms. We have signed up for a virtual Half Marathon with the Indigenous Marathon Project. This Project aims to raise money to send some Australian Indigenous Runners to run the New York Marathon.


We will be running tall supporting this wonderful cause and the bling that goes with it is so good.  Reverse tapering is down, time to get back into running far, happy and always.

Happy running 🙂


20 thoughts on “What reverse taper?

  1. What a great idea the virtual run is! I’m going to sign up for sure. It’s a good cause and you’ve gotta love the fact you get a medal.

  2. An hours drive to the gym! Wow, that’s going to take some motivation. However your PT sounds great, and it sounds like it will be worth it!

      • No place like home! Nothing I like better than cosy night in with loved ones! England is such a crowded little country, in the northwest towns are only 30 minutes apart and most have about 200,000 people. Fortunately the government introduced the idea of ‘green belts’ in the 1960’s ( I think)to preserve some countryside and stop all the towns just growing into each other. You aren’t allowed to build in the green belt and it preserves countryside for everyone to enjoy. If you are lucky you can buy an old house (pre 1960) in the green belt but still be in minutes drive of a town. You would have to travel a long way to get the wide open spaces of oz or the us! Swings and roundabouts😊

  3. Yikes an hour away from the gym. Good for you to be so dedicated Annie. I shall remember this the next time I whine about going to the gym a few minutes away.
    The virtual run sounds like such a great cause!

    • Thanks Sue, it’s just how it is for us living so far out of town. Even Outside Fit was 30 minutes away. But that’s ok, we live in a beautiful place but sometimes we just have to get off the farm for the sake our sanity hehe

      • We don’t really think about it too much. It’s just part of life to travel to stuff. I’m so lucky that a position became available in Deloraine or otherwise I’d be driving in and out to work every day.

  4. I have worked with a PT on and off for the past 10 years and I know how they can make a huge difference to posture and use of core muscles … not to mention overall strength. Good for you! Hope this is a positive move for you 🙂

  5. Yikes, I’m 5 minutes from my gym!
    I wonder if I can do the Indigenous race, too. . . I totally support that! Great to finally have time to read my friends’ blogs again! Talk about busy . . .

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