Dreams are free, dream big

From letter box to marathon via a mountain. I just love the sound of that.  How amazing to NOT be able to run to the letter box, then to be ABLE to run up a whole big fat enormous huge steep mountain.  But then cap it off with running not one but TWO marathons in one year?  Now that’s amazing.


Running Point to Pinnacle in 2013 was huge to me. It was and always will be my Holy Grail.  That elusive fantasy that I thought was beyond my pale and lack-lustre capabilities.  But as it turned out I was WRONG.  Very wrong.  In 2013 after not only dreaming big but working hard, training hard and believing in myself I did indeed find my Holy Grail.  I crossed the finish line of Point to Pinnacle after running 21.4kms  with an up of 1,270m.  On that day I smashed the concept of I can’t and brought in the concept of I can.  On that day I entered a whole new world of possibilities that I didn’t even know existed.

And do you know? Do you really know that if I can fulfil my dreams and cross that wasteland of I can’t that you can too?  It’s true.  The Unsporty Woman is Mrs Ordinary.  She is nothing outstanding.  She is just someone who decided that enough was enough and that it was time to try.  She decided that nothing would get in her way; she decided that she wouldn’t give up. She decided that no matter how many times it took to get to that damn letter box that one day, one day no matter how far away, that she would make it!

So what next? Guess what one beautiful running friend has gone and done?  She has planted a seed. It’s called the New York Marathon 2020 seed.  Has she flipped her lid well and truly this time?  We joke and say yes, but really she hasn’t.  She has glimpsed the world of possibilities with running and said Why not? Why not run New York Marathon for my 50th Birthday in 2020?  And why not take my closest running buddies with me?  And the running buddies have replied Why not? We can do that!  We’re coming too!


Tasmania Australia has a population of 515,000, New York Marathon 2015 had just over 50,000 runners. Deloraine where we live has a population of 2,000 and Launceston, our nearest city has a population of just over 100,000.  How ever on earth will us small state, small town, small city people cope in such a HUGE event?  I’m not actually sure, but now the seed has been planted and has started to take root I guess we will work it all out.

What I’m trying to say here is don’t let go of your dreams. Dreams are free, dream big, think big, aim for those stars because you just never know you might make it.  AND along the way you get to meet wonderful people who add joy, happiness and love to your life that had you not had the guts to dream big, you might not have ever met.   With dreams and Holy Grails comes a whole new world.  A world where anything is possible.  A world where we can meet our true potential.  We aren’t wondering IF we can go through that door, we blast it off its hinges and know with certainty that WE CAN DO IT.

Dream big! Dreams are free.  Don’t ever give up no matter what!

Happy running 🙂

PS Hard to believe that the gorgeous Louise will be 50 in 2020.  She would like to mark this awesome birthday with the New York Marathon – we can’t let her go and do this without the rest of Team Quackers now can we?


10 thoughts on “Dreams are free, dream big

  1. What a fantastic idea!! Yes NYC is likely a bit of a contrast but perhaps along the way you could do some bigger marathons to get used to the numbers. My cousin did the NYC last weekend and she said the crowds were so supportive.

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 I have heard that the crowds really get behind the runners. We Australians are a bit more reserved so it will be wonderful to experience the support from the crowd. Good job to your Cousin.

      1. Well now I had never thought of Australians as reserved! At any rate I think it will be an amazing experience. So great to have goals to work toward.

  2. Fantastic! If I succeed in doing any marathon I’d like to follow it up with New York! It sounds fabulous, having read a review of it. By the way you aren’t ordinary, the thing that you makes you extraordinary is that you decided to change and you made it happen! Very few people manage that as successfully as you have

      1. Hey -I supposed I could !!! It’s in October 5 months after Edinburgh. I’d like to see how Edinburgh goes first though😄My hubs would be up for a trip to NYC- mm thinking!

    1. I certainly will! That would be wonderful to say hello. It’s five years away Miss E, plenty of time for you to think about lacing up your shoes and joining us at the start line too.

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