The most perfect day

The journey home seemed to take forever.  We took the old highway home because we knew it would be a slow one, slowing down to go through little towns dotted along the way that the main highway bypasses, we kept on puttering along.  With a cruising speed of just 70kms per hour it certainly was slow following on behind Pauly as he drove his old black 1955 Zephyr back from Launceston to the farm (75kms).


The Maid of Honour’s dress, Pauly’s tux and my MoB dress – we had so much fun in these outfits but now they await a trip to the drycleaner.


I could tell the old girl was looking forward to being tucked back into her garage.  She’d been through the makeover-works for the last six weeks.  Polished, upholstered, serious pulling and prodding of her insides to ensure no break downs, then ribboned and bedecked for the most important excursion ever – taking the Bride to her Wedding and then the Bride and her Groom to their Reception.


Lollies from the Lolly bar


As we turned into Montana Road with just 7kms to go it was almost like she could smell her lovely warm garage and comfort that it held for her.  As she chugged up that hill it was like the final 10kms of the marathon.  Just keep on going I almost heard her say.  You can do it!  Come on!  She was trying her best but as she got to the top of what was to be her last hill a wheel rim just couldn’t hold on anymore.  From my vantage behind I saw the wheel rim gently roll down the hill.  That wheel rim had the same idea as me.  It was so looking forward to some down time.  It rolled to the best place of all – right into the driveway of Three Willows Vineyard.  I pulled into the driveway and scooped up the wheel rim and took it home.



The Wheel Rim in need of wine


Fortunately the rest of the Zephyr chugged on home and as I went over the cattle stop just near the farm house there she was smiling in the garage.  Pauly had reversed her back in and the front of her pretty Ford Zephyr-ie face was smiling with contentment as he pulled down the garage door.


The Maid of Honour’s Bouquet – I am to dry a rose for her to keep ❤


As I pulled into up to the farm house, I took the Zephyr’s lead and poured myself a glass of wine.  We were home safely, time to relax and reflect on what was the most beautiful weekend.


My MoB top I wore for the getting ready part of the day – we had the best time.  It was like playing Barbie Dolls with real people.  And there is Pauly’s silver shirt – he looked handsome in his tux.


Saturday was the Wedding Day of my beautiful Brown-eyed Daughter #1.

Have you ever dreamed the most prefect dream and thought it could never come true?  My dreams for my daughter came true far and above what I ever thought could happen.


Flowers from the reception tables – they were just beautiful, put together by the MoG (Mother of the Groom).


Today I’m back home and basking in happy memories that I will cherish forever.  I’m waiting for the official photos,  I didn’t take very many on the day because I wanted to capture my own memories rather than be glued to a phone or camera.  The most important memory that I take away is the happiness, the joy, the celebration of two people making the ultimate commitment to each other.   From the time we all woke up until the very end of the day there was nothing but calmness, serenity and a sense of pure, unadulterated joy in being part of a special day in the lives of Anna-Feliz and Hamish.

Happy running 🙂


Poppy and Mintie are happy to have us home.

21 thoughts on “The most perfect day

  1. Oh Annie this is such a beautiful post. I can feel your joy oozing out of it. Creative writing which I loved using the vehicle’s fatigue to parallel your own. I look forward to the photos and for now a big hug from one Mom of the bride to another.

  2. So lovely to read your post and feel the love and joy of the most special of days!! I join in with the group hug for the most wonderful mother of the brides this year!! So happy for you. ❤️

  3. I was looking forward to reading this post and as always, you didn’t disappoint! It must have a been such a wonderful weekend, full of moments you will never ever forget xx

  4. Oh Annie you have been in my thoughts all weekend. This is such a lovely post, I hope one day to write such a one, full of happiness, love and family. Much love to you all.

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