Running as fun?

Most people don’t think of running as fun.  But if you looked at the 3rd Birthday photos from Launceston parkrun you might think otherwise, everyone looked like they were having lots of fun.

This is an abridged quote from our wonderful running Coach this morning.  We were waiting for group members to arrive before the start of our regular Sunday run.

Today it was a meandering 15km course, nice and flat from the centre of Launceston out to Newstead, winding back through quiet streets to the middle of town again before heading out to Invermay then another little loop around Newstead.  It was warm and the humidity was up a bit.  These areas are dotted with big old English trees with lots of shade and a few Gums and Wattles too.  It’s almost summer, the red Callistemon or Bottle Brush was out everywhere along with lots of other spring colour too.  Nothing heralds summer and Christmas in Australia like seeing the red Bottle Brush flowers out in the front gardens of suburbia.


Running as fun?  It’s hard to make this connection as a non-runner.  Running is hard.  It takes effort.  It takes determination.  We puff and can’t get enough air.  Our legs ache.  We over exert and get all wobbly and over tired.  We sweat and overheat.  Fun?

Absolutely it’s fun.  There is a magic threshold where what was once impossible and hard becomes manageable and possible.  Hang on a minute! I can talk and run at the same time??? I’m enjoying this.  I’m doing it.  I’m achieving my goals!  Yes it’s fun!  That moment in time is precious and to be treasured.  It’s a threshold that allows us to dream big fat enormous running dreams and a threshold that tells us Anything is Possible!

Janette and I at Launceston parkrun's super hero themed 3rd birthday.  It was a good run for me, I actually managed to go sub-26 minutes with an unofficial time of 25:41.
Janette and I at Launceston parkrun’s super hero themed 3rd birthday. It was a good run for me, I actually managed to go sub-26 minutes with an unofficial time of 25:41.  Photo stolen from the facebook page.

What’s not to love about being fit and strong?  There is everything to love about it.  Just everything!

On this lovely Sunday, a day of rest, a day where we can run, I wish you fun with running.  If you aren’t there yet I wish you truckloads of determination to keep going.  If you are there I wish you a grateful heart.  Running is a gift that we can give ourselves for free if we only have the courage to get out there and try.

I wonder if the world would be a more content, happy place with content happy people who want to live in harmony with each other if more of us ran?

Happy running 🙂


26 thoughts on “Running as fun?

  1. Ha ha I was thinking about the ‘fun’of running whist I was out yesterday. I realised that it doesn’t get any easier, you are always huffing and puffing – but you can get better at it! My fun at the moment is doing more running without stopping to walk. It’s a good feeling when you realise that you can!

    1. Absolutely! Sometimes I talk to myself and say ‘you’ll be so happy if you keep on going and do the distance’ and I always am. You are really nailing this marathon training Julie, so impressed!

  2. Great to read your post Annie. I’ve had the all clear from the physio so I will be getting back into it now that all the excitement is over. I’ll be going slow to start with though 🙂

  3. Thanks for your post! I love running and think it’s a blast, honestly! Alone or with friends, I always feel better after a run. Racing adds to the fun as well. Happy running!!

  4. Running is fun, anyway for me most of the time it is😀though at times I’m overwhelmed with OMG why do you do this, those little negative thoughts just creep up. I love the day when I can run and chat at the same time without feeling I’m going to keel over lol. With the horrible events and sadness that has happen particularly in the last week, I am blessed that since taking up running I have formed friendships and met truly wonderful people in the running community. This something I can personally hold on to. Happy running back at you 💕😀

  5. It’s funny because I was actually thinking about the whole “why do I run” thing today when I was having a really tough run. I always tell people that I run because I love it. And generally I do – just today I bloody hated it. But still it was hard to give myself permission to shorten the run.. One of the things I was saying when talking myself into just going easy on myself was “running shouldn’t become something you dread – it should be fun. You should be enjoying this”.. And I am sure the next run will be a good one again. x

    1. I know what you’re saying. I had one of those not so fun runs last night, the only fun part was finishing, but with finishing I felt so good that I did it and didn’t quit when I so easily could’ve x

      1. It’s great when you are able to push through the misery of a bad run and do what you set out to do. Those runs do almost end up counting for more. It’s the giving up half way that really galls me… 😦

  6. I found myself trying to explain this to a non runner yesterday and they thought running was boring, odd that! I think many things about running, but never that it is boring.

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