Running the teacher – learning stuff out on the run

Running is a good teacher if we listen to him. He knows lots of stuff about us.  He knows how far we can go, he knows how far we THINK we can go but he actually knows how far this is, he knows what motivates us, he knows what can derail us and he gives out the most amazing rewards for persevering with him.

Rewards? fitness, endurance, toned muscles, time out from the real world, trips away with friends…the rewards are endless.

Today I learnt old lessons all over again.

At times with this marathon running I wonder if it really is any good for me. I’m actually getting slower. I’ve seen a few rare glimpses of a faster Unsporty Woman in 2015 such as a PB in the Launceston 10 on two fronts:  fastest 5km split and fastest 10km time.  I’ve gone a little bit faster in some other events too but they are only glimpses of fast.  The plodding, back-of-packer Unsporty Woman has been my predominant running style this year.

One lesson I learnt all over again today is that I can keep on going way past when I think I need to stop. An oldie but a goodie.

Pauly and Louise had a 30km training run this morning in preparation for Cadbury Marathon in early January. We are in the grip of a heatwave here in Australia and it’s even here in Tasmania.  It’s nearly 4pm and our thermometer that sits in our shading veranda area is telling me it’s just a nudge under 34°C.  That’s hot .  We started out at 6am and it was 13°C.  We did 10kms out and 10kms back in the shady early morning along River Road.  Then as the sun came up and started to scorch us we did lovely laps around the river track in very close proximity to my car and a cooler bag full of drinks.  It was tough going for Pauly and Louie but they made it.  Longest training run for Cadbury done and dusted.  Well done you two!

Louie and Huey running down the hill – I took the car to the start of the river track to act as a drinks stop then joined them on the run.  This is my favourite hill to do hill repeats on.


Running through a shady part of River Road – so cool.
Saw the sorry remains of a Tiger Snake - we ran in the middle of the road after that scanning the undergrowth on either side.
Saw the sorry remains of a Tiger Snake – we ran in the middle of the road after that scanning the undergrowth on either side.

I wasn’t sure how far I’d go today. I thought 20kms but really thought I’d like to aim for 25kms and then would consider doing the full 30km.  At 20kms, despite the heat, things were going well so I pushed on for 25kms.  Kms 24 and 25 were tough, it was full on hot!  I pushed on a bit more and clocked up just over 26kms.  I’m not training for the marathon so decided it was ok to stop.  I managed to go just a little further than the 25kms.  It felt great to be out there running and coping so well in the hot conditions.

Running taught me yet again that I can go further than I think I can. I had serious doubts that I could go over 20kms today and I ended up going just a little past my goal of 25kms.

It was so hot that we had a paddle in the Meander River at the end of the run
The real Huey, Dewey and Louie were out today.


Never underestimate yourself. You are stronger than you think you are.  Build up slowly and keep believing that you can go the distance.  Don’t ever let self-doubt get in the way of pursuing your dream running distance.  You have the power to keep on going!

And today I’m grateful. As I ran km 24 to 25 a lovely lady was walking along the river track.  She has had the most tumultuous year.  She went from a very healthy woman with a professional job to battling a rare cancer.  It threw her life into total disarray.  From being independent and working and doing her own thing – to all of a sudden needing care and her life revolving around hospital visits and treatments.  She has the most positive uplifting attitude to life and I’m sure this strength helped her to come through to the other end of this terrible disease.

There I was huffing and puffing and looking red-faced and there she was a woman who knows real stress and physical endurance. I was humbled and grateful for the reminder to love life and to keep living my dreams AND most of all to be grateful.  It was a firm reminder to look on the positive side and to find an up no matter what.

Out on the run today I learnt more about how strong I am and was given a beautiful reminder to be grateful for a body that can run. Wonderful reminders from one of the best teachers I know, Running.

Happy running 🙂

Ps I helped out by getting cows in this afternoon – gosh it was hot!


Poor old Bill wants some action with the girls.
Poor old Bill wants some action with the girls – Bill is the big white and black Friesian Bull on the left.
It was hot out in the tractor today, the old Johnny doesn’t have an air conditioned cab.
I was roasting in my overalls.

10 thoughts on “Running the teacher – learning stuff out on the run

  1. Wow 34C that’s hot! And you still did a long run! That’s impressive! I felt for your cancer lady too. People can cope with a lot, but losing your independence, that must be so hard.

  2. That is a tough run. I just couldn’t run in those temperatures. It’s unseasonably warm here in the UK and most days are about 13C at the moment. It makes it more pleasant to cycle to work, but I’m looking forward to chillier temperatures for my long runs. At least I don’t have to worry about snakes though!

  3. Good job Annie! Meeting the woman along the river really does put life in perspective doesn’t it? Happy life and happy running. Inspire on my friend! Xo

  4. You are such an inspiration. That is really hot to be running so you did really well. All the best for the holiday season. Look forward to connecting again in 2016 and thanks for all the support you’ve given me as I try to improve as a runner.xx

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