When is a trip to the gym not a trip to the gym?

We have recently joined LAFit.  It’s the big swimming complex in Launceston (an hour’s drive from the farm) and has a gym and gym classes attached.

We had a go at doing circuits around the gym.  It was ok.  But it wasn’t me.  I hardly could get a sweat up.

We are swimming.

And just recently Janette and I have started doing the Grit Series classes.  The trainer is friendly, smiley and encouraging.  We do all things core and leg and arms – well, it’s a total body work out.  Weights and mat routines.  We sweat.  While other glamorous gym girls enter the class with full makeup and cute pony tails and then come out looking just as gorgeous – Janette and I enter the class looking ready for action and slide out red faced, sweat stained and haggard looking!  We love it!

But when is a trip to the gym not a trip to the gym?  When it is an exercise in mental health.  When it is time out from stress and worry.  When it is a gift to yourself to care for yourself in amongst a crazy, hectic schedule that’s punctuated with tsunami-sized curve balls.  That’s when.

Thank goodness for time out last night.  I nearly didn’t go.  With so much to organise with the impending nuptial and interesting developments on the farm I thought I should stay home.  But that little voice of reason inside said to me Look after yourself and then you’ll be better placed to care for everyone else.  And I’m glad I did.  Janette and I had a great time and just being with a friend who cares is therapy all by itself.


Swimming update

You’ll never guess?  I’m now able to swim between 400 to 500m without too much trouble!  I’m a bit like a floundering dugong rather than a sleek dolphin but I’m getting it done.  My aim is to be able to swim 500m non-stop (at the moment I have a pause at the end of the lap – sometimes for a few seconds and sometimes for a few minutes AND sometimes for a talk break – at least with running we can talk to each other and contrary to popular opinion Janette and I can’t talk under water so our talk breaks are most important).


The swimming is coming along!  Running has taught me that nothing is impossible if I try and keep working at it.  Swimming is proving to be no exception to this rule.

Looking ahead at the calendar

Coming up very soon is the Wedding.

Early December will see Team Quackers at the Bruny Island Ultra – Pauly will do the full and the rest of us will run the 64kms in a relay.

January will see Pauly take on the Cadbury Marathon again.  Janette and I are signed up for the half.  But someone, despite being sent to the naughty corner many times for thoughts about changing her half registration to full has indeed signed up for the Cadbury Marathon too.   I’m so looking forward to seeing my beautiful friend Louise cross the marathon finish line!  I will get to be there and see her finish!  And return many favours of her supporting me as I’ve crawled over finish lines.


Running teaches us to dream big dreams.  I’m so looking forward to being that person who can support and watch Louise make this Cadbury Marathon 2016 dream come true.

Louise waiting for me a I finished Cadbury Marathon this year.  She had to wait over an hour from the time she finished to my finishing time.  Cadbury 2016 will be her third marathon in 12 months.

Running, swimming, walking, cycling, exercising – for those of us who get out there and do it, it proves to be so much more than just being fit.  It revives the mind and soul and gives time out to breathe and put things into perspective.

Happy running 🙂

12 thoughts on “When is a trip to the gym not a trip to the gym?

  1. Well done on the swimming, great work!
    I couldn’t even swim halfway across the 25m pool last year when I started, having never been taught freestyle or how to breathe, it was not a pretty sight!
    Even now, my swimming is slow and laboured unlike many I see regularly at the pool, definitely a work in progress still but getting there slowly 😄
    I hope the plans for the wedding are all going smoothly, you all must be looking forward to it so much xx

    • Thanks Sam 🙂 I can’t believe you’ve gone in a year! From not being able to swim 25m to about to do an Ironman! Super impressed. I’m really pleased with my progress with swimming. Managed 500m this morning with few stops. We are both works in progress, but at least we are progressing. I’m getting quite excited about a triathlon until I remember that I’ll be doing it in front of others…oh well…always has to be that one person who is there to make up numbers / entertainment value x

  2. Oh yes Annie a trip to the gym is always a good idea. Best of luck with all of the wedding prep and I will very much be looking ofrward to the reports. Great job on the swimming by the way. Sounding pretty dolphin like to me. 🙂

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 Pauly and I went to the pool this morning and managed 500m again. We’re feeling pumped with the swimming! Wedding prep is going well. I just got my sewing machine out and made Anna a horseshoe (I’m usually OCD with being organised but this job just got missed). Other than that all the babies are home and Pauly and I are providing taxi driving services and a well stocked fridge. It’s chill time for us at least until tomorrow evening…everything is done… I think…I hope….now where’s my list??????? hehe

      • Sounds like you are set to go! Can I ask what ‘ sewing a horse shoe means?’ Whatever it is I’m glad you finished it. I well remember the well stocked fridge. 🙂 Enjoy and all the very best!

      • A quick search tells me it’s from our British heritage. Quite ancient apparently. Anna received five on the day, they were left in the Bridal car (it’s a lovely tradition but they do get in the way) I had the job of untangling them all!

  3. I love your take on getting out there for our mental health and agree that some days when i least feel like doing something are the ones I enjoy the most. Good on you for the swimming too. I hope the wedding goes well and I too look forward to the reports 🙂

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