I will try a tri?

As I type this I’m sitting in the car while Pauly does a long training run in preparation for the 64km Bruny Island Ultra in a month’s time. I’m support crew today and will join him for his last 10kms. Team Quackers are running the Ultra in a relay so while Pauly is training like mad, the rest of us are more interested in the sight-seeing, the fun, the food and having a great weekend away.

November 2015 is a month that we’ve been looking forward to for two years. Birthdays, a wedding, visits from NZ family and my three babies coming home and being in the one place for a brief moment – the month is punctuated with happy things to look forward to. Consequently I’ve been flying around cleaning, preparing and crossing off many jobs from my list. House to spruce up, garden to spruce up, meals to plan, accommodation to get ready. Add work and farm and it’s been hectic.

Preparing a game for the pre-wedding party - those race bib safety pins came in handy.
Preparing a game for the pre-wedding party – those race bib safety pins came in handy.

As always my husband just keeps on going. Curve balls come with differing forces but he manages to stay upright and keep on running. We are heading into a predicted worst El Nino in 17 years and already irrigation is full on and summer hasn’t begun. One day at a time Pauly, that’s all we can do.

It is fair to say that post marathon my focus has been on the events, mile stones and rites of passage that November signals for our family. I’m still running, but the pressure is off. I’m truly running for the love of it not in preparation for anything.

Friday say Pauly, Louise and I run 21.1kms for the Indigenous Marathon Project – a virtual run. A lovely run around Deloraine then out River Road for a ways and back. It wasn’t my easiest run but it was done. And it was a pleasure to run with great company and know that we’re helping some young ladies get to the New York Marathon in 2016.

Pauly and Louise heading out River Road
Pauly and Louise heading out River Road
A native orchid on the side of the road
A native orchid on the side of the road


Spring and the baby ducklings are growing up.
Spring and the baby ducklings are growing up.

Saturday was the Ringarooma 10. Last year I was first lady and third overall of the 4km event! This year I was 12th over all and 4th lady out of a total 4km field of 23 runners.  It’s a small event even by Tasmanian standards, but so good, well worth the trip to run it.  There were 32 in the 10km event; Pauly came in 12th over all and 11th male with a time of 47:16 complete with mega hills, so a pretty good time. Regardless of placings it was a lovely day for a run in the country. The run was an event of the Ringarooma Agricultural Show. I had a lovely little walk around while I was waiting for Pauly to finish the 10km event. Last year I chose the 4km because Point to Pinnacle was so close, this year I chose the 4km because I wanted to. I ran 5:05 minutes per km which is pretty fast for me. I had fun. My time was 20:23.

Is Pauly the only runner who fuels up with milk pre-run?
Is Pauly the only runner who fuels up with milk pre-run?
Ringarooma 10 start
Ringarooma 10 start
Pauly finishing
Pauly finishing


Calf judging
Calf judging
A view of the show
A view of the show

After our run and the drive back to Launceston, we met up with Janette at the pool. Quite a while ago I thought I’d like to try a triathlon. Then I went and watched a couple and decided NO WAY! Well, I’m thinking I might again. Janette’s husband Bruce is an experienced triathlete and he has given Pauly and I some tips; in order to do the little try-a-tri we will need to be able to swim 400m in the pool without stopping. The actual swim is in open water and is 300m. In running terms this is nothing, but oh my goodness, swimming is another matter.

I decided I would try and swim 400m yesterday. I swam 500! But this swim was a combination of some freestyle, a bit of breast stroke and quite a bit of exhausted panting at the end of the pool! But I did it. I have no idea how long this will take me but I’m going to try and train for the try-a-tri. I’m thinking my 60th Birthday in 2024 might see me prepared! Oh dear, it’s going to be a long road.

Running has taught me that things that seem impossible can be possible if we try. If we keep on being prepared to get out there and have a go then we might achieve our goals. It may seem dark and dim right now and like it’s never going to happen. But I thought this about running 1.2km to our letter box, then I thought this about running 5km. And here I am now, sitting waiting to run a 10km lap with my husband and it seems like a short run – with two marathons completed and I think I’m up to 16 half marathons. Running has taught me that, well actually, nothing is impossible as long as I believe and am prepared to have a go.

It also helps that I have bought some proper swimmers that I feel comfortable in. Janette gave me a go-fast red bathing cap, I have the goggles and I look the part. This was important to me when I started running. Looking the part gave me a veneer of confidence that I so needed. I will never forget those early fun runs where I didn’t have all the proper gear and I felt so out of place, it may be superficial to want to look the part but whatever works I say!

In all November 2015 is proving to be a big month. Family events to cherish and the beginning of a new dream – a try-a-tri dream. Don’t let age or perceived ability get in the way of dreams. Be yourself. Be proud and shout to yourself that If that Unsporty Woman can do this stuff then why can’t I? I will have to try!

And look at the time!  I’d best fire up my GPS watch and have that gel and water ready for the Ultra-runner-in-training!

Happy running 🙂

PS Did someone say no sugar?  It was a chocolate sort of day on Saturday – this was breakfast on the way to the run!


13 thoughts on “I will try a tri?

  1. Oh Annie you are an inspiration. So much energy and positive attitude. Sounds like your swimming is off to a fabulous start!
    Best wishes with the wedding and all the gatherings!! Xo

      1. Annie I used to be a lifeguard and teach swimming in my teens. I am comfortable in the water but I admit the being cold in getting in and out has kept me from pursuing swimming in my later years. Good for you and it seems there is nothing you can’t do if you try. 🙂

      2. Thanks Sue 🙂 I like this whole try thing – you are such a wonderful example and inspiration for having a go – why sit around when I can at least try and see if I can!

  2. With your attitude and passion you’ll love triathlons! Did my first duathlon, it was hot and sweaty but great fun.
    You have such a wonderful time coming up soon, which you deserve totally, enjoy xx

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 not long until your next big event! I’m only trying a tri and here you are about to do the big one! Glad to hear that the Duathlon went well – that one sounds tough too.

  3. This is wonderful! And you WILL love Triathlon 🙂 I’m hooked (it did take me a while). I did just finish my first Half Marathon . . . not a runner . . . not hooked . . . but I MIGHT try it again next year. Maybe. Way to be such an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Debbie 🙂 I do think that perhaps I’ve really flipped my lid this time, but even this week I can feel an improve with my swimming. Janette and I have been swimming together and she made the comment that our 300m swimming is taking less time!

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